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Soft, compact case for carrying eight AA batteries.

Key Features:
  • Carries 8 AA batteries
  • Fold in half to close
  • Flattens when empty
Gear Profile:
Fits 8 AA batteries, in 2 rows of 4 each
Technical Specifications:
  • Exterior Dimensions:  3" W x 3" H x 0.5" D (7.6 x 7.6 x 1.3cm)
  • Weight: 0.05lbs  (0.02kg)


420D diamond rip-stop nylon, 210D nylon, 3-ply bonded nylon thread.
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Overall Product Rating:     

Awesome product. I have a ton of Powerex batteries in plastic boxes and holders, with the boxes the lids break off after a while, plastic trays are too bulky and removing batteries from the tray is a hassle. The AA Battery Holder is smart, cool and made with the working pro in mind!

Very nice little product. It would be nice if it had a belt loop, but it would be rather small for a belt, so... It easily fits in any little corner of my belt system or roller bag.

This is one great little piece of gear!! I have a ton of "AA" Batteries and This is the one item I can't live without!! I have used the plastic trays, but they are bulky and the break all too easily. These Holders will last forever and they have the Think Tank Photo warranty!!

Too bad it only holds 8 and there is no clip or way to attach to camera bag.

Overall great product, definitely a needed thing. Just wish it had a loop, but not deal-breaking. Pros: very convenient, small, can stuff CF cards in there too Cons: one pocket seemed sort of “off” size-wize and made the batteries squiggle out, no loop Full review at:

This is a GREAT addition to my bag. My only complaints are that the sides can let dirt/moisture in if you drop it, and the pockets could be a little more snug. Other than that I absolutely love it. At 3"x2"x1" it solves a big problem with a little bit of space. Think Tank does it again! Oh yeah-- my only other gripe is that I need to order another one! :)

Superb product received it as a gift from Share the Moment team. I would like to buy more for my batteries !

Two weeks ago Think Tank Photo was nice enough to send me their AA Battery Holder. It’s a small little package that holds up to 8 AA batteries in sets of 4. I don’t know what I was expecting to get when I opened it but it was smaller than I had assumed. I realized that my upcoming trip to Photoshop World would be a perfect opportunity to test it out. Before I had a pouch that I just tosses batteries into; then tossed the spent batteries into my open bag afterwards. That was the extent of my complicated organization system. The way Think Tank Photo divides up the pouch is perfect. With the 2 different levels I separate my batteries for my speed light so that I have one that I dump into at the beginning of a shoot and then have four backups waiting right there. When I finish with one set up put them in face down (negative side up) That way I know when I get home which ones are used and need to be recharged and which ones are good to go another round. Over all I was really impressed with this product. It packs very compactly in the corner of my bag and is really easy to find on the go. I plan on buying a couple more sets, one for each speed light and pocket wizard that way I never run out. Thanks again to Think Tank for sending that for trial.

It might even be more cool if the cabins could be marked "charged" vs "uncharged". Maybe with a green/red velcro like band.

Was I not paying attention? Why did I miss this item for so long? I like this case. Simple. Folds flat when empty. You can put the batteries "+" up when fresh/charged and "+" down when dead/discharged. Could use a loop, but no big deal. Need to remind my local store to get more in stock.

This ThinkTank pouch in 'GREEN' is almost perfect for charged batteries, and all that's missing is a 'RED' colored version for discharged batteries. Why almost? I do wish the storage sections were individually slotted for each battery to prevent them from falling out like' a bunch of loose marbles. Not a big deal, but just a tad more tidy.

This product also works well as a wallet for two Fujifilm NP-W126. This is the battery for the X-Pro1, X-E2 and X-T1. Handy, since those camera burn through batteries.

Works great and stays shut. Wish it had a loop with detachable lanyard like the CF/SD Card holders. Other colors would be nice, too. Maybe make one that stores 8 in two pouches horizontally for less thickness.
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8 AA Battery Holder

Product: TT970
Soft, compact case for carrying 8 AA batteries.
Customer Rating:
(13 reviews)
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