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Designed for International and domestic  carry-on, you'll appreciate this roller bag's advanced security features, even when you're not flying.

The perfect roller for traveling both US domestic and overseas, it's compact yet spacious and fits in overhead bins on most international flights.* The Airport International V2.0 is a real workhorse with room to carry 2-3 gripped DSLR bodies (unattached), all of the standard lenses and other gear a professional or semi-professional photographers may need while working on-location. 


  • International and US carry-on size for most carriers. DO check with your airline carrier for current requirements.
  • TSA-approved combination zipper locks secure main compartment
  • Front lock & cable secures laptop, keys or other other items
  • Strong rear lock & cable secures entire bag to a fixed object

  • Holds up to a 500mm f/4 lens, unattached, additional smaller lenses and up to 2 gripped DSLR camera bodies
  • Holds a standard professional kit consisting of 2 standard or pro camera bodies, multiple professional lenses, flashes and accessories

  • Interior Dimensions: 13” W x 18.5” H x 6.5 – 7.5” D (33 x 47 x 16.5–19.1 cm)
  • Exterior Dimensions: 14” W x 21” H x 8” D (35.6 x 53.3 x 20.3 cm)
  • Weight: 9.5 – 11.5 lbs (4.3–5.2 kg) depending on accessories used


Exterior: For superior water-resistance, all exterior fabric has a durable water-repellent (DWR) coating, plus the underside of the fabric has a polyurethane coating. It also has 1680D ballistic nylon, YKK® RC Fuse (abrasion-resistant) zippers, custom designed extra tall skid plates, replaceable in-line skate style wheels, antique nickel-plated metal hardware, SpanKodra front pocket, nylon webbing,  3-ply bonded nylon thread.

Interior: 210D silver-toned nylon, polyurethane backed Velex liner & dividers, 2x polyurethane coated nylon 210T seam-sealed rain cover, closed cell foam & reinforced PE board dividers, clear mesh pockets,  3-ply bonded nylon thread.

No Rhetoric Warranty on all Think Tank products

*Check with your airline for their current carry-on requirements.

Feature #1 Roller meets INTERNATIONAL and USA domestic carry-on size requirements. Although passengers are rarely asked to put their roller into airline test “frames”, photographers can travel with the peace of mind knowing that this roller is designed to fit. Shown is an AIR CANADA luggage test frame. The Airport International V2.0 has also been tested in BRITISH AIRWAYS, KLM, UNITED, and other major airlines' test frames. Actually, the most important feature is that this roller “looks” small and is visually within legal carry-on requirements. It does not call out to be questioned by airline attendants on major flights.
Feature #4 The rear security cable literally chains the Airport International V2.0 to immovable objects.  At times, it may be necessary to leave gear for a period of time in a media room, wedding hall, hotel room, or other open area.  Locking the bag's main compartment, then locking the rear security cable to a fixed object can prevent the bag and its contents from being easily stolen.  A small TSA travel padlock is included for convenience but any padlock is compatible with the cable.
Feature #2 A TSA combination lock secures the main compartment zipper.  There are many instances when photographers must leave behind some or all of their gear while on location. It is absolutely vital for the remaining gear to be secured from theft.  The rear security cable prevents the entire bag from being stolen altogether when the cable is locked around an immovable object.
Feature #3 The front security cable & combination lock allows you to lock a laptop case to the front of the roller. This lock is very effective when you are traveling with a laptop case stored in the front stretch pocket
Feature #5 The security ID plate may allow your lost or stolen bag to be returned!  Before using your bag, register the bag's unique serial number on our website at
Feature #6 The Airport International V2.0 holds a surprising amount of gear--a complete kit for most photographers. Pictured are two pro-sized DSLR’s , two strobes, two pocket wizards, a 16-35 2.8, a 24-70 2.8, a 70-200 2.8, a 300 2.8, and much more. It is important to note that the cameras can be mounted with or without the lens attached.
Feature #7 The Artificial Intelligence 15 V2.0 or 17 V2.0 laptop bags are designed to slide in stretchable front pocket of the roller. The advantage is that the roller looks smaller, even when the laptop case is inside the pocket. If, for some reason, weighing the bag before a flight becomes necessary, the laptop case can be removed making the roller lighter and smaller. Also, once on board the airplane, the roller and laptop case can be stowed separately for easier access to in-flight photo editing or entertainment.
15 A tripod cup and accessory straps are included with all Think Tank Photo rolling bags for carrying a tripod or monopod to the side of the bag. The tripod cup is primarily used with tripods with large leg releases or wide feet.
Feature #8

