Mic Drop In
Accommodates various microphone sizes with windshield

• Modular microphone case
• Fits various mics with windshields
• "Pop Down" feature for 4" extension
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Wireless Mic Kit
Camera bags designed for carrying two wireless mic kits.
• Modular wireless mic kit
• Accomodates two lavalier kits
• Cable ports throughout to manage cords
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"The Wired Up Collection is designed for the professional photographer on assignment to the person that is just beginning to explore the possiblities of digital media."

MWU 20 & 10 fits a multimedia DSLR
MWU 20 & 10 with camera face down.
Front pocket fits large audio recorder.
Cable ports help manage wires.
Expandable side pockets.
Magnetic “Quick Tab” for quick access.
Multimedia Headphone Hook included
Audio Microphones

Great sound is considered to be an essential part of a multimedia presentation, so using an external microphone is critical. Multimedia HDSLR specialists believe that the audio component is the glue element that binds the multimedia presentation into a complete and cohesive story.  Therefore, the purchase of an external stereo microphone is a needed addition for the photojournalist because the built in microphones on the camera do not supply the pro level audio that is needed in the field. 

Deanne Fitzmaurice using a Canon 5D Mark II with a Canon 24-70 f2.8 lens.
Sennheiser ME-66
Usually the first accessory a photographer purchases is a stereo microphone because the tiny mono built in microphones on the cameras are generally considered to be poor quality. Microphones can be mounted to the hot shoe on top of the Multimedia DSLR and connected to the camera with a stereo mic plug in. These microphones have batteries since the camera itself cannot power an external microphone. The Sennheiser ME-66 Shotgun microphone is considered to be one of the finest microphones to use with  a Multimedia DSLR camera.
Price Range: $ 150.00 - $ 250.00    
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Rode VideoMic, On Camera Directional Condenser Mic w/Shoe Style Shock Mount

This microphone is popular among photojournalists because it is relatively simple – the hot shoe adapter, the shock mount, and the cord that plugs into your camera is all one piece which simplifies the process of using a microphone, and it also comes with the windscreen on the front of the microphone.  As with all “shotgun” microphones, it is directional, which means that it will pick up sound in front of the microphone very effectively.

Price Range: $ 180.00 - $ 220.00    
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Sennheiser MD-42

This type of omnidirectional microphone is often used to interview people separate from shooting video, and to collect ambient sound that can be added to the multimedia presentation. Normally this type of microphone would not be mounted on top of the camera.


Price Range: $ 180.00 - $ 200.00    
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Sennheiser EW100ENG G2

Wireless microphones are used extensively when there is a central person talking in the video. The omnidirectional lavalier microphone clips to the subjects shirt and provides superior sound, and is especially useful when the subject is moving around and away from the camera. The “receiver” can also be mounted on top of the camera. This is an excellent kit which also comes with the SKP 100 G3 Transmitter, which allows you to make a regular hand held microphone wireless. Highly recommended.

Price Range: $ 700.00 - $ 800.00    
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Rode SM-3 Shock Mount w/Hot Shoe Adapter

Note that if you use a shotgun mic like the one above, you will need to mount it to the top of your DSLR with a hot shoe “shock mount” that dampens any noise that may occur because of the movement of the microphone.

Price Range: $ 40.00 - $ 50.00    
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Cool-Lux Light & Sound Bracket

Depending on the type of microphone you use, it may be necessary to get it higher above your camera, so when you look thru the viewfinder your forhead does not hit the end of the microphone. This bracket has two mounts – one can be used for a microphone, the other an LED light (see below).


Price Range: $25.00 - $ 30.00    
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Sennheiser MZW 66 Pro Windscreen

This is a very high quality velour foam windshield specifically designed for the ME 66 mic.


Price Range: $ 70.00 - $ 80.00    
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Rode DeadCat Windshield for VideoMic

This windscreen, which attaches to the front of a shotgun microphone,  is designed for when your recording in high wind conditions to minimize any wind noise.

Price Range: $ 40.00 - $ 45.00    
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