Multimedia is a conglomeration of different content forms and techniques to convey a story or an idea. With the advent of cameras that have the ability to capture not only still images but also record video and audio, professional photographers have an additional tool for the purpose of story-telling. The "Multimedia HDSLR" has created a new niche within the photography industry and Think Tank Photo is the first camera bag company to design and produce products that are specifically designed to support these types of cameras and the audio equipment that support them with the Multimedia Wired Up Bag Collection. Within this guide, we have compiled equipment that will enrich the power of story-telling and the photographer's desire to begin the journey into mutimedia.

Deanne Fitzmaurice, San Francisco, CA / Produced by Dai Sugano
Multimedia Wired Up Series
Introducting the newest addition to our innovative product line of active shooting solutions for professional photographers. The Multimedia Wired Up Collection is a system of bags designed to help in capturing timeless imagery, indispensable video and priceless audio at any given moment.
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Multimedia HDSLR Cameras

Camera companies like Canon and Nikon have created specific multimedia cameras that are able to capture HD video and record at both 720p and 1080p. We have compiled a few cameras that we have found to be leading this new category and expain the differences between them.


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Powerful cameras need equally impressive glass to compliment them. Probably the most important piece within a photographer's arsenal are the lenses they choose to enhance the images and videos that they produce. Here are some lenses that will complment the multimedia camera.


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The audio component of multimedia is the glue that keeps they story-telling unified and cohesive. The appropriate audio can evoke a desired mood and will elevate the essential communicative power for the multimedia photographer. The microphone is where it starts and here are some some of our recommendations.

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Recording Devices
In order to properly capture the audio portion of a story, the recording device is the one piece of equipment that should not be sacrificed because it is a key component for a multimedia narrative. Think Tank Photo has also solved specific equipment management issues that surround these devices with the Mutlimedia Wired Up bags.
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Accessories, accessories, and even more accessories. We have tested and solved many of the issues that cooincide within the new workflow for the multimedia professional photographer with the Mutlimeida Wired Up bags. These components are the extra pieces of the puzzle that professionals use and are recommended to enhance the multimedia narrative.
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Wire It Up
We will show you how we "Wire It Up" and manage all of our equipment while we are on assignment. We have created scenarios that will help guide you to the different possibilities to manage your HDSLR workflow and process.
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Useful Information
The internet is filled with really smart people that have collected and created careers that specfically target the genre of multimedia. We have compiled links to key organizations, professional photographers, and equipment manufacturers that Think Tank Photo used to garner the necessary language for the Multimedia Wired Up bag series.
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D. Fitzmaurice, D. Sugano, & L. Atil Multimedia Wired Up Video Shoot Photo-stills: Alvin Jornada