The optional Airport International Low Divider Set creates space inside the roller to store up to a 15.4" laptop within an Artificial Intelligence 15 V2.0 laptop bag. The advantages of storing the laptop inside the rolling bag are primarily to maintain the international carry-on size and the ability to lock the laptop inside the rolling bag with the camera equipment.  The partitions of the Low Divider Set are two inches shorter than the divider normally included with the Airport International V2.0 and will replace most of the dividers, when interior laptop storage is needed. The Cable Management 50 is also compatible with the Low Divider Set.

Feature #9 The inside of the lid has organizers to store all the other stuff needed for a photo shoot–like a Pixel Pocket Rocket, batteries, pens, plug adapters, cables, and much more. The zipper sliders can be inserted into little “ports” that cover up the metal to prevent scratching the cameras and lenses underneath the lid.
Feature #10 Replaceable wheels and protective wheel housings If you wear out the wheels, we provide a free kit so that you can replace the wheels. The wheels being located on the very outside of the bag makes it very stable when rolled. The wheel housings are extra high, to protect your case when going up curbs and stairs.
Feature #11 Front stretch pocket If you are not using the front stretch pocket to hold a laptop case, it is an excellent pocket to get quick access to jackets, newspapers, paperwork, and other items you need to pull out quickly.
Feature #12 The front pocket organizer, near the top of the bag, can be used for storing items like pens, pencils, card wallets, CDs, notepads, and more.
Feature #13 For easy identification, a business card holder is located directly under the handle. It holds quite a few cards. There is also a zippered pocket under the handle that can hold a passport and other small items.
Feature #14 Pick it Up! Rollers are HEAVY when fully loaded with camera equipment. The bottom handle was placed to make it easier for photographers to pick up the bag and place it in overhead bins on airplanes, car trunks, or any other mode of transportation.  The handle is particularly helpful for overhead bins, since airline attendants recommend stowing rolling bags with their wheels facing out toward the bin door.

Overall Product Rating:     

I've owned this bag for over a year and absolutely love it. I am able to fit an absurd amount of gear in it: 1D Mark III 5D Mark II 35L 85L 135L 16-35 24-70 70-200 100 macro 580 EX II 1.4x 2x Sekonic L758DR flash meter LP-E4 and charger 2 Pixel pocket rockets Various B+W/Hoya filters The only piece of gear I cannot fit in this bag with everything else in there is my 300 f/2.8 IS. I took this bag to Mexico in June 2008 and it was so convenient to roll around and have on the plane with me. The construction of this bag is top notch. The wheels are great. I've put this bag through a lot and it still performs like new, minus some scratches. The wheels do not squeak or make any noise. It rolls smoothly and without know

I love this bag! I wrote a more detailed review for the International on my blog:

I use this frequently when traveling, and it's a back saver! Last trip I had two D2x bodies, 80-200, 24-70, a fisheye, two flashes, misc stuff - along with a 400/f2.8. It's able to carry my briefcase with laptop - and best of all, I don't have to carry it. It fits easily on large planes, and even manages under the seats on most regional jets. I've had no trouble with the handles, locks or zippers - it's rugged. By now I think it's got about 200,000 miles and about 50 trips, and it now occurs to me that it looks pretty much as good as new except for the wheels themselves. Pretty typical ThinkTank product - not a lot to complain about. The only thing I'd improve is the divider system - it can be a bit of a puzzle to configure it.

