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It's our toughest compact roller and it's designed for traveling with primary gear a working photographer needs on the go. The Airport Airstream also meets international carry-on standards while offering impressive capacity for its small size. With up to 7.5" of internal depth, the Airstream will accommodate up to a 400mm f/2.8 lens with its hood reversed and still has room for a body and the standard range of lenses. If you leave the big glass at home, the Airstream can carry 2 gripped DSLR bodies, a full range of professional lenses, a flash and accessories.

  • Meets international and US domestic carry-on requirements*
  • Reinforced dividers and a semi-hard shell provide extreme strength for maximum protection
  • TSA-approved combination zipper locks on the main compartment
  • Front lock & cable secures a laptop, keys or other items
  • Strong rear lock & cable secures the bag to a fixed object
  • Holds up to a 400mm f/2.8 lens, unattached, along with additional smaller lenses and up to 2 gripped DSLR  camera bodies
  • Holds a standard professional kit consisting of 2 standard or gripped camera bodies, multiple professional lenses, a flash and small accessories
  • Interior Dimensions: 13” W x 6.5-7.5” D x 15.5” H (33 x 16.5 x 39.5 cm)
    Exterior Dimensions: 14” W x 8” D x 17.5” H (36 x 20.5 x 44.5 cm)
  • Weight: 9–10.5 lbs (4.1 - 4.8 kg)


Exterior: For superior water-resistance, all exterior fabric has a durable water-repellent (DWR) coating, plus fabric underside has a polyurethane coating. It's also constructed with 1680D ballistic nylon, YKK® RC Fuse (abrasion-resistant) zippers, custom designed extra tall skid plates, replaceable in-line skate wheels, antique nickel-plated metal hardware, SpanKodra front pocket, nylon webbing, and 3-ply bonded nylon thread.

Interior: 210D silver-toned nylon, polyurethane backed Velex liner and dividers, 2x polyurethane coated nylon 210T seam-sealed rain cover, closed cell foam and reinforced PE board dividers, clear mesh pockets, and 3-ply bonded nylon thread.

No Rhetoric Warranty on all Think Tank products

*Check with your airline for their current carry-on requirements.

Feature #1 Roller meets INTERNATIONAL and domestic carry on size requirements The Airport AirStream is the perfect sized roller for traveling internationally or domestically with a select amount of gear.
Feature #2 TSA combination lock secures the main zipper There are many instances when photographers must leave behind some or all of their gear. It is absolutely vital that this gear be secured from theft. This is why the Airport AirStream's zippers has a specially built combination lock.
Feature #3 The front security cable & combination lock allows you to lock a laptop case to the front of your roller. This lock is very effective when you are traveling with a laptop case stored in the front stretch pocket
Tripod A tripod cup and accessory straps are included with all Think Tank Photo rolling bags for carrying a tripod or monopod to the side of the bag. The tripod cup is primarily used with tripods with large leg releases or wide feet.
Feature #4 The rear security cable & combination lock allows you to lock it to immovable objects. This security cable is very effective when you have to leave your gear for a period of time in a media room, wedding hall, hotel room, or other open area.
Feature #5 The security ID plate may allow your lost or stolen bag to be returned!  Before using your bag, register the bag's unique serial number on our website at
Feature #6 The Airport AirStream will hold a variety of equipment including up to a 400mm lens!
Feature #7 An optional Artificial Intelligence 15 laptop case slide into front pocket.  The advantage is that roller looks smaller, even when the laptop case is inside the pocket. If for some reason you need to weigh the bag, you can remove the laptop case, making the roller lighter and smaller. Also, when you get to your seat on the plane, you can pull out the laptop case and put it on your seat before putting the roller in the overhead bin.
Feature #8 An optional Low Divider set lets a 15" laptop or a Cable Management 50 to lay on top of the photo gear. Please see the specific product page for the AI Low Divider Set for complete information.
Feature #9 Replaceable wheels and protective wheel housings If you wear out the wheels, we provide a free kit so that you can replace the wheels. The wheels being located on the very outside of the bag makes it very stable when rolled. The wheel housings are extra high, to protect your case when going up curbs and stairs.
Feature #11 The zippered front pocket can be used for storing items like pens, pencils, card wallets, CD's, notepads, and more.
Feature #10 The front stretch pocket is an excellent pocket to get quick access to newspapers, paperwork, and other items you need to pull out quickly.
Feature #12 For easy identification, a business card holder is located directly under the handle. It holds quite a few cards. There is also a zippered pocket under the handle that can hold your passport and other items.

Overall Product Rating:     

AWESOME product. The FIRST and ONLY bag that I have been able to put my camera equipment AND laptop AND still be able to stow bag UNDER the seat in front of me on a puddle jumper airplane!!! WORTH every penny! (I got the low divider set so I could put my laptop inside)

This is a small camera bag that is perfect for almost any trip that I go on. I carry two camera backs and two or three lenses, plus a computer and other supplies. The AirStream is well designed and very easy to organize and manage.

