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This revolutionary breakthrough in camera backpack design expands and contracts to fit your equipment.

  • Carry monopods and tripods in the bottom front pocket
  • Pro Speed Belt (sold separately) can be attached
  • Contoured harness for men and women with air channel
  • Holds a full assortment of photo gear and a laptop up to 17”
  • Compresses to 3 inches in depth when gear is removed
  • Neoprene pockets for cameras and lenses
  • Exterior Dimensions When Expanded: 20” H x 12.5” W x 7” D” (51.0 x 32.0 x 18.0 cm)
  • Exterior Dimensions When Compressed: 20” H x 12.5 W” x 3” D (51.0 x 32.0 x 8.0 cm)
  • Laptop Compartment Interior Dimensions: 19” H x 12” W x 1.5” D (48.0 x 30.5 x 4.0cm)
  • Weight: 3.75 lbs (1.73 kg)


Exterior: For superior water-resistance, all exterior fabric has a durable water-repellent (DWR) coating, plus the underside of the fabric has a polyurethane coating. It's also constructed with YKK® RC Fuse (abrasion-resistant) zippers, 1680D ballistic nylon, 420D velocity nylon, 3D air mesh, ultra-stretch pockets, Rock Lockster® buckles, nickel-plated metal hardware, nylon webbing, 3-ply bonded nylon thread.

Interior:  Neoprene gear pockets, 210D silver-toned nylon, 2x polyurethane coated nylon 210T seam-sealed rain cover, nylon mesh pockets, closed cell foam, 3-ply bonded nylon thread.

No Rhetoric Warranty on all Think Tank products

Feature #1 Holds a full assortment of photo gear and laptops up to 17”
Feature #2 Compresses to 3 inches in depth when gear is removed
Feature #3 Interior photo showing CANON gear
Feature #4 Interior photo showing NIKON gear
Feature #5 Neoprene pockets for cameras and lenses
Feature #6 Interior pockets opposite of the photo gear
Feature #7 Holds up to 17” laptop even when compressed
Feature #8 Pro Speed Belt™ compatible (sold separately)
Feature #9 Modular and Skin™ compatible with Pro Speed Belt
Feature #10 Upper front pocket with organizer for accessories
Feature #11 Lower front pocket with organizer for accessories
Feature #12 Designed to carry a monopod or tripod
Feature #13 Air flow system on back for breathability
Feature #14 Shoulder harness pockets, D Rings, and sternum strap
Feature #18 Lockable YKK zipper sliders (padlocks not included)
Feature #15 Removable waistbelt
Feature #16 Seam-sealed, removable rain cover included
Feature #17 Camera Support Strap compatible (sold separately)

Overall Product Rating:     

Great product. Would recommend.

Very soft, flexible, does not look like a camera bag.

Great Bag. Doesn't look like a camera bag. Holds a ton. great for travelers who take their camera out at the beginning of the day and leave it out all day.

I agree with everyone here - looks great and VERY lightweight. Especially like how it compresses so would carry this along with a hard case for my equipment, then load this up for the day. There is one particular quirk though that may bug you if you like to swap things out quickly -- it is darn near impossible to pull out the lower Full size DSLR (1DIII size) without first removing the top DSLR from it's handy pouch. The lenses are a bit easier, but this would be best for carrying things somewhere then pulling both bodies out, lenses up, and ready to shoot. For that this is IDEAL! Mine has 1DIII, 1DsIII, 70-200 f/2.8 IS, 24-105 f/4 IS, and 16-35 f/2.8 Plus 2 extra batteries, 2 580 lites and a pile of CF cards and other misc. things. Absolut

Love this bag ! It solved how to get my gear on the plane, to a shoot, and then onto my speed belt. I put all my gear in individual modular components. I have the following: Canon 5D Mark II and Pansonic Lumix Point and Shoot in the Chimp Cage Canon 70-200/2.8 in the Lens Changer 75 Canon 24-70/2.8 in the Lens Changer 35 Canon Speedlite 580 EX II on the Lightning Fast Wallet, GeoTec GPS datalogger, keys, etc. in All the Other Stuff I put in all in the Airport International after taking out the dividers. Then when I get to the site, I put all the gear in the modular components in the Shape Shifter along with my 17 inch MacBook Pro and Pro Speed belt. When I get to the site, I put all the modular components on the b

Great. Have tonnes of bags. Looked at simple Rucksack as solution but after lots of sole searching was bought this one. It is great. Better than dropping in to non custom rucksack. Bit expensive but discount to £175 made it just justifiable. Now selling all the rest. Crazy to ever use Urban 50 over shoulder way to heavy.

