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Red Whips™

A pack of ten adjustable elastic cable ties that always fit. Our elastic cable wraps are built to withstand the daily rigors of the working professional.
Price: $7.50
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8 AA Battery Holder

Soft, compact case for carrying 8 AA batteries.
Price: $9.75
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CF/SD + Battery Wallet

One lightweight, secure, and convenient wallet for your spare memory card and battery. Available April 2015
Price: $9.99

DSLR Battery Holder 2

Compact carrier for one or two standard DSLR batteries.
Price: $10.75
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DSLR Battery Holder 4

Compact carrier for 4 DSLR batteries for standard camera bodies.
Price: $17.75
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Cable Management 10 V2.0

Small zippered pouch with a clear window for quick contents identification.
Price: $17.75
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Pro DSLR Battery Holder

Soft, compact case for carrying two pro-size batteries for either Canon 1D or Nikon D3/D4 series cameras.
Price: $18.75

PowerHouse Tablet

Keep your power accessories organized and secure for an iPad® or iPad mini®—no more tangled cords or items lost in your bag. Customize the layout to suit your needs.
Price: $18.75

Travel Pouch—Small

Small, soft travel pouch to keep the “other gear” organized.
Price: $19.50
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Credential Holder Short V2.0

Convenient pouch for carrying a press credential or trade show pass, with room for a smart phone and other necessities
Price: $20.00

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