It would be awesome if you would offer the product with the low inserts as a special order. Buying tha case and then having to buy the low inserts is a waste of product and money. Also, make a rolling bag similar to your backpacks where the laptop insert is in the front compartment.

This is a great bag. It holds my heavy kit for picture taking and with the low dividers I can add my laptop for traveling. That and it meet all airline carry-on restrictions.

Just got back from an overseas trip with this bag. Worked out perfectly! Accommodated all my gear and some extras (iPod, phones, cords, etc.). The rollers themselves are top grade and smooth. The bag is extremely versatile and efficient...and well built/designed. The size works out great for travel (including international!). I used the Artificial Intelligence with it and had no problems getting through the airport that way. I used the included dividers. Totally satisfied with the product in every respect.

Hello from France Please make the same with shoulder straps, but without rollers. I need it to carry two bodies with lens attached. Thanks in advance

GREAT product. I use it in tandem with the Shape Shifter. I role this bag through airports and when I get to my destination I switch to Shape Shifter. What a combo!!!!!!!!!

After much research and trying to choose the best rolling bag for me (yes, even among the number of choices offered by ThinkTank), I chose the Airsteam. After a trip to Sedona, I am hugely satisfied and impressed with this product. I was able to carry my D90, 4 lenses, 2 speedlights and ipod, point and shoot, battery charger, and all related gear. I would be pretty hesitant to buy the larger options; this bag fit easily even in a very small overhead on one flight and for the casual photographer, it's hard to imagine really needing more gear than it allows for. Awesome design and execution.

Definitely agreed on the fact that you have to buy separate low dividers. Many people I've spoken to want low dividers as an option to buy with the original product, not spend an extra amount of money.

It has been a long time since I have been this impressed by a product. It is small, but just the right size for my D700, battery grip, 2 fixed lenses and 2 zoom lenses and attachments. Any bigger would have been overkill. An A1 product in every respect. Looks like it was designed by someone who need this functionality. I really can not think of any improvement.

I use the Airstream and the airport checkin in tandem. The Airstream holds a full Phase One DF five lens system with Canon dslr backup beautifully. Between the two bags I can carry everything I need with me. in the cabin. Build quality as with all Think tank bags is top notch. Overall size looks small so even when asked to gate check I just politely say the bag fits under the seat and that is that. Best bags I have owned for easy air travel.

With the ThinkTank Airstream, my aviation photography hobby is all set to bid goodbye to aching back and tired shoulders. Whether I am running for a flight to my next destination or running across the tarmac at an international airshow, I know my camera gears are safe and always just a step behind me. The tremendous flexibility in configuring the internal partitions ensure that every piece of equipment has its own slice of "real estate" within my Airstream. And with a handy size like this, I have little to worry about naggy airport staff telling me it won't fit the aircraft cabin's overhead baggage compartments.

Great product. Small enough to lift into an overhead compartment without killing yourself. Used in combination with the Urban Disguise 50 which holds my laptop and extra gear. It sits atop the Airstream perfectly to roll through the airport. This combination has been perfect for me. The airstream goes in the overhead and the disguise fits perfectly under the seat.

I travel a bunch and needed something quick and small enough to go on any plane without concern of being forced to gate check it. This fits the bill. Great quality and the secure cables are great when leaving the bag in the hotel.

Now that I have all your rolling camera bags, I especially like the Airport AirStream, theirs many a time that I do not need to carry the kitchen sink with me all the time...(There was a time that I did that in the film days some 40+ years ago) Thanks Think Tank’ for the innovated styling and to all your designers at Think Tank ;)

Since I have 3 hours until my flight, and I've cleared security, I thought I'd give my opinion of this bag. Love, love, love the bag. It's functional for its purpose. Going through security at regional and international airports has been a breeze. Knowing what I have experienced, I wish I had bought this bag sooner. The Thinktank Airport Check In bag is absolutely wonderful laptop bag too. I just wish they made general luggage.

I just recently purchased the ThinkTank Airport Airstream. I am incredibly impressed with the quality and design of this bag. ThinkTank is superior in construction to any other bag I own or have owned. For example, the zippers are made to last with the "sewing thread melted to the plastic coil for superior abrasion resistance". Internal zipper pulls have small slots sewn in to protect your equipment from being scratched! It is little detail like that that make this product so good. The Airstream meets carry-on restrictions for even regional airlines, yet fits my entire Nikon system - Nikon D300 with grip, the so called "Holy Trinity" of Nikon zoom lenses (with or without the 70-200 attached), Nikon SB600, Nikon 1.4x and 2.0x teleconverters, spare batteries, filters, plus Gary Fong's Collapsible Lightsphere & 2 domes and other miscellaneous accessories (there are lots of little pouches for memory cards etc.). The bag comes with a registation number which you can register with ThinkTank and 3 combination locking systems for security. It also comes with its own "raincoat", a system for carrying a tripod or monopod and also a pouch for a laptop computer. The wheels are easily replaceable should they wear out. I think you get the impression - I love this bag and very highly recommend it!