I use this in tandem with the Airport Airstream. I roll the Airstream through airports. I use the Shape Shifter as a backpack to carry my 17" MacBook Pro and other stuff. When I get to my destination I switch to the Shape Shifter. Best bag I own.

I've got many photo shoulder bags, rollers, backpacks, and this is the best one yet. Use it as a regular laptop bag when not shooting, but its very comfortable while shooting destination weddings, traveling, and even while hiking. I really like that its carry-on size and my TT skin belt does double duty on to it for hip support. Very light and low-key. I can't stand unnecessary padding and boxy look of typical photo packs. WAY better than any competitor backpacks.

I have mixed reactions to this bag. I thinks there two reasons I feel different than the other users. #1, I don't like it for active shooting. #2, if can only carry one bag on an international flight, the international roll-aboard may be the better choice. Think Tank states there is an active shooting bag and a storage and transportation bag. I purchased this bag as the primary method to get my 15" MacBook and camera stuff through airport security. For that, it does excels. However I don't like this bag for active shooting. It's simply not my style. The second reason is with international airport regulations being difficult, I can only take one bag on the plane. No other items are possible. Bag gets very heavy and if I can only have one bag, I think I'd prefer to have the international check-in bag rather than this one. If you don't like it for active shooting, why get the smaller bag?The exterior pockets are a bit annoying. Perhaps to support the compression, things are stitched tightly and the zippers regularly get caught more often than not when trying to close the outer bottom pocket.

I finally found the backpack I was looking for. Large, quiet and quality. The perfect companion for work and travel. If he had included the rain cover would be perfect!

IMHO the best camera backpack.

Very well built with Think Tank attention to detail. External bag pockets are well thought out and useful. Neoprene internal pockets offer good protection while still being flexible and without bulk. Holds a lot of gear. Unlike other packs, if you accidentally pick up the bag with the main compartment open, the items in the pockets won't fall out. I use this as a "car bag" when I work out of my car or on location for portraits. I don't really use the compression/expansion feature and agree that it is difficult to get items out of the lower pockets with items in the upper pockets. I would like to have a more robust top carry handle and a handle of some type on the bottom. Other than those minor points, its a great bag, well built and very functional.

Just got this bag yesterday and to be perfectly honest, no review, web detail page or photos can do this bag justice. This bag is awesome, fits a lot of stuff, does not look like a camera bag and very user friendly... once again great job TT.

Best Camera backpack no. . . Best BACKPACK EVER! This back pack is very versatile I would highly recommend it! Looks awesome, is easy on the back, and just ultimately the best of the best!

I own this bag and for two consecutive years I carried my macbook pro 17 inch in it everyday. It's comfortable well built and still looks like new. I love this bag, t can also carry my nikon d700 several lenses and Im good to go. Love it!

Wow. This is THE bag for hauling a full pro kit from point A to point B. Period. I have tried every combination of daypack, hiking pack, LowePro, Tamrac, etc... to get the 'right' bag (specifically a backpack) that would carry everything I could need for a pro shoot as a legal carry-on that I could keep with me. I have found it in the Shape Shifter. I have it loaded w/ a gripped D700, 17-35, 28-70, 80-200(or 85 1.4 & 28-200 3.5-5.6 if needing less weight/more glass), 50 1.8, SB-900, ALL hoods for the lenses, an Olympus E-PL1 w/ 14-42 lens attached, WB target, rain cover, iPad...all in the main compartment. This is the most gear I've ever been able to fit into a bag & have it organized. I also have a 15" macbook pro, the Pixel Pocket Rocket, AA 8-pack case, cards, the front pockets. Hands down, $250 is a STEAL for this bag considering how much I've paid for the combination of other bags just trying to get close to what this bag does. And again, it's perfect as a carry on. Could not be any happier.

