No Politics

For those of you involved in the design, marketing, or sales of any type product, you probably already intuitively understand what “The Politics of Product” actually means. Let me further try to clarify this.

When a product is designed by committee, all sorts of people give input into what they think the product should be, each person representing a special interest. For example, the designer wants some cool features, the sales people want a certain price point, the marketing person wants something else, etc, etc, ad infinitum. The Politics of Product occurs when the grand debate ensues about what the product should be, what features it should have, what it should cost, and more.

Our design philosophy is actually the opposite. There are no business people between the designers and the photographers. We listen to what the photographers need and want and make it for them. No politics! We just design the product with all the cool features and benefits, adhering to our “No Compromise” design philosophy.

Using this design strategy is an absolute pleasure – working with photographers directly, the ones out in the field using the equipment, to find out what their needs are, asking them what works and what doesn’t. The results are products that meet the ever changing needs of photographers and their equipment!

Speed and Accessibility

When it comes to photography, a split second can mean the difference between an average photograph and an incredible one. As a photographer, the last thing you want to be doing is struggle to get your gear out of your bags. That could waste valuable seconds. This is why from a design perspective, we focus on speed and accessibility.

Examples of how our products are designed for speed:

  • Lens Cases: Our Lens Changer 25, 50, and 75 are designed with an open top and bungee closure system, which is the fastest way to retrieve a lens and then secure it in the bag again.
  • Whip it Out: This innovative product allows placement of an 80-200 2.8 (or similar sized lens) upside down with the lens hood attached, with a special locking zipper system that releases the lens from the bag. It is the fastest way to Whip it Out!
  • Pro Speed Belt: Unlike other modular belt systems, our belt actually lets the modular components slide on the waistbelt, making access easier and faster.
  • Speed Changer, Lighting Fast: The zippers are designed for one handed entry for quicker access to your gear, as well as one handed closure.
  • Pixel Pocket Rocket: This holds 10 cards in a very small and compact case, which can be accessed very quickly either in our packs or in your pocket.
  • Speed Demon: This beltpack is designed to allow quick lens changes (and other items), plus our Modulus components can be attached to the waistbelt for additional items to which you need quick access.

Supporting Photographers

There’s more to doing business than the products.

For some companies, doing business is only about selling the product. For us, it’s more than just a product -- it’s supporting photographer’s doing their job.

Given all of the world events that have happened in the last five years, the world has become increasingly aware of the importance of photography in capturing history and shaping global events

If we can design products that help photographers travel, take pictures faster, or organize their gear more efficiently, then we will have accomplished something beyond the bags themselves.

The Last 3%

The last 3% is critical during the product design process. Just when you think the product is complete, those last critical decisions can mean the difference between an average product and a great one.

For example, almost all of our products have raincovers. But we decided to take that extra critical step, and make them seam-sealed, like a rain jacket, so that they can’t leak. That’s a small detail, but extremely important in terms of the performance of the product.

YKK Zippers

If you have owned photography bags before, then you know that the zippers and sliders are the first features to break. In fact, the number one reason for failure in any type of bag from any manufacturer is the quality of the zipper or slider, period.

This is why we use only YKK zippers, the highest quality zippers available for bags and luggage. We only use nickel-plated sliders because it is the most durable coating available and will not chip like black-painted sliders will.

Simply stated, we will not compromise on quality when it comes to zippers or sliders.

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