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Design Philosophy

It has been six years since we started the company, but our commitment to Supporting Photographers remains unchanged: We are committed to designing great products that meet the ever-changing needs of photographers’ equipment. Our commitment to photographers is embodied not only in our products, but also in our customer service and our No Rhetoric product warranty.

A company’s product is the tangible representation of their brand, since the product is what the customer experiences the most. Our products represent our commitment to photographers, which is one of the reasons why we use such high quality materials like YKK RC Fuse Zippers

From a product design perspective, we believe that direct and unfiltered communication between the product designers and photographers is absolutely essential, without others in-between, such as product managers, sales or marketing people. And no politics. To borrow from the computer software industry, we have an “open source” perspective, which means that we allow people from outside the company to influence our design direction, such as our Design Board. We have created a company structure that allows for photographers to talk about their needs directly with our designers, eliminating the normal politics that are associated with product design.

Our company philosophy has resulted in a string of inventions unmatched by our competitors.  These inventions can be viewed on our timeline.

The reason why we believe Speed and Accessibility is the most important design element is because photography is about taking pictures. If you are using a carrying system that impedes your ability to take pictures, then it has failed you. As an example, photographers that wear a backpack all day may take it off to access their gear ten or more times. However, after a short time they become tired of this and stop changing lenses and stop taking pictures. This is why Modular belts systems are so effective, and also why we make a distinction between  “active shooting mode” vs. “storage and transportation mode.”

We're obsessed about the details, what we call "The Last 3%." This is because these details are the difference between an average and an excellent product. As product designers, we are compelled to put in all the features and benefits that photographers want, which is why we came up with our "No Compromise" philosophy.

And most importantly, thank you to the photographers and visual journalists that continue to encourage us, support us, and believe in our vision and company mission.

Doug Murdoch
August 20, 2009

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