This bag has potential. Unfortunately, when I did a shoot recently with pro-speed belt, it keep dropping off the bottom velcro holder of the Shape Shifter. That leaves me with nothing to hold my lenses then my hips. Very uncomfortable! Unfortunately, there is no return policy in my country... guess I'm stuck with this..

Another winner from ThinkTank. I purchased this bag for a different reason that most. I want something I could pack with me to take on a trip, and then use the destination. With the Shape Shifter empty, I can easily fit it in my suitcase! Able to fit everything I need in this bag, including my MacBook Pro, and my iPad even fits up front!

I absolutely love this Bag, I had been researching for a bag that fit close to my back well being comfortable on assignment or out about, to not only carry a variety of my Camera gear as well as provide great protection well looking discreet. Highly recommended. Thank you Think Tank Photo for the development of this great bag!

I absolutely love this Bag, I had been researching for a bag that fit close to my back well being comfortable on assignment or out about, to not only carry a variety of my Camera gear as well as provide great protection well looking discreet. Highly recommended. Thank you Think Tank Photo for the development of this great bag!

Comfy with very clever design. I love how this backpack isn't so thick and bulky. It makes traveling with my gear so much better. Inside I can fit my entire portrait kit: 2x 1D2 bodies, 3 580 EX II speedlights, 28mm f/1.8, 50mm f/1.4, 85mm f/1.8, and 100mm f/2.8 Macro plus my 17" laptop and all the cables, batteries, etc. This bag holds a LOT without a lot of bulk. It's really fantastic. The only thing I don't like is how difficult the tripod straps are to attach. I had some trouble figuring out where they go and how to put them on.

There are plenty of great reviews on the web about this bag, so I want to try and tell you some stuff that’s a little different than what’s out there already. First, I've gotta let the secret out, well two secrets to be exact! This bag is perfect for the Pentax shooter!...well for me as a Pentax shooter anyway. The only real complaint that people tend to have about this bag is the fact that it doesn't hold a pro body with lens attached....problem for Canikon, yes, problem for Pentax, NO! Secret 1) I use a K-7 with grip and limited primes and guess what???? It fits in the pocket with the lens and grip attached.....which means the camera is ready to go at a moment's notice, just like any other bag. In haste, I went to toss the camera in the pocket without the grip, but had the 18-135 attached and fit! This bag is fantastic for travel/ crowds/ security....if it isn't packed to the brim....and even with the camera gear inside (Secret 2 - you're not supposed to be able to do this) you can zip up the slim profile zipper and now the bag is super lean on your back for navigating busy places. For security, there's an extra zipper between you and the sticky fingered hooligans standing behind you, and if that’s not enough, no one in their right mind would guess that your pack is full of camera gear and a looks physically impossible! I can’t speak highly enough about the shape of this bag….even with the expansion zipper undone, it still looks slimmer than pretty much any camera bag I’ve come across….I have no idea how this style hasn’t been copied by another company yet, but I looked around and couldn’t find anything comparable. I know this bag is advertised and reviewed as a photojournalists pack, but as an enthusiast, I love this pack! It holds plenty of the top of my head, the 15ltd, 43ltd, 70ltd, DA*200, and 18-135 along with flash and diffuser, K-7 body with grip and all the extras you could think of are currently residing in there! K-7 with lens right in the top-left pouch so it’s easy to access if I don’t already have it out! Oh yah it has a trusty weather cover for good measure. It has room for a 17" laptop and holds all my day to day stuff that I like to tote around as well, whether it’s on the weekend or in the office. When need be, it's got plenty of room for lunch and a water bottle as well! The waist belt is large enough to actually be of use when you need it…something I can’t say for a lot of backpacks out there, but it hides behind the cushioning on the back when not in use….to boot, you can swap the belt out for a Thinktank speedbelt which woks with their module system. I guess someone may want a side entry quick access pocket, but I just don’t find that to be a feature that I need in a backpack….I’ve owned at least three now and never used the pocket how it was supposed to be….besides, with a grip on the camera, it never really fit through those pockets anyways…AND more importantly, if I’m out shooting, the camera out on my shoulder/ in my hand regardless of what bag I’m using! To make a long story short, buy the pack. The price tag hurts, but this is as close to perfection as I've ever seen in a camera bag!

