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Fits most DSLRs with a 70–200mm f/2.8 or similarly sized lens attached*. The Hydrophobia® 70–200 protects valuable photo equipment from the elements during active use. Keep shooting in the rain, snow or blowing sand. The Hydrophobia gives you peace of mind that you can capture the moment in almost any weather.

  • External Camera Strap (included) eliminates need to remove the strap attached to the camera body
  • Interior retainer loop for strap on camera body
  • Eyepiece flap shields viewfinder from rain or dust when not in use
  • 1 DSLR with a 70-200mm f/2.8 or similar sized lens attached*
  • 1 DSLR with Canon's 100–400mm f/4.5–f/5.6 lens attached
  • Compatible with ALL Nikon, Canon DSLRs and SOME Sony and Olympus DSLR camera bodies*
  • 17.5" long x 5.5” diameter (44.5 x 14 cm)
  • 12.8 oz (363 g) rain cover only
  • Eyepiece (sold separately) required for proper use


210T seam-sealed rip-stop +  polyurethane film + 70D nylon tricot, polyurethane seam tape, weather resistant zippers, antique nickel-plated metal hardware, high-density shock cord, nylon webbing, neoprene,  3-ply bonded nylon thread.

*Fit is dependent on both lens and eyepiece compatibility. View our Eyepieces to find a compatible eyepiece for your camera body.

No Rhetoric Warranty on all Think Tank products


9 The Hydrophobia 70-200 includes a Think Tank Camera Strap that is preconnected to durable metal D-rings on the rain cover.  Proper use of the strap and rain cover does not require removing the strap attached to the camera.  Nor does it require cutting holes in the rain cover or disassembling the camera's attached strap.
2 The lens strap inside the Hydrophobia allows the external Camera Strap to fully support the weight of the camera and lens.  Tighten the lens strap then clip it around the back end of the lens, ensuring a snug fit. 
3 There is no need to remove the strap already attached to the DSLR.  Simply fold the strap and slip it into the Camera Strap Retainer, which is the elastic loop inside the Hydrophobia.
1 The Hydrophobia securely attaches around the lens hood by a hook-and-loop strap with non-slip coating.  Using a lens hood in the rain effectively prevents stray droplets from streaking across the front of the lens, in the similar way it blocks glare from sunlight.
4 A specially designed eyepiece is required for use and proper attachment of the Hydrophobia rain cover.  The eyepiece allows a clear view, straight through to the camera's viewfinder, while keeping a water resistant seal.  There are five different eyepieces to choose from, three for Canon and two for Nikon DSLRs.  To browse the eyepieces and check compatibility, go to the Camera Rain Covers section and link to the individual eyepiece web pages.
5 An eyepiece flap can be folded over the Hydrophobia eyepiece when the camera is not is use.  This keeps excess rain or dust from collecting on the viewfinder while the camera is just hanging by the external strap.
8 An eyepiece pocket is built into the side of the Hydrophobia rain cover.  It can be used to store the Hydrophobia eyepiece when the rain cover is packed away or it can carry the DSLR's rubber eyecup while the rain cover is actively being used.  Look for the eye-shaped icon on the Hydrophobia.
7 A soft lens hood cover is included for additional protection from the elements.  Use it as a lens cap; it's too small to be a shower cap.  The hood cover can be stored in the pocket on top of the lens or it can be completely removed to save some bulk. 
11 The clear window on the back of the Hydrophobia keeps the camera's LCD screen and controls visible. There is also enough room inside the rain cover to change memory cards and batteries without exposing the camera to rain.
12 Using a shorter focal length lens in the Hydrophobia may be possible depending on the placement of the zoom or focusing rings on the lens.
10 Bring the rain!

Overall Product Rating:     

I have used the hydrophobia with my 70-200 for over a year now at several Marathons where it always seeems to rain such as Napa Valley and Pasadena, CA. The ease of use, equipment protection and adjustments make it superb! I love the outside attached neck strap which makes it even more useful. The last all day rainy shoot I was on I had to use a short 24-85mm zoom and it fit great! I had never tried such a short lens with it before and I was surprised how easily I could adapt it and still maintain total focus and zoom lens control with out the extra material getting in the way. It rained on site from 5 AM to 3 PM and I had dry working gear at the end of the day and captured all the photos I was contracted to get. Awesome design! Ralph Auletta

