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Keep your most important items secure and organized. 

Store 10 CF or XQD memory cards in a small package that fits easily in your pocket or attaches to your belt or bags. A built in business card holder makes for easy identification.

  • Business card holder
  • Compact and fits easily in your pocket
  • Can be attached inside of our products
  • Can be attached to clothing
Store up to 10 CF or XQD cards
4.75” W x 2.75” H x 0.5” D (12.1 x 7 x 1.3 cm)
Exterior: For superior water-resistance, all exterior fabric has a durable water-repellent (DWR) coating, plus the underside of the fabric has a polyurethane coating. It also has 420D diamond rip-stop nylon, clear polyurethane mesh, 3-ply bonded nylon thread.
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Feature #1 Business card holder.
Feature #2 Compact and fits easily in a pocket.
Can be attached inside of our products.
Can be attached to clothing.
Unique color combination for easy identification.

Overall Product Rating:     

There's nothing more convenient than having this amount of storage in your pocket. Switching cards has never been easier or faster for me.

It has plenty of space for cards, but as a wildlife and bird photographer, it has one major drawback. The large velcro closure is too noisy. If you leave it open or fold it so the velcro does not engage, you run the risk of loosing cards. An elastic band, snap, or zipper closure would be better.

I'm a wedding photographer, so I need a card case that can hold plenty of cards, and is something I can strap to my body to minimize the possibility of losing a card. I love this case for those reasons. My partner swore by using the CF card holders in his lens bag until he tried this out, and then he wouldn't return it to me! So now we have two. The other thing I love is the business card holder. Shooting events, I don't really have time to return to my camera bag to give a card out if someone asks for one. It's nice to just have a few on me at all times. I do have two issues with it that keep me from giving it 5 stars. As mentioned, the velcro is LOUD, especially if you are trying to discretely switch cards in a church during a ceremony. I have to remember to take an extra card out ahead of time and keep it lose in my pocket, which I don't like. I would LOVE an option with a silent fastener. Secondly, when fully loaded to capacity with CF cards and a small pinch of, say, five business cards - it barely closes. I wish it was just a little bit roomier, because I almost always have it filled to capacity. Less important, but I wish there were more colors available. We'd probably buy an assortment of these in different colors to manage cards. We own a LOT of cards, so we can do 2 or 3 days of back-to-back weddings and not have to dump cards. It would be great to load up 3 pixel pockets in different colors and just be able to quickly grab and go and know which is which.

I needed an efficient way to store and carry ten CF Cards on Safari. This is the only viable solution that I found. It's roll-up design makes it very easy to use and makes for a very compact package. When full, it measures 4.75×2.5×1.13 inches. The clear pocket fronts make it easy to see which cards have been used (load the used ones flipped-over). Excellent materials with ample use of double stitching. It comes with a short lanyard. In a perfect world, I would rather have something other than the very noisy, Velcro closure. It can be a problem in the field. Snaps, magnets, or a couple of book-type elastic closures would be better. TIP: The Velcro is very aggressive. It can be tamed down considerably with the application of a 4-inch piece of less aggressive, double sided Velcro tape.

I used to keep my CF cards in the little plastic case that they ship with from the manufacturer (i.e. Sandisk). But with so many different CF cards, carrying several plastic cases got to be too much of a hassle and you risk losing one (I've been trying to locate an 8GB CF for the past few months and still can't find it). So I decided to get the TTP Pixel Pocket Rocket and it's very handy to say the least. When I carry an SLR around, I have a single 8GB inside. But when I know I'm going to do some shooting, it's easy to just grab the Pixel Pocket Rocket and go knowing I have enough ammunition. I use the simple method of keeping the label side up (viewable through window) when the card is fresh and storing them label side down when the card is full.

Great Product, my wish is at least two colors, a green and a red. It would be nice to put used CF in red and unused in green, makes event shooting speedy

I agree that additional colors and an option for a silent closure/opening would be brilliant! These would be outstanding enhancements to this incredibly useful, necessery accessory!

I sought a card management solution after misplacing one of my SD cards after a major event. (I eventually found the card in my car.) I marked the lower four slots as U1, U2, U3 , U4. This allows me to insert the used cards sequentially, which allows me to offload the cards in the same sequence. CF cards are held quite snugly but not so snug as to prohibit quick retrieval. I did have two SD cards in one slot, and when I opened the Pocket Rocket the first time they flew out. It would be awesome of the next version of the Pocket Rocket had some sort of closure to keep those pesky little SD cards in place. In the meantime I'm going to fashion a closure device on my own. Great product!

Excellent piece of kit. Well worth the money. The Velcro is noisy, but if you want secure what can you expect. Good for jacket or fastened in camera bag.

I have to say this pocket rocket helps my card management very well. I can hang it to my steroid belt so I can easily change the card speedy.