I almost gave this four stars, in light of a couple things I'd like to see changes in, but overall this is my favorite photopack for moving fast & light while giving myself plenty of lens & body options. Nicely done. The things I'd like to see just a *little* change to: 1) the inner pouches should be removable. I use thinktank lens bags, so additional padding/pouches aren't always helpful 2) the upper & lower outer zippered compartments should be slightly expandable/deeper, but not by much. Thick enough to put a bunch of 4x6 filters in, for example.

I just got this bag, and have to say I agree with several of the review posts. It is awesome! Plenty of room for all my gear, two Nikon D2Xs (yes I still use the D2's, for locations, and events, they are serious work horses), 70-200 2.8, 17-55 2.8, 10.5, 2 SB910 strobes, 15.6in ASUS, and plenty of other little bits and pieces. the one thing I can honestly say I would change is the interior equipment holders, It would be great if they were removable, or even customizable using the Modular Skins, so they can be removed and attached directly to the speed belt. Primarily when I'm shooting, I don't shoot out of a bag, or change lenses a lot, so with one camera attached to the shoulder straps and one camera free on my shoulder, I have no need for quick access. It is perfect for this. It transports my equipment, and keeps my laptop with me and out of the way so I can shoot, and when I am done, I can store everything back in the bag and transmit/edit images. Too this point I have carried two bags, My Domke shoulder bag, and a laptop bag, which I would leave in the car or store somewhere on site. This keeps all my equipment with me, and speeds up my final product tremendously. I don't always use or need a photo backpack, but when I do, there is no alternative to the TT Shapeshifter. Thank you!! TT

I REALLY LIKE THIS BAG! I wanted a single bag that would allow me to carry all my gear, my laptop, and a weekends worth of light clothing that I can carry on to a plane. This bag answers the mail. I can fit my 5DIII, 16-35 F2.8L, 24-105 F4L, 70-200 F2.8L, 580EXII and a few filters/cleaning supplies; my 15" Macbook Pro; a few days worth of t-shirts, board shorts, a pair of jeans and toiletries; and strap a Gitzo Ocean Traveller to it without much fuss at all (it is pretty snug though!). Then upon arrival at my destination its perfect for wearing around because of its slim profile when zipped (By the way, I can fully collapse it with all the photo gear above inside the main compartment). It isn't bad to shoot out of because if you keep the main compartment expanded, you can just set the body with the lens attached in one of the top pouches and the bag zips up no problem. The tripod straps are very sturdy as well. I've only had it for a few days and have been carrying it around loaded as often as I can, and so far no disappointments. If you're on the fence, pull the trigger. You'll be glad you did.

I don't make reviews, but I must say this bag is awesome. Solved all my transportation problems with my camera, laptop, etc. Priced a little high, but well worth it.

There is no doubt this backpack is very well made and thought of. I, like everyone else, could write on and on about the good things. I do have a couple of small issues that actually made me send it back. First, I needed it as a travel pack to move in transport, and then as a day pack while shooting. And honestly, it is just too big for this latter even though it collapses. I really wish there was a smaller version. Say, for a 13-inch laptop. Second, the neoprene holders inside are limiting. If they had some dividers, or a way to change the configuration a bit, then it really would be great. But they resemble bags where you have to throw your stuff in, leaving awkward space or things bumping into each other. For example, I use several smaller Canon L primes (50mm, 35mm, 85mm) and I do not use hoods. Hence, I could dump a couple of these in one pocket, but I had to find a way to keep them from banging into each other. Also, I do not use grips for my 5DMkII nor my 7D, hence there was this odd wasted space in the section where the camera bodies go. Otherwise, no doubt the idea of it collapsing and the way it is made make it an amazing product - but only if you use the setup specified. Otherwise, not very versatile.

