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The Keep It Up shoulder strap provides additional support for the Modular Rotation System. It is less technical and easier to use than a shoulder harness or photo vest. The Keep It Up shoulder strap can easily be switched to the opposite shoulder, without removing the belt, which reduces fatigue in bearing equipment weight on one shoulder over a long period of time.

  • Provides flexible support for any Pro Speed Belt, Steroid Speed Belt, or Thin Skin Belt
  • Quickly adjustable for on-the-go action
  • Easily switch between shoulders for maximum comfort
  • Converts any modular/skin component into a shoulder bag
  • Includes a memory card holder
  • Stretch pocket fits an iPhone 5 or Pixel Pocket Rocket memory card wallet
  • One size fits most
  • Weight: 0.5 lbs (0.2 kg)


100D rip-stop nylon, metal buckles, Rock Lockster® buckles, 3-ply bonded nylon thread

No Rhetoric Warranty on all Think Tank products


Feature #1 Attaches to any Think Tank Photo Belt for vertical support, includes memory card holder, stretch pocket fits iPhone or PPR, turns any modular/skin component into a shoulder bag.
Feature #2 Fasten D-ring attachments to belt by first inserting the female side of the buckle under the webbing loop on the belt.
Feature #3 Bring the male side of the buckle BEHIND the belt, over the top and close the buckle securely. D-ring should be pointing up, above the top of the belt.
Feature #4 D-ring attachments should be positioned on either side of the belt buckle and at the midpoint of the belt, designated by the Think Tank logo.
Feature #5 The Keep It Up shoulder strap can also be used as a regular shoulder bag for any Modular/Skin Rotation Component Pouch.

Overall Product Rating:     

Another great product from Think Tank! Easy to put on and take off. Easily switches from one side to the other without taking the belt off. Love the stretch pocket which can hold a cell phone like my I-phone but will also hold my Sekonic 308 flash meter which I frequently use to verify my camera meter. What a bonus!!! Also bought the Hubba Hubba Hiney and the Keep It Up is a much better shoulder strap and again my phone or Sekonic meter is easily accessible. Also can attach to any of my modular bags. If I could just train the shoulder strap to get me coffee in the morning I'd give it 6 stars! Can't wait to see what is next TT! Thanks

The Keep It Up Shoulder Strap is certainly another quality ThinkTank Product. I just wish the cell phone pocket was a bit larger. Too tight for my iphone in its protective case

great product ; only problem is that the strap is too long for anyone who is 5'6 and below ; i have shortened this strap to the fullest, still the belt falls below my waist line with the pocket wallet somewhere in my stomach (instead of being near in one's shoulder as shown in the picture)

Really keeps belt from riding too low on my waist. Helps distribute load from heavy gear. Pouch fits my iPhone 4 nicely, but might be too small for an iPhone 5.

This strap is very good but needs a couple small improvements. 1. The size adjustment buckle slips after a very short time walking and cannot maintain the set length of the strap. It needs a double capture for the loose end of the strap to hold it tighter. Since I am the only one using my strap I don't need to adjust it very often. 2. The zipper toggle on the card pocket on the strap catches very easily and opens the zipper - losing your card inside when walking. The zipper needs a lockup or clip at the top to keep it securely closed. The pocket is not safe to use in its current design.

I almost did not buy this because of the review from the shorter fellow who said the pockets and the straps did not alight right. Once again amazing product. The pocket fits my iPhone 5s perfect. The strap I wear to support my 80-200 that is a very heavy lens. It keeps that side of the speed belt nice and comfortable. Now Think Tank has to make mens Business bags so I can replace my Tumi briefcase.
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Keep It Up Shoulder Strap

Product: TT019
Vertical support strap that attaches to any Think Tank belt. Integrated pouch fits an iPhone 5 or Pixel Pocket Rocket memory card wallet.
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(6 reviews)
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