Sub Urban Disguise

The Sub Urban series are compact shoulder bags specifically designed to accommodate standard size DSLRs. Built for smaller gear or photographers who want to travel light.

SubUrban Disguise™ 5

This compact, full featured shoulder bag is great for small standard-sized DSLR kits. Also works great for mirrorless systems.
Price: $49.75
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SubUrban Disguise™ 10

Holds a standard-size DSLR with 2 - 3 small zooms or prime lenses.
Price: $64.75
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SubUrban Disguise™ 20

This compact, full-featured shoulder bag holds a standard-size DSLR with 3 - 4 small zoom or prime lenses.
Price: $69.75
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SubUrban Disguise™ 30

When discretion is needed, this shoulder bag's classic look and urban style doesn't give you away. It fits a standard-size DSLR, 2 - 4 zoom lenses, and a regular iPad. Also fits a 70 - 200 f/2.8 unattached.
Price: $84.75
ratingratingratingratingrating (4 reviews)

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