I had just finished writing a rave review on the Hydrophobia 70-200 prior to shooting at the 2011 LA Marathon. I have been shooting races for over 25 years throughout the USA, and Canada. I have never experienced the kind of extreme weather at a race that we had at the 2011 LA Marathon. It was cold, crazy-windy and raining so hard that the streets of LA quickly formed into foot deep rushing rivers. I used a Nikon D2HS with a Nikon 70-200 VR 2.8 Zoom from 7 AM until 3 PM neatly covered in my Hydrophobia. My hands were soaked even despite wearing special "waterproof" kayakers gloves. I changed batteries twice and went through four 4 Gig CF Cards and the camera and lens stayed perfectly dry the whole time. The other photographers did not fare so well with their "other" various brands of rain protection, because they were not built to conveniently change your memory cards or batteries while using a monopod attached to the camera in sideways blowing rain. Another plus to the cover is that the runners were attracted visually to what I had on the top of my monopod and thought it was a live TV broadcast rig, so I got a lot of attention, smiles and posed shots at mile 24 of a really bad Marathon. The company enjoys an easy sell shot. I was racking them up! The driest things at the end of the day was my camera, lens and feet from wearing waterproof hiking boots! Bless You, ThinkTank Ralph Auletta

The moment I got the cover out of its bag it was immediately clear that it was going to keep my camera dry. Alot of my photography tends to be on boats and outdoors in the UK tends to be on the wet side so keeping my camera dry is at the top of my priorities. I would say there is not a better cover on the market. The only thing I trust more is my Underwater camera housing that is depth rated to 100m! But for everything else and the features just built into the cover have been well thought out for ease of use, speed and durability. Order it now!

Bought this 2 years ago and have used it three times with great success. The 1st two were during good downpours but little wind and once during a gale at sea. The Hydrophobia always kept the camera dry. The exposed lens glass is another story but it was an adventure.

I have used this product covering ball games with great success, but the rain cover's truest test came during Hurricane Isaac, when I used the cover non-stop for three days of steady, hard beating rain on the Mississippi Gulf Coast. I used the cover with my "goto" lens, a Canon 28-300, and a Mark III body, and it kept the lens dry even in the strongest of winds and rain. I simply aired it out when I got back to my room each evening and reattached the strap to my lens prior to going out. I liked the rubber covering on the accompany camera strap, and I never felt like the camera was in danger of falling off my shoulder. A great product, worth every penny. Regards, RVS

I use this very useful and practical rain cover to protect my camera and my 70-200 during sail regattas aboard of a outboard raft. Last time, there were a strong wind and very high waves, so that I was literally soaked by salt water, but despite this bad situation, I was able to take great photos of classic sailboats and my photo gear at the end of the day, was perfectly dry. Many thanks Hydrophobia, satisfied hundred percent!

Used the hydrophobic while on a trip to northern Japan in February 2013. Shot during blizzard conditions and my gear stayed dry. Using the cover brings peace of mind. Used the 70-200 cover with a 24-70 lens and it worked great. Left the cover on from morning to night, from start to finish, shooting indoors and out. I did get some strange looks from people as they tried to figure out what I had in hand, or hanging around my neck. I highly recommend buying the hydrophobia. CD

This cover is simply essential for me when shooting yachting event at sea. At these events, water comes at You from all directions an in generous quantities and usually it's saltwater. The hydrophobia have saved my equipment countless times over the years so I NEVER go to sea without it. Just remember to also buy the right eyepiece for your camera, otherwise the cover is useless.

I bought two of these for my Nikon gear, well designed and use. Not only are they great protection in the rain and by the sea, they are also of great help in cold winds when you are standing in one place for a long time offering protection to your hands I have just added two of the 300-600s.

Works fine also with Canon 85 mm f 1,2 .

I have used the hydrophobia last weekend on a 24h-hiking-event in the alps. Due to bad weather we had at least 10h of fog, rain and even some snow. I was wrapped in my rugged actionsuit and so was my gear: cam and lens kept dry, better than myself. Even more important was the psychological part: the hydrophobia gives you security about your gear. Thank you for another great piece of gear, Robert Bohlen,

I regret that I can't give this SIX stars. Folks, there is NO substitute. The Hydrophobias WORK, and work WELL. My very first use of this was shooting a bike race, and it was torrential - we later found out that we got three inches of rain in the three plus hours of the time trials. The only water that got on the gear was what came in on my hands! I've used many of the other rain covers, and they don't stack up. The Hydrophobia is safe, rugged, and yet is large enough to actually use the gear to its full extent while staying dry. The only other one that comes close is the AquaTech, which is equally effective but which is a bit too tight around the camera body to use all of the controls. Maybe with smaller cameras the others would be OK, but I'm using D3s. The best thing I can say about the Hydrophobias is that they've completely changed my attitude about shooting in the rain. I used to avoid it, but now I know that as long as I can stand it, I'll get the shots and not have to worry. I can't say enough good things about this product.
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Hydrophobia® 70-200

Product: TT623
Advanced rain cover for a DSLR with a 70-200mm f/2.8 or similar lens attached. [Separate eyepiece required]
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(12 reviews)
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