Lo compré en Samys Camera, LA, es perfecto, el equipo esta bien protegido y separado en distintos contenedores, 2 cámaras pro y varios lentes incluyendo 70-200 y 24-70 entre otros, varios compartimentos y uno especifico para una portátil 15 (mac book pro), puedes combinarlo con algún cinturón TTP y los set modulares. Mi próximo compañero de viaje!!!

Excellent product, I have tried a lot of cases and bags (the good and the bad) over the years and was quite impressed when I saw this bag. It has every thing that I need. I also agree with other reviews, this is a great product. Whoever designed this bag, should be given a pat on the back.

I love my Shape Shifter so much: it's serving me perfectly well since more than two years now, working and travelling even in "extreme" conditions! You guys @ Think Tank have made a great job! ;)

I love this backpack, you can load all what you need and some more. I normally have my EOS 7D and my X-Pro1 with a total of 8 lenses (+blitz, +batteries, ++). I even have my MacBook Air and iPad with me. I it all fit in with no problem.

In french : Les points positifs : - La contenance lorsque l'on ne compacte pas tout (4 optiques, 2 flashs, 1 boitier, les chargeurs, un diffuseur, un ordinateur) - La contenance lorsque l'on compresse le sac (3 optiques, 1 flash, 1 boitier, les chargeurs, un diffuseur). Pour compresser il faut avoir du jeu au niveau du dos et des côtés pour que la fermeture éclair pousse les optiques au centre) - La qualité de fabrication Thinktank Les points neutres : - La fermeture éclair extérieur qui n'est pas doublé - La housse antipluie pas franchement pratique a installer. Les points négatifs : - Parfois, si l'on ferme un peu vite le sac, il arrive que l'on bloque les fermetures éclairs. On n'abime pas le sac en tirant dessus pour décoincer avec un peu de savon mais c'est franchement embêtant.

this is a perfect bag for me when traveling. It hold my computer...two bodies...lens...strobe... accessories.... i've had hundreds of bags in my 40+ years in photography and this is my favorite...period

The shapeshifter is one bag that swallows up lots of gear. I got this bag for my Australia trip due to its ability to swallow much gear and its soft rucksack feel makes it not look boxy and easy to navigate through the city. Cam is always out anyways so no worries on detaching lens from body at end of the day. Another feature I like its that the bag has lots of compartments (pockets). Everything just fit somewhere somehow, you just have to remember which pocket you put your stuff in. ;) Neoprene pouches gives enough protection without the bulk. Superb design. What's in my bag: D7000 w grip, 11-16 f2.8, 17-55 f2.8, 80-200 f2.8, 50 f1.8. sb700, diffusion dome, 3 pc circular filters, wireless remote etc. tripod as well. Highly recommended.

Absolutely awesome. Fits a lot of equipment. Using it every day.


OK but could be so much better. I bought this as sometime camera/sometime not bag for international travel. The interior works well for this, the pockets can be used for camera gear or other stuff. The exterior lets it down: for me the shapeshifter thing is a bit of a gimmick, I would much rather have a couple of elastic pockets on the sides for water bottle or a tripod. To which end there should be extra attachment points for straps on both sides. Fixed or removable compression straps would compensate for the removal of the shapeshifter zip. I would also like to see the bag a bit bigger; it is currently about 80% of the maximum size allowed under IATA regulations (56x45x25cm). Making it 90% or 95% would make it more useful.

A great bag for the photojournalist travelling internationally. I wish that the harness could be zipped away behind a smooth panel and a normal bag shoulder strap attached to one of the long sides as that would be easier sometimes and the harness gets caught on overhead bins in planes etc.

I've had this bag for a few years now. I use it everyday for carrying my 15-inch laptop to and from work and then for carrying my canon gear for events. There is rarely a day that I do not have this bag with me. My only negative comment and recommendation for improvement is on the outer zipper I from time to time get the zipper stuck in the material connected to the inner zipper. It normally gets caught on the side left of the thinktank logo (looking towards the bag). While it doesnt happen that often when it does get stuck it's a bit of a pain to get undone. That said the bag has held up incredibly well given that it is used daily and has been thrown into the washing machine a few times.