I am an underwater photographer who had to recently replace my camera bag after TSA destroyed a Portercase. The Airport International is amazing. I can fit my Subal housing, camera body, 60 mm, 12-24 mm, 10-24 mm lenses, two Ikelite 125 strobes, arems, flat port, and two sets of sync cables in the bag. The other feature I really like are the semi-transparent zipper pockets. Really easy to separate and find cleaning items, diopters, and various spare parts. Well done! Dan Clements

At first glance the Airport International made me roll my eyes because it just really didn't look big enough to hold my gear. I thought "great, another bag fail" (I've had many) but when I started to play with the layout I was quickly and delightfully proven wrong! This tiny thing is amazing!! In spite of its diminutive size the Airport International bag easily holds two Nikon D-700 bodies; 16 fisheye; 17-35; 24-70; 70-200; 50 1.4; 85 1.4; TC-14; SB-900 (in its case); an SU-800 Commander unit; an LED Video light; 3 Pixel Rocket Pockets stuffed with cards; an MC-30 remote trigger plus various pens; notebook; business cards, portable hard drive, gaffer tape and some spare cash. But wait there's more! On the side of the bag I can strap together a collapsable light stand, shoot thru umbrella and a small carbon fiber tripod to have a full blow rolling studio ready to go anywhere. And if that wasn't enough, the front pocket will hold my laptop and a pair of noise canceling headphones. I love this bag!!

Out of all the bags I own, and that is many, this is the bag I use the most by far. As an underwater videographer I must do a lot of international travel and find that I can store all the things I wouldn't trust the airport porters with for check ins, in this bag and just carry it on. This bag is a must for me. Steve Douglas

I use the Airport International to carry: 1Ds MarkIII + 1D MarkIII + 16-35 f/2.8 + 24-70 f/2.8 + 70-200 f/2.8 + 300 f/2.8 + 15 f/2.8 fish eye + 85 f/1.8 + TC 2.0x + TC 1.4x + LP-E4 (x2) + battery charger for LP-E4 (the big one) + 580EX + 430EX + CB Mini-RC. Simply amazing. Thanks ThinkTank ;)

Think Tank have taken a problem that many photographers face daily – getting as much gear onto an international flight as possible, as a carry on and as simply as possible – and they've cracked it. My experiences with the Airport International V2.0 so have made getting my equipment from place to place easier and airline travel a bit more tolerable. Full review here:

After many years (30+) looking for the "perfect" camera bag I've finally found it. It's sturdy, well laid out and designed by photographers. Well done Think Tank.

working with sports is perfect. I carry all my stuff, tele, bodies and accessories. With the wheels you don't get tired just BEFORE the covering... THANKS to THINKTANK

I'm 5'7" and the one reviewer that says this bag is for tall people is wrong, wrong, wrong! No problem with the handle ever. I say operator error. This bag is great. Fits in British Airways overhead easily! Has been to Europe and Asia many times and held up great. At this rate the bag will last for years. Holds Nikon camera gear and 16 inch laptop no problem. I've had several other bags from other brands that I don't even remember. This bag is the best!

Read full review here: Incredible bag to say the least!

As an International Travel Photographer, I just spent 6 wks in the Middle East from 5 star Hotels to Bedouin tents on the desert and flying on 6 different airlines, I carry 2 cameras w/lenses, speed-lite, 2 backup hard-drives, accessories and rain jacket. this bag handled every situation with ease. In 30+ years it's the best I've found.

I love this bag but I don't get how people are getting away with putting it in the overhead compartment with the weight restrictions. I used it 3 times. The first time I was fine but the next 2 trips I had to remove some gear and carry it in plastic bags. I did not use it on my last trip. I suppose I should have challenged the airline to put it under the seat. They were domestic flights but they were not small planes.

I own it. Carried all over the world! It is great. That says it all! Buy it, you'll love it!

If only it was a little bit taller it would be the best product in existence. It fits in just about any overhead bin, including the tiny ones of CRJ 700s and CRJ 900s, don't let the gate agent tell you it wont fit, it always does, and they always look in amazement as I take my laptop out of the front compartment and it magically slips in to the tiny bins.

I have version one of the bag for about a couple of years. I love this bag. It's compact and has a huge capacity to swallow equipment. I use it to transport my eos 5 d, 70-200 2.8 is, 24-70 is, 85 1.2 II, 16-35 2.8 II, arca Swiss Z1 Ball head and gitzo 1541t in case (inside the bag) + others accessories. This bag fits easily into the overhead in planes and under the seat. I can personally attest to using it under the seat on one flight with full overhead bins. I did loose some legroom though. I am 5' 8", it was a little cramped but I was happy that I did not have to check it in. I am not sure how this will work for somebody taller than me. I did run into weight issues with this setup on another flight, when I was asked to weigh it during check in of my luggage. I simply removed the 5d and the 70-200 2.8 is and carried it in my hand. I then put it back into the bag when waiting to board the flight. Excellent bag!!

