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How to configure your Glass Taxi backpack.

The Glass Taxi Interior – Pro-size SLR with 70-200 2.8

This can be worn as a shoulder bag or as a backpack. It comes with many dividers and other accessories so that you can tailor it to fit your equipment.

This is one of the few shoulder bags/ backpacks on the market that can actually hold a pro-size SLR with a 70-200 2.8 attached and with the hood in position to shoot. At the same time it can also hold essential lenses like a 24-70 2.8, a 16-35 2.8 wide angle, and a prime lens like an 85 1.8. Like a taxi, this bag will get you through traffic unscathed to your destination. Click here for more information on the Glass Taxi.

The Glass Taxi Interior – Pro-size SLR Mounted To A 300 2.8

The Glass Taxi comes with two accessories that are important for large lenses:

1. Padded Foam Ring – As lens hoods vary in size, the removable foam ring that comes with the bag attaches to the bottom, decreasing the diameter. That means that if your hood is smaller, like a 300 2.8, it secures the lens in the bottom of the bag.
2. Padded Foam Collar – There is a collar that mounts to the back interior that wraps around the lens just under the SLR. This positions the camera very securely inside of the bag.

Click here for more information on the Glass Taxi.

  The Glass Taxi Interior – Holds Up To A 500mm f4

This photo actually shows a 400 2.8 lens, but it will hold a 500mm f4. You can see the strap of the Padded Foam Collar across the top of the lens to secure it in place.

The Glass Taxi is compatible with the Pro Speed Belt, which greatly expands your options. While the Glass Taxi is being worn as a backpack with the Pro Speed Belt, the backpack can be removed while keeping the Pro Speed Belt around your waist. This means that should you be walking and suddenly need the gear in the backpack, you can simply take off the Glass Taxi while leaving the Pro Speed Belt on. Click here for more information on the Glass Taxi.


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