I have tried a number of travel options for my gear. This little bag is awesome! I get almost as much as I used to haul in my larger roller backpack, but it fits under the seat in the regional jets I often fly. It's such a relief to avoid gate checks. It's heavy, and I'm careful with the telescoping handle (as others have doesn't seem that robust, but I assume they were trying to save weight). I would highly recommend this bag. I rarely take the time to do reviews, just too busy....but every time I travel with this bag I end up thrilled that it works so well for me.

I LOVE this bag....never have to check it, even on regional jets. I'm careful with the handle because it doesn't feel robust. But the bag is incredibly well designed. I get three lenses, one body, two external drives, flash, filters and small accessories in it. Weighs a ton by then but so efficient. My many other bags stay in the closet!

I too LOVE this bag but recently ran into Etihad Airlines in travel to India. They had a scale out front and required all carry on bags be weighed. I pulled my camera out of the bag, put a lens on it and hung it around my neck. They counted that camera as 1 of the things I carried on in addition to my purse. So I ended up handing the contents (lenses, camera bodies) to others in my group and allowed the Air Stream to be checked - empty. I explained my plight to a supervisor - no dice. These folks have rules and they will be kept! Reason for posting - be careful of Etihad - great airline but rough on photographers. LOVE the bag though!

The perfect roller for my ALPA camera system. I can load my 12 Max plus TC, several lenses, a full compliment of batteries (in Think Tank battery holders) plus my Leaf Aptus back. It always fits in the overhead and is the perfect size so I don't overload it.

I very recently bought this case and am generally quite pleased with it. However, the pull handle is quite difficult to pull out, and it only has one "stop" point which is fully extended, which is quite long. It also annoys me that the lower level inserts so that you can fit a laptop are an extra, and not an OPTION. I paid for the extras, and now have masses of the bigger inserts that are useless! I carries a lot of kit, but could do with one large external zipped sleeve for documents. Expensive item - especially if you want the low insert extras!

Perfect for travelling by air. It holds a most of my gear and the front pocket even holds my 16.4" laptop in a neoprene protection sleeve. The bag is very well protected and is very easy to handle. So it doesn't look like you're dragging a heavy bag with you. Which is crucial when traveling by plane.

I thought this would be the perfect travel bag for me. The dimensions seemed just right for what I was looking for. Unfortunately, after purchase, I realized the external depth of the bag is more than 9 inches instead of the listed 8 inch depth. Really disappointed that I have to return this bag. Please change the listed external depth of the bag.

Prior to going to Italy, I bought an Airport Airstream. I attached an umbrella because we were going to London first. I have my clothes in a backpack so the AA worked beautifully for me all over London and Italy. We planned to spend the last five days of our month long trip in Rome. However we were repeatedly warned about pickpockets and Gypsies in Rome. So we strapped on our cameras and locked our money and passports in the AA, which stayed in the closet of our apartment. We felt safe and were really pleased that we could lock up our valuables. So along with keeping my camera gear secure, we had a safe place to stash our important stuff.

I have a lot of ThinkTank product (and still, not nearly enough). It's because I travel, and when you travel every bag performs a different function. And fits in a different aircraft. I recently needed to travel for a sporting event for which I would need to fly a Bombardier CRJ-900. I needed to transport a bit of gear. I found the Airstream in combination with the Urban Disguise 50 v 2 worked very well with this aircraft. In the Airstream I was able to fit a Canon 400 2.8 w/hood, two Canon 1Dx bodies, and a few peripherals. It fit snuggly - but fit - in the overhead of that aircraft. In the Urban Disguise I fit a short zoom, long zoom, laptop, USB monitor, power supply, card reader and cords. That's a lot of gear, but it needed to all get on board. And despite the flight attendant's protestation that it would not fit, it indeed fit perfectly under the seat. I have larger bags, but none fits in the overhead of a Bombardier. The Urban Disguise slid over the handle of the Airstream, and the combination of the two might as well have been the Airport Security or larger. A good way to travel on smaller aircraft, and still get what you need aboard.

This product fts overhead bins (not under seats) in Deltas CRJ 100 and CRJ 200 bins 10 inches high, 14 inches, by 18 inches long. With a compute it might fit as well if small. I did not believe it. it does fit under seats in A 330 model 300 airplanes. Fantastic compartments, See Randy as specialist.

I'd like to make my rating 4.5 stars. The only criticism is that the lower dividers should be available as an option, rather than having to buy an additional set. Other than that it's 5-star bag. I taken mine thousands of miles, through long airport treks and it looks like it's almost ready to show some wear somewhere. Almost. I'm not a professional photographer so the option to lock the back, and then lock the bag to a piece of furniture in my hotel room during the day allows me to travel with thousands of dollars of camera gear with confidence. To answer a rhetorical question from a car company commercial, yes, it is nice when things just work. This bag does!
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Airport Airstream™ Rolling Camera Bag

Product: TT550
The perfect small roller for traveling with essential primary gear, this bag meets international carry-on size limits.
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(28 reviews)
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