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This slim, soft case fits a a 13” MacBook Pro/Air + any iPad® + iPhone® in individual padded pockets. Additional dedicated pockets provide easy access to power adapters and memory cards, down to the tiniest items; so don't sweat the small stuff.

It's made of tough, soft water-resistant fabrics and metal hardware that complement the Apple aesthetic. Slide an iPad into the zippered padded pocket that also has an organizer for pens and more. Keep an iPhone in the top pocket with a pouch for earbuds or a Bluetooth headset. Unzip the main compartment to organize and secure adapters and small items in clear zippered pockets. Stow documents in the rear pouch. Even the removable padded shoulder strap has a clip for full-size headphones—all in a case that's only 2.4” thick.

  • Separate dedicated pockets for a laptop + any iPad + iPhone
  • Easily accessible iPhone pocket with plush lining and earbud pouch
  • Expansive accessory compartment with clear zippered pockets and mesh pouches


Fits a 13” MacBook Pro/Air + any iPad + iPhone + power adapter with AC cable, portable drives, USB hub and cable, monitor adapters, network cables, memory cards, pens, business cards, plus more small items.

  • Exterior Dimensions: 10.2” W x 14” H x 2.4” D (26 x 35.5 x 6 cm)
  • iPad Pocket: 7.9” W x 10rdquo; H x 0.8” D (20 x 25.5 x 2 cm)
  • Laptop Compartment: 9.1" W x 13" H x 1.2" D (23 x 33 x 3 cm)
  • Weight with all accessories: 1.4 lbs (0.6 kg)

Exterior: For superior water-resistance, all exterior fabric has a durable water-repellent (DWR) coating, plus the underside of the fabric has a polyurethane coating. It also has YKK® RC Fuse zippers, nickel-plated metal hardware with brushed aluminum finish, 420D velocity nylon and 600D brushed Polyester, dual-cross buckle, herringbone webbing, and 3-ply bonded nylon thread.

Interior: 210D silver-toned nylon lined, Nylex lined iPhone and iPad pockets, clear mesh pockets, 150D hexa mesh pockets, closed-cell foam, and 3-ply bonded nylon thread.

No Rhetoric Warranty on all Think Tank products


1 Padded protection for your most valuable electronics.
2 Easily accessible organizer for pens, business cards, keys or other personal items
7 Front zippered pocket can fit an iPad Mini or iPad.
3 Dedicated iPhone pocket with plush liner and earbud cozy for rapid access.
4 Dual-cross buckle on shoulder strap enables you to attach bulky headphones, water bottle, baseball cap or sunglasses case.
5 Large rear pocket for documents or papers.
6 Removable shoulder strap with adjustable, non-slip pad.

Overall Product Rating:     

The product has a design flaw. The metal zip pullers will rub and scratch the aluminum finish over time of the 13" laptop. This is a shame as the rest of the product looks like it lives up to Think Tanks excellent reputation for build quality

Recently I had to make a trip to see a relative who was hospitalized in serious condition. Since this was going to be a fairly short trip, only four days, and one that did not have the potential for much photography, I planned to travel light. Light is, of course, a relative term. My concept of light is: a travel laptop, a 7” class tablet, a smartphone and a flip-phone. No digital cameras (the smartphone will do) and no large, connected tablets. The perfect carrying case for this trip turned out to be the ThinkTank MY 2nd BRAIN MacBook Air/Pro 13” Laptop Slim Case. The case has plenty of pockets including inside pockets for power adapters and cords, accessories, and connectivity/adapters. It also has zipper accessible pockets for all of my devices. The outside dimensions are 10.2” wide x 14” high x 0.8” deep. Weight is only 1.4 lbs. The case is made of water-resistant nylon with high-quality zippers and plenty of foam and padding. I felt totally confident that my expensive electronics were well protected. The case is actually designed for several iFruit products like MacBooks, iPhones and iPads however we found it was absolutely perfect for our preferred combination: Instead of overpriced and underperforming iStuff we use these products: MacBook Air/Pro 13 replaced by an ASUS S200e iPad mini replaced by a 7” Kobo Arc (also worked perfectly with other 8* and smaller tablets) iPhone replaced by Samsung Galaxy SII (we also used several other Android phones) The design of the case allowed us to carry our electronics inside and still have an outside pocket that was large enough to hold a magazine to read on the flights and a document holder with all of our tickets and confirmation printouts in it. We were able to access what we needed without having to open the case up, a very nice feature. We slipped the ASUS laptop into the rear-most pocket so we would have easy access if TSA needed to see the laptop. The large middle pocket held chargers, adapters, a mouse, cables and everything else we needed in the numerous built-in pouches. The front pocket held the Kobo tablet with the Smartphone in a Golla Genmob travel case slipping perfectly into the dedicated pocket on the front at the top. All-in-all it was a wonderful experience that shows just how good well planned engineering can be. I can’t say enough about the positive experience of using this case, it is excellent.