Very impressed with this bag! I did a full review (including video) on my blog: But to sum up, it holds a 600mm VR just fine. It does hold a 17" MacBook Pro despite someone else here saying it won't. Some lenses will stand on end in the bag, but obviously there has to be a limit for which ones otherwise it would not be hand luggage friendly in size. I can't rate this bag highly enough. It's the usual ThinkTank brilliance and made my recent two week winter wildlife photography trip to Yellowstone, from the UK, much more enjoyable!

As with everything Think Tank well made and well designed. However for me there are a number of design and feature failures. Firstly the materials used are very heavy, the divider set is very thick and would be better if if was made of a lighter slimmer profile material. This would allow more kit inside and reduce the overall weight. Why is the Low Devider set extra, surely this should be included instead of the current set which DOES NOT allow a laptop to be carried inside the bag. Lastly it is a very snug fit squeezing to Canon EOS 1d Mk IV bodies in the allocated space, the bag is shaped in such a way that it is not square therefore restricting access and space. Lstly and also just as important this bag is sold as International Carry on, yes it is. I travel extensively using Premium Economy or Business Class yet all airlines have a 6kg carry on allowance, when packed with a laptop this can top 15 kg, so you have to be very sneaky and sharp when checking in, even me as a frequent flyer. This bag was purchased for me, great! However I would never purchase one for the reasons I have quoted, sorry guys, to heavy, badly designed and way to expensive!

Just got back from Cuba where I shot both stills and video. The International roller paired with an Urban Disguise 35 is a dream - they got me quickly through airports and bus terminals and easily handled cobbled streets and gravel roads. Most impressive was being able to pull a large Sony EX1R camcorder in and out of the UD35 for candid street shots. Steven S.

I’ve had my Airport international Rolling Camera Bag about 4 months now and all I can say is” thank you ‘Think Tank’ for a super bag, now I did notice that a few reviews had concerns about the padding being to thick and maybe on the heavy side, please do not change a thing because that is the reason what keeps the internal structure strength of the bag in shape from the mishandling’ especially if you travel as much as I do. As a suggestion when you receive you Airport international bag in order to fit your type of gear remove all the dividers from the bag, maybe take a photo of how the bags was when you received it, just for reference’ Now I use Canon or Nikon full size bodies just depends on my preference of flavor of the day, I like both systems… place your camera bodies in the allocated places as suggested by Think Tank, now insert your dividers to fit the orientation of your camera with and without the lenses of your choice, you will find that if you do this you’re equipment will fit much better than trying to do it as is” when it came from the manufacture,(Just my thoughts) And to complement the bag I use the Airport check In (My preference) for all the additional extras such as my laptop, pocket wizards, iPod food, I could go on. Again thank you Think Tank.

After careful consideration this bag was the final decision. Just recently got the INTL V2 Highly mobile,very versatile can configuration of pads depends on your shoot/gear. Took this roller to about 15 games Basketball/Volleyball/Baseball and made my accessablity that much easier and handled it well, peace of mind lock it & forget it. However there are pinch points on the retractable handle (retract back into the bag got me twice). Indoor shoot: MkIIn,20D,3 580ex,3PW,2 Qflash Battery pk,70-200,24-105,fisheye,clamps,cables,extra batteries Outdoor shoot: 400mm,100-400,24-105,MkIIn,20D, not able to have 400 & body attached,roller rain jacket came in handy rained at three games. Love this roller...compact thou heavy with all the gear in it. Payed dividens for me right away! Thank You Think Tank!