Awesome backpack. Durable and easy to access my equipment. Have been using mine for more than 3 years in Europe and I was able to bring 1 body, 3 lens, extra batteries, cards and a flash with ease. When I wear it, the contour of the straps, belt and overall design made it my choice to carry all over Europe. The laptop section makes it easy as well to include paperwork or even some clothes too. I misplaced some straps and their customer service covered me without a hitch. Rockstar Backpack and Rockstar Customer Service. ¡Gracias Todos!

great backpack, ideal when you're frequently commuting with your laptop only, the shape shifter thing makes it very thin. it has two major flaws thou: 1] it is so well built and balanced you'll end up overloading it. long days of work such as reportage will save you money from gym, you'll no longer need squats. i've been able to stuff it with 2 bodies, up to 5 lenses, one gopro, two flashes, triggers, laptop, lightmeter, spare batteries, chargers and such. I've never checked how heavy it can get before it can't be properly held on your back. 2] this is serious, the big fat zipper that shrinks the shape shifter thing, gets stuck way too often. anyway I'll recommend this piece of equipment to anyone that feels like he needs a camera backpack AND a thinner computer backpack. this will work just great. for the price of the two distinct backpacks of course!

You are not going to find a better backpack in the industry. For me, it covers my camera body, 2-3 lenses, a flash and multiple accessories with easy. The laptop compartment served me to store paperwork and extra clothes when I didn't have my MacBook with me. Thanks again!

I have been running the Shape Shifter for a couple of months now and, with a few trips under my belt, thought I would chime-in on this product. By way of background, I have been looking-around for a solution for my particular requirement: bicycle race photography, for some time. The general problem that I have had with the majority of packs is that they are all too large and cumbersome. Aimed more toward the provision of gear security for travel, most packs seem to be really deep, which doesn’t work maneuvering through crowds and around most parcours. The other alternative, a hip bag, can be quite limiting for lenses. After a few 7-hour days in a row, a hip bag can be tiring, too. Enter the Shape Shifter. The thing that I like best about the Shape Shifter is that it is TINY. The unique system of pre-fabricated neoprene pouches sewn to a flat panel allows a goodly amount of gear to be carried conveniently and very compactly, while still affording reasonable protection. The first thing that I will admit is that the Shape Shifter storage solution, while just about perfect for me, will not work for everyone. You will need to very carefully look at the layout of the pouches and then determine if you can shoe-horn your requirement into the bag. I can see the locations and the sizes of the non-removable pouches being self-limiting. If there is a Shape Shifter II in the offing, I hope it has a modular pouch system (think: load-bearing military vests). I am a Canon shooter and travel with the following race kit: 1. 1D chassis; 2. 5D MKIII chassis with grip attached; 3. 70-200 f2.8 (with hood); 4. 18-75 f2.8 (with hood); 5. 85 f1.2 (with hood); 6. 50 f1.2 (with hood); 7. EF 2x III; 8. 15-inch laptop; and, 9. iPad. In addition, the Shape Shifter carries the usual spare cards, charger, spare batteries, cleaning kit, download kit, filters, polarizers, pens, notepad, cell phone backup charger, plus its own rain hood. Once at base-camp, I typically toss the charger, download kit and laptop at the hotel. With any combination of lenses on the chassis, the Shape Shifter will easily zip-down to its most-compact size. This makes it ideal for a day of charging-around any parcours. I find that having my gear lying really close to my body makes for a much more enjoyable experience. I find that having to unzip two different panels to get to my lenses is a small price to pay for the added mobility. One thing that I have noticed is that, if I am carrying only one chassis with a prime on (for indoor shooting), I can still store the other chassis and its lens in the Shape Shifter and zip it down to its smallest size (yup, with all that gear inside), but I have to be a bit careful that I do not wedge the external zipper whilst doing so. This is the best bag for my purpose. Period.

Good product. I tested it with a quick domestic shoot in the states then used it for a very intensive two week shoot in Central America. This is not a great pack for quickly digging into to grab a lens or body. However, it works great for transport, organizing (lots of pockets), and air travel. I'm not covering breaking news so the fact it took a little longer to get in and out the bag was not a problem. I'm glad I purchased it, would recommend it, and it is now my go-to for travel.