Perfect! I store unused cards with the label facing out and when the card is full, I turn the label so it faces inward. Gives me a clear view of my remaining cards so I can plan the rest of my shoot. Yes, the velcro is loud but not sure why that is a problem. I shoot weddings and ALWAYS swap out the cards in my camera bodies immediately before the ceremony starts. Even shooting RAW, there is no way I will fill a card during the ceremony. In the off chance it ever happens, or a card malfunctions, I carry two spares in my PANTS pocket. I would never think to rip open the velcro during a ceremony. What professional does such a thing?!?!?!? I like that the pocket rocket has a lanyard that I can attach to my belt loop or hook to my backpack when shooting in the field. The business card holder is convenient too.

A great product but *please* make a non-velcro version - as a wedding photographer changing cards during a ceremony is really intrusive due to the very loud velcro. I love the velcro silencers on the Retrospective bags - please carry this thinking into the Pocket Rocket range too.

Great pouch for storing compact flash cards and SD cards, very well designed, folds up to take up minimum room in your bag, which is what we Photogs need. i don't know why some folks say its for card only, but my camera uses both SD and CF cards and i own Sandisck extreem 111, and the cases they came with fits veryyyyy comfortably. Nikontrini

The only thing that keeps this nifty little card holder from being perfect is the velcro! During a wedding you simply can't open it, so you have to be prepared with an extra card in a pocket instead. Otherwise, I love the PR and plan to buy at least 1 more.

Near perfect product, but a little bulky. I doubt most of us need 10 cards on our bodies even for coverage of full day events. I also have a Think Tank Pixel Pocket Rocket that holds 6 CF cards. It is so much slimmer and nicer fit in the pocket. The only issue is the 6 CF card version does not have the security strap attached. In spite of the bulkiness, it is great to have my memory cards conveniently on my body at all times. Even if my bag were to get stolen, I'll still have the photos. For those that complain about the velcro...why not just change out your card before the ceremony? I've never had a problem with the velcro at weddings. I'm glad the velcro's secure.

Why didn't I buy one of these years ago! Fantastic!

This is a great card wallet. I especially like that I am able to see my cards. I have my cards face me when unused then I flip them when full so it is easy to know which cards I can use. I also like that it has a place for my business cards just in case it were to get misplaced. Now the main thing that I wish were changed is the velcro closure flap. Excessive noise while in a wedding or event is always a bad thing in my opinion. What I would like to see in the future is found on a wallet I own. It has a "foldable, tuckable" closure flap that would be great on this little CF wallet. Overall I am very happy and would buy this again. TTP has great items and great customer service!

This is a wonderful way to store or carry cards without being too bulky. The strap is a great feature that vastly decreases the likelihood that this case will get inadvertently dropped and lost taking all your precious shots with it. I deducted one star not due to any functional problem but because it only comes in one color. This makes it harder to quickly differentiaite different batches of cards if you want to use more than one case. The smaller size comes in red but it would help if both sizes came in a selection of colors.

It's awfully tight. The velcro is excessively large and noisy. Your CF cards will have to be inserted without their cases in order to allow folding of the wallet. I prefer keeping my cards in their cases. I'd gotten this wallet as a free gift with the order of a rolling camera case, and I wish I could just send it back because to me, it's just a piece of junk, and will be thrown away.

I have seven of the wallets including two of the green PhotoShelter versions. This is the only wallet I trust. I have them attached to the exterior of my camera bags while in the helicopter. Green for fresh cards - blue for exposed cards (that are also upside down). Only wish they made them in a couple of colors.

yes the velcro too loud. personally i taped over it and use hair ties to keep it closed. the big issue for me (a wildlife photog) is rain or shine, water, dirt, sand, snow.... with the little unsealed pockets, and open sides. i just don't feel like my cards are safe.. a plastic baggy is doing the job for now, but if you could make a weather tight model i would be very thankful.. other than that tho its perfect for around town. size, build quality, card count, is all great! and also i agree with the others here, color options would be a great option..

I am giving this a 5 because there is nothing better out there for keeping your CF cards. That said I agree with the other wedding photographers rating: -the velcro is loud - other colors would be awesome - and a little more room for a few extra business cards would be great That said you will still be very, very happy you bought this item. It fits in your pocket and/or snaps in to bags with the leash which has saved me on numerous occasions. Even though it is small I think it is their best product to date.

You cannot keep CF cards in their plastic case and fold the wallet, so for those who want to do this to keep cards clean the wallet is not very useful.

I purchased my first Pocket Rocket out in California about 5-6 years ago, it still looks great- I currently have 2 in my kit. For my money it's absolutely best on the market; I've had several different types and will only use this one. Never lost a card traveling from Alaska to the Caribbean as opposed to using other manufacturer's designs.
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Pixel Pocket Rocket™

Product: TT209
Holds 10 CF or XQD memory cards in a small, folding wallet.
Customer Rating:
(24 reviews)
Quantity: In Stock

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