I bought my Think Tank Photo Security V2 bag new approximately 2-3 years ago. I love it--absolutely love it. It is worth 5 out of 5 gold stars--easily. Before buying this bag I bought new and used a top of the line similar LowPro bag. LowPro makes good products but the zipper on my LowPro bag sprung, which was annoying, to say the least. A bag with a dysfunctional and/or unreliable zipper is not comforting, especially when the bag holds approximately $20,000--or more--of camera gear, and you are on a trip, hundreds or thousands of miles from home. The zipper on this ThinkTankPhoto bag is many times far superior to LowPro's bag. I often keep my ThinkTankPhoto [TTP] bag full, so there is a lot of strain on its zipper when I zip it up, but, this zipper, so far, functions as if it is 100% industrial strength grade. So far, this zipper shows no sign of failing. This entire bag is extremely durable and rugged. Also, today, mid-June 2011, I took my TTP bag to their Santa Rosa, CA office for a wheel replacement. The rubber on the wheels had come off in some places, making the bag generate a "clack, clack" sound when rolled. I believe the rubber came off, in parts, when small rocks got stuck in the wheel mechanism, preventing the wheels from rolling, and I had to drag the bag, when heavy, over rough desert terrain or gravel or both, when rushed, which happened often, when I was part of a large escorted photo tour. The wonderful folks at TTP's Santa Rosa, CA office made a free of charge warranty repair, for me, in a few minutes, while I waited, providing customer support worthy of an A+ on a traditional A-F scale. My bag now rolls smoothly with no clack-clack sound. Functionally, it is 100% as good as new. The TTP folks also fixed my bag with an external large, heavy, tripod support. I had been unable to figure that out for myself, but they set me up nicely, for free. -- Peter J. Mancus

Now on year 3 with the International. Still very tough and usable after maybe 150,000 filght miles and months overseas- in and out of planes and cars. Estimated lifetime left 10+ years at least! Very slight tendency for it to bulge outwards when overstuffed and that makes the zippers slighty hard to use, but that is my fault for overstuffing it! Otherwise- no complaints!

Finally! I got my Think Tank International V2.0 from Calumet Los Angeles. I got a 10% discount from the retail price since it was a display item. But everything looks brand new so I can't complain!. This product is a must have if you travel a lot as it gives you security and comfort. I was able to pack in the following: 1DMark III with 300mm 2.8 IS attached with hood reversed; 5D Mark II with 70-200mm 2.8 IS attached with hood reversed; 24-70mm 2.8 (vertical position); (1)580EXII (vertical position); Canon ST-E2; Sto-Fen Omni-Bounce; battery charger for both cameras and the eneloop battery charger. I used the tripod cup for the Manfrotto 561B monopod and installation was a breeze. I would say the bag would weigh around 40-50lbs with all of those inside. I used to buy Lowepro products but the last bag that I bought (Slingshot 300aw) the zipper did not last long and was not comfortable.

Nice bag except for the handle. Would have got 5 stars if it had a solid, problem free handle. But the cheap handle system is a hassle and not dependable. The problem with a solid handle is it takes up room inside. But I'd much rather give up some space in favor of a bombproof handle system like the real old Travelpro's used before they went over to a telescopic handle that acts up just as bad. To be fair to Thinktank, all carry on luggage pretty much uses the same crappy telescopic design. So not much choice even if you want to go for better Companies...when you design products, think bombproof, think ultimate durability. Then you can be proud of your product and not market a problem child.

I've had it for some time now and it has saved my back/shoulders from having to carry my equipment in a backpack. I was on a flight to Chicago once and they changed the aircraft. It was a small commuter plane that nothing fits in the overhead compartments. Would you believe I was able to stow it under the seat!? I've been told to check the bag several times (on domestic and international flights) and every time I've been able to find space in the overhead compartment or if not put it under the seat. It really has done its job well. My wife likes it under the seat because it gives her a foot rest (she's 5ft tall) :-)

A great rolling camera case. I can fit a ton of gear in here and travel on those smaller planes without fear of my case getting booted to the baggage bay. I live in New York and am constantly taking it throughout the city, its held up very well. I carry, 2 5D Mark IIs, 1 5D Mark III, 70-200 IS, 35mm 1.4, 50mm 1.2, 85mm 1.2, 24mm 1.4 and 14mm 2.8, plus 2 580 EX IIs, 1 580 EX, and a few hard drives just fine.