After all the great reviews I figured let me give it a shot. So far I like it, using it for a trip to and from San Francisco and found my bag was rather heavy so wanted to try a backpack carry on while moving around in large airport . This is what it is holding: Nikon D800 with battery pack Nikon D24-120 VR f4 Nikon D70-300 VR f4.5 Sigma 14mm 3.5 Nikon 50mm f1.8 Nikon Charger Think tank large card holder Nikon mic Think tank battery holder plus batt. Many misc acc. Toshiba 13" laptop plus charger & ext mouse P.S. Instead of the 13" Toshiba it can also hold my monster Toshiba 17.3 laptop With the 13" ithe total weight is around 24lbs

I've been using this bag for about two years. Purchased it at my local photo supply shop and have overall really liked this bag. The pockets are handy and can compartmentalize my gear quite easily. Like some of the others, after two years on the road, I'm still enthusiastic about the bag but not terribly enamored with it. I fly anywhere between 65,000 to 120,000 miles a year with this bag. In 2014, I've done 120K miles and about 50 hops. It's been literally all over the world with me - across America, Central America, Mexico, Europe, Africa and Asia. At the minimum, I'll carry a Canon 60D body with 20mm lens. Sometimes, depending on my desires, I'll also pack along a microphone, cable, additional lenses (35mm and/or Canon 80-200 2.8), Zagato viewfinder and maybe some other items. Along with that, I'll carry an assortment of cables, toiletry kit, phones, earbuds, wallet, MacBookAir 11", notebook, adapters and a litany of other things - including stuffing a rolled secondary canvas bag, baseball cap, knit cap and maybe a t-shit and bottle of water. So, I'm really jamming this thing full when I'm traveling. For the most part, it's a really great bag. As others have said, because everything is compartmentalized and DSLRs must be broken down to pack, it's not the best active shooting bag. You've got to set it down and dig out whatever you need or return to it's place. The back padding is good but since it's a non-framed backpack, sweating is unavoidable. And when completely packed, getting the laptop and iPad (and perhaps some other items) out for X-ray inspection at the airport isn't the easiest but that's really a compromise between the small size vs. a larger bag. But what really nags at me the most about the bag is the absolute lack of lashing loops and a water bottle net. Having a water bottle net (that could readily double as a readily accessible lens pouch) on the exterior would be a tremendous improvement. And the lack of lashing loops means that creative means must be found to hold extra stuff. With loops on the bottom (like mountaineering style backpacks), I could lash on a rain jacket or even a small tripod/monopod. With MOLLE/PALS style loops, I could lash on just about anything. This bag desperately needs those mods. The front pockets, while convenient, are (as someone said) stitched tightly making it difficult to pack and access. In the very front compartment, I can barely fit a AC/DC airline converter and a small phone recharging pack. The larger of the front pockets holds my MacBook power block, plug adapters and extra cable but not much else. At this point everything is packed so tight that it takes a bit more time to access. On the other side of it, all of this tightness keeps the bag compact so that, even when full, I can still stuff the bag into the smallest of overheard luggage compartments - like those on ERJ/CRJ/Dash8 type aircraft. So, Think Tank, I hope you read this - add the MOLLE/PALS loops and water bottle pouches and this bag becomes a complete winner.

Can keep all stuff in a tidy manner.

You have to put each lens and camera in a pocket. If you are climbing a mountain and need the lightest most compact bag there is it is ok. Using it for outdoor photography in both urban and nature settings it is useless. Every time you want to use your camera you have to attach the lense and take it off again afterwards to make it fit in the bag. This will guarantee that you get a lot more dust on the Sensor, giving you more work cleaning the Sensor all the time. Quite often being on the beach or other places where there is dust, sand and it is blowing most Photographers choose the lense before they go out and take the pictures. They should also add a picture of what it looks like when the lenses and cameras are in the pockets. Also, if you pack it like it is showed in the pictures you will scratch all your lenses and cameras.

This is a really good product for all kind of people.
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Shape Shifter® Camera Backpack

Product: TT470
This expandable camera backpack adjusts to always provide the right fit for your equipment needs.
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(49 reviews)
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