Lost and Found

No Matter Where It's LOST, It May Be FOUND!

One of photographers' greatest fears is having their gear lost or stolen. Now, with the Think Tank Security Tag, there is still hope for reuniting bag with owner!

  • A Security Tag is located on the back of every Rolling Camera Bag.
  • Each Security Tag has a unique serial number. Before using your Think Tank bag, register your Security Tag below.
  • If Think Tank Photo is informed that your Think Tank bag is found, you'll be the next to know!

Lost and Found Registration »

Lost and found terms and conditions important notes:

If Your Bag is Found:

  1. Think Tank Photo will make every effort to reunite a lost or stolen bag with its owner.
  2. Think Tank Photo will at no time take possession of a lost or stolen bag.
  3. When Think Tank Photo is informed that a lost or stolen bag has been found, the owner will be notified and provided any contact information the returnee has given to Think Tank Photo.
  4. All exchanges of product will be between owner and returnee, and will not go through Think Tank Photo.
  5. All correspondence with Think Tank Photo must be in English.

Limit of Liability:

  1. Security Tag applies only to Think Tank Photo Products.
  2. Security Tag registration applies only to the original owner. Registration cannot be transferred from one person to another.
  3. Think Tank Photo assumes no responsibility for lost, stolen, or damaged equipment.
  4. Think Tank Photo shall not be liable for any direct, indirect, accidental, or incidental failure of the Security Tag and/or Think Tank Photo website to perform.
  5. Think Tank Photo cannot guarantee that the returnee will return product to owner.
  6. Think Tank Photo is not responsible for shipping charges, or any reward that is requested from the returnee.

Lost and Found Registration »

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