I purchased the My 2nd Brain 13 for a recent trip where I needed to take smaller bags as my carry ons for my camera and laptop equipment. As the product description states, the My Brain series is designed for Apple products and that is what I used with the bag. Specifically, I carried my 13" MBP, an iPad Mini w/ logitech keyboard, two iPhones, and an assortment of power supplies and cables to go along with these devices. Overall, the bag was adequate in protecting my devices while making it easy to carry everything around. The layout of the bag is fairly well thought out. Each device and accessory has a home that is just the right size. Think Tank even includes a visual diagram to show you the purpose of each pocket. While I found the thoughtful design refreshing, I did have an issue when I tried to fully leverage this design. The center pocket, which is where most of the cables, accessories, and power supplies end up, was quite snug when fully loaded. I made a point not to bring bulky accessories with me, but closing the middle pocket was still difficult. Having a fully loaded center pocket also made the outside pocket (where the iPad goes) difficult to use since the bag doesn't stretch and therefore the accessories bulge outward. This is an area that could certainly use some improvement. (Perhaps adding a zipper that would allow the center pocket to slightly expand the way regular luggage does?) Because of this issue I am docking one star from my rating. Other than that, I am very happy with my 2nd Brain and will be using it as a daily commute bag. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend the My 2nd Brain series to anyone looking for a solution like this. Also, contrary to another review, at no point did I feel the zipper of the laptop pouch would scratch my MBP. Think Tank was very thorough in their design of the 2nd Brain. There is a padded lip between the zipper and the laptop compartment that protects the laptop from the zipper's metal surface. I cannot see how the zipper could possibly scratch a 13" MBP laptop with this protection in place. My wife's 13" MBA also fit comfortably in the laptop slot and didn't seem to move around much, if at all.

I purchased this from Amazon for my new Macbook Pro 13" in November 2013. By far this is the best engineered laptop carry bag I have used (and I've used many over the years). It's absolutely perfect with storage for everything I need without the bulk of traditional carry bags. I don't understand the comment about the zipper scratching the computer case. No problems here.

Great slim bag that fits all your Apple devices and accessories in an organized way! The Think Tank Photo My 2nd Brain 13” bag is great for those who own multiple apple products and accessories and are looking for a slim and light bag to use while traveling or commuting. I’m a student, and I often need both my MacBook Pro 13” and iPad Air in classes that run the entire day. This bag is the perfect option for me, as I can store my computer and iPad plus accessories in an attractive bag that takes up very little bulk. The bag itself is very small, about the size of a MacBook Pro 13”. It is made out of a tough material that holds up to snags and wear and tear, as you would expect from a company of the caliber of Think Tank Photo. The reinforced stitching and high quality zippers also held up extremely well in my tests. Think Tank Photo seems to have thought of everything with the My 2nd Brain bag. There’s a pocket for your MacBook Pro or MacBook Air 13”, a larger accessories pocket with two zippered pockets, a mesh pocket sized for a MacBook power brick, two mesh pockets for accessories such as flash drives or headphones, and a larger mesh pocket at the bottom for longer cables, like the MacBook power adapter extension cable. There’s a pocket that’s advertised for your iPhone that’s lined with some nice felt so that it won’t get scratched or damaged. The pocket on the very front has space for pens and/or small notepads, plus a felt lined pocket for your iPad. I found I could fit my full size iPad Air very well in this pocket. Lastly, there’s a pocket with velcro all the way at the back for some papers. With this pocket, you probably won’t be able to fit any textbooks in there, but in my tests, I could fit a notebook about the size of a normal magazine. Overall, I’m very impressed with the My 2nd Brain Bag. It holds all of my Apple products and accessories, in addition to a few notebooks if I wanted to carry it. I wish there was a little more space for a small textbook or larger notebooks, but this bag is geared towards those who are just transporting electronic-related gear, and specifically Apple products. I’m very happy with this bag, and it will work well for those looking for a slim over-the-shoulder bag for travel or commuting. I highly recommend you purchase this.

The 2nd brain allows you to carry what you need and not a lot more. For that reason I love it. I used to carry extra stuff in my old computer bag and it was way too heavy. This bag makes you streamline your items. I don't carry an iPad and my iPhone stays in my pocket but I do carry, a power supply, small mouse, Electric and internet cables and adapters, a small portable hard drive and several CF card readers, a 4-port USB hub, AA batteries and a spare pair of glasses. If you need to carry papers in the outside pocket they need to go in first. Once the bag is loaded there is no room to squeeze in a flip card or team roster. The only thing I can't fit is my 10ft extension cord so I carry that in my Think Tank rolling bag. I wish there was a backpack harness for this (my only real complaint), but otherwise it's a great product.

Like every Think Tank product I have owned or used, this is beautifully designed and constructed. I wish the center section was a tad larger to better accommodate my blood testing kit and insulin pens, but I can squeeze them in, and so the 2nd Brain has become my everyday kit. I have not seen a notebook carrying case to equal it,, and I highly recommend it.
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My 2nd Brain 13 (Black)

Product: TT602
Designed to fit a MacBook Pro/Air® 13” + any iPad + iPhone and accessories, each item lives in its own dedicated pocket. Everything stays securely in place in this slim, protective clutter-free case.
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