Fabulous bag POSITIVES Nice size. Carries alot of kit (2 SLRs, 70-200 Canon lens plus assorted other lenses, flashes etc). Very well made, quality product. Lots of options internally. Rolls nicely even on roughish ground. Handles on every edge. Locking cable (no doubt easy to cut with bolt cutters but would stop an occasional thief walking away with whole bag), zips are lockable(combination lock). Rain cover. Neat little zip pocket on top for passport or small items. NEGATIVES Handle feels a bit wobbly and flimsy (but it got me through busy London OK - just DO NOT lift a fully laden case wit the handle - tempting - but stupid!) Handle only seems to work full extended - cant seem to lock it at lower heights. Not an issue for me as such but might be for shorter folk. Laptop pouch - hmm - this is a stretchy fabric pouch on the front and not padded. A 15" laptop sticks out and looks vulnerable to thieves and damage. Great for an ipad in a case, but not so good for a large laptop. Pouch was very handy for slipping magazines into for the train journey though! Would I recommend? YES - this is a quality piece of kit.

On year 5 with my Airport Int. bag. It STILL works great. It has some minor cosmetic wear as it has been overseas 75-100k miles on dozens of trips. Tossed into 30+ rental cars. Wheel and telescoping handle are perfect still. Have added many of the Think Tank accessory bags as well to manage the small items. Not only would I recommend this bag, I am buying the logistic manager also as a place to store my growing camera gear. If this bag ever does wear out or break- I will certainly buy another one. It has already earned its cost at this point, but it looks like it will last another 5 years easy. Trust me. This bag does not just sit in a closet. It travels the country and the world at least 12 weeks a year! It gets a work out and has held up just fabulously! Buy one for yourself!

My Airport International V2.0 is my second Think Tank bag, the first one was a Rotation 360. Both are well made, seem very heavy duty, and are well thought out. I took my Airport International on its first trip last week. The trip out consisted of 3 flights. The first flight was a smaller jet, so the take all carry-ons and stow them under the jet and return them at the end of the flight. While transferring to my second flight, I noticed the handle was broke. I didn’t notice any problems before the flight so I think the airline broke it. At this time I emailed Think Tank asking how I go about getting a new handle. Explaining that my handle was broken and that I thought the airline broke it. By the end of my second flight, I had a reply telling me they would replace the handle at no cost and all they needed was a shipping address. I sent them my address while waiting for my third flight. By the end of my third flight, I received an email notifying me that the part had been shipped. When I arrived home from my trip the part was waiting, with instructions. I find one of the best indications of the quality of a company is how they respond to a problem, not if you have any problems with there products. There are always going to be an occasional problems. Taken everything into consideration, I am extremely pleased with there service and think there products are very high quality.

Fantastic quality & sturdy camera case, amazing holding capacity loaded it can take my 1Dmk111, 7D with Battery Pack, 500mmL, 24-105mmL,100mm Macro, 2 x Extender,Spare Batteries, Binoculars, Garmin Navigator, Laptop with still room left in other pockets. My only complaint is the loaded carrying on weight. Always gives me problems at check in, so far I have got away it, but my worry is that one day I may not. To provide the case quality, the case unloaded is a heavy weight for starters, hence the 4 start rating.

Loaded up a D800, 70-200, 16-35, a DLSR Gorillapod, two point and shoots, filters, chargers, SB800, a 20-pack of AA batteries, multiple memory card holders, a portable hard drive, iPad, memory card reader and other misc. stuff for a trip to the Caribbean flying from Columbus. Plenty of room for the gear, excellent ability to customize, and, despite some skeptical looks from airline employees, the Airport International fit easily in every overhead compartment (from regional jets to the 757/767) and kept my gear safe and snug. Had more than enough room to bring back a 24-70 bought on the island. Bought lots of bags, but always experienced some level of remorse. Not with this bag. Simply worth every penny.

I travel for a living and this bag is the perfect size, holds everything i need to take on the road. Certainly a very well designed product that is my most important camera equipment case.

First off this will be a bit different than just another camera bag review because this camera roller bag is really a rolling suitcase that is kitted out for photography purposes. I have more camera bags, briefcases and suitcases than I care to mention. I have different bags for different needs but my focus was always on quality. I have Victorinox luggage and bags and also several Tumi products, and even Pelican stuff as well. The past few years I have been buying Think Tank products. I got excited by their clever features and was won over by its quality and common sense practicality. I have stuff from each product category (next will have to be the Urban Disguise 60). I realized that I needed a rolling camera bag to save my back but also to carry all the stuff you may need for a photo shoot. This bag is the one for me based on the international and domestic carry on bag sizing More in depth review is here:

Are you kidding me...I just bought my new V2.0 roller yesterday and love it...I can fit all my equipment into one easy accessible makes me want to go out and shoot because everything is right at my figure tips and I don't have to fumble through 3 bags...I actually stopped shooting for awhile because it was such a pain to take all my gear but now it is a it has so many security features that I would never have even thought of...yes I do love, love, love my new bag...thank you think tank photo can hardly wait to take it with me...

I use the bag now for a while mostly transporting two big lenses and pro DSLR bodies summing up to about 10 kg plus weight of the bag itself. In general, I really love the bag - it is (mostly) well built, sturdy and I never had problems with taking it as cabin bag on domestic as well as international flights. You can roll around quietly making almost no noise - perfect! However, there is one major flaw: the handle! It is just underdesigned for this bag. I am not talking about lifting the bag at the handle, which shouldn't be done at all. Just using the extended handle to pull the trolley behind you might create a bad feeling, because the handle easily bends and you are wobbling along especially on grounds were you have to steer around and keep the bag on a steady track. And this happens with my gear most of the time. Putting a bigger, more sturdy handle would NOT consume more space inside (comparing it to other trolleys with a much more sturdy handle - maybe adding some grams in weight) but would make the trolley a "5-star bag".

I won the original. (Disclosure: I tested the non-rolling bag version for ThinkTank before they released the Airport series) I purchased two of them and use them for just about every location shoot. Solid, reliable and dependable.

I am 100% sold on this. Purchased at the WPPI convention this year and am so pleased I did! It holds an insane amount of equipment. Very very secure. Quality is the best I have seen. The bag glides so smooth you hardly know its there and with the convenient handles on the top and sides for those moments you have to pick it up, cant go wrong!

Excellent product, I just love it. I made an italian review here:

I purchased this bag for a trip to Italy this summer. this holds an absurd amount of gear(55lbs) and a 3 section Gitzo carbon pod (3531 series) . Every photographers OH-NO moment came to me when AA had no overhead storage from JFK,NY to Fumicino ,Italy . My backup plan was to place the bag under the seat. A small bar that came between the seats would not allow this to happen. I was asked to CHECK the bag . I felt sick doing this and thought for sure something would be broken. The bag arrived unscathed and to my surprise NO BROKEN GEAR ! This bag took some(more) serious torture on my travels throughout Italy with only a few scatches. I've purchased several products from TT and have been 101% satisfied with everything. Thank you Thintank photo !

I bought this bag last summer, have used it a few times already and am not suprised by the excellent quality of it. If the airline that you are using does not have weight restrictions on the carry on bags, then you are good to go. Otherwise, it tends to be a little heavy. The handle feels a little delicate for the overall quality of the bag but I did not have a problem with it, so far. I would like to comment on the dividers, though. I agree with most reviewers that Think Tank should not force it's customers to spend more $$ to get the lower dividers in order to include a laptop in the bag. It should be an option. I just had to order it and I don't feel that it's right. The bags are expensive enough. My humble opinion.

What else can be said that has not already been expressed. For me, this roller trumps all others as there is no comparison at all. Mine houses a 5Dmk3, 7D, (with grips) 4 lenses, 2 Flashes, 1 Rode Mic, 1 Zoom X4N, extra batteries, a dozen memory cards, etc. all secure and ready for me. The best thing is the construction and durability of this roller. In Paris, I was walking from a shoot in Luxembourg park to the Pantheon and finally the Louvre and there was not any problems with the wheels, in the rain or any concerns whatsoever. I even needed to fix the side lock and they replaced it. Top Notch customer service really helps put their products above and beyond their competitors.

Ive been using this bag for almost 2 years. It holds everything I need for travel location work. 2 pro bodies 5 lenses 2 flash heads cord bag and double battery charger bag of AA bats and the flat zipper areas on the lid for filters cards extra lens caps ect.. the way it locks up is great and ive used the cable a few times... yes it can be cut with a heavy duty wire cutters.... but for the most of the thefts it just cant be carried off while your back is turned. it has fit under the seat on commuter flights sideways and a little into your neighbors area. But it does fit and i haven't had to surrender it at the door. Getting the International model just gives me the comfort that this bag is getting on all planes i travel on.

I like my bag

I am quite impressed with Think Tank and this bag. The companies customer support and product guarantees are the best I've come across all these years of travel. They replaced a bag I was having problems with the zipper even though they couldn't replicate my issue. How's that for support, no questions asked. The bag now has a Russian and Pacific trip on it performing well. Treat this bag well and it will treat you well.

I debated long and hard before taking the jump up to a case this expensive, but it has been one of the better choices I've ever made. It's durable AND spacious. My old bag was a backpack and while it was nice, I'm not getting any younger and these smooth wheels make my life so much easier. Airports are not an issue with this bag. Open it up for TSA and everything is organized and within reach.

I'm giving it five stars because it does what you say it will. Unfortunately, the airlines are getting tougher on the weight restrictions and I've noted that other photographers are having the same problem. I suggest a carbon fiber base and lighter padding-soft sides for flexibility. I understand that CF would cost more, but if you skeletonize the frame you can save on costs and weights. I think you went for strong--and there are times when that is good, but we have a new challenge that will have to be met and I expect that some traveling shooters will accept a couple of hundred dollars difference, beyond that and it will be a hard sell.

Great product and meets international size requirements for carry on. However, you need to also be aware of weight limits for carry ons when traveling internationally. Lufthansa have an 8kg (18lb) limit. If you fill this bag you will be way over their limit and will be forced to check the bag.

I purchased the bag about 6 months ago when I went on a photo assignment to New York. One week ago, I went on an assignment to Chicago and on my return flight to Houston, an arrogant, unprofessional United airlines representative at the boarding gate, decided that the bag was too big to fit on the overhead bin and checked it on the cargo section. I was carrying a Nikon D4s, Nikon D800, Karl Zeiss Ottus 55/1.4, 28/2 and 35/1.4, Nikkor 20-70/2.8, 85/1.4, 35/1.4, 24/1.4, 28-70/2.8, 14/2.8, 135/2 and 3 Nikon SB910 flash unites, along with corresponding triggers and receivers. As you can imagine, I was furious but nothing I could do. Upon arriving to Houston, I did check all my equipment at the airport and thanks to the Lord, and to the great quality of this bag, everything arrived safely and nothing got broken or damaged in any way. I did not prepare the gear for cargo transport and now my only concern is going through the same experience again. This is a great product.

Love this bag. Had it for two years, taken it to lots of places. I probably pack 45 pounds of gear in it! 2 bodies, 7 lenses, chargers, flash, filters, cables, iPad, laptop and so much more. Internal Air Iceland flight is the only one that made me gate check due to weight- they laughed at me when they weighed it as a carry-on. Sometimes I wish I had the low dividers but that would cut down on what I could fit inside. Also, while the handle seems janky, it's brilliant. Just don't put undue torque or attempt to lift the bag with it and you'll be fine. I've learned how to gently wheel the beast around. Indispensable!

I was a little hesitant about buying this bag because I'd read so many reviews that mentioned the handle was flimsy. I was pleasantly surprised with the strength and durability of the handle. It's not as solid as the one on my rolling suitcase, but it's definitely not flimsy. Beyond that, the build quality of the bag is fantastic. Plus, it's so much bigger than it seems like it should be. I'm able to fit in it two 5D bodies, three L-series lenses (50mm, 85mm, 24-70mm), a flash, a light meter, and all the miscellaneous stuff we all carry, and I have room for one or two other lenses (which makes me want to buy those now that I have room for them!). If you're worried about the handle, don't hesitate to buy the bag. I feel confident this will last for many years to come.
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Airport International™ V2.0 Rolling Camera Bag

Product: TT559
This rolling luggage meets international and US domestic carry-on requirements. Advanced security features provide extra peace of mind.
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