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The Speed Racer V2.0 is part of the Speed Convertible series of hybrid shoulder bags/beltpacks designed for photographers who value versatile and ergonomic camera bags. The Speed Demon is a contoured shoulder bag that keeps photo gear readily accessible. The wide opening flip-top design hinges away from the body to rapidly work in and out of the bag. Speed Convertibles feature durable zippers, a secondary main compartment entry, and multiple pockets for small accessories. A cushioned shoulder strap with a long section of padding maximizes comfort while carrying the bag in different positions.

To adapt a Speed Convertible bag as a beltpack, deploy the integrated waist belt which is conveniently concealed in two zippered pockets on either side of each Speed Convertible bag. Fastening the flexible belt around the waist provides better stability while walking, especially when used in tandem with the included shoulder strap. The waist belt also features Modular rail sections for attaching Modular, Skin or Multimedia components to increase gear carrying capacity as needed. The three bags in the Speed Convertible series, Speed Demon V2.0, Speed Freak V2.0 and Speed Racer V2.0 offer photographers choice of the right bag size to suit their equipment and the adaptability for a variety of different assignments.

Key Features:
  • Easily converts from streamlined shoulder bag to functional beltpack
  • Integrated waist belt "disappears" by tucking into zippered side pockets
  • Modular rail built into waist belt for adding select Modular Rotation and Skin Components to increase gear capacity
Gear Profile:
  • 1 pro DSLR plus 2–3 lenses or accessories
  • Accommodates a 70-200mm f/2.8 next to camera body (not attached)
  • Largest size bag in Speed Convertible series
Technical Specifications:
  • Interior Dimensions: 11.8” x 10” x 7” (29.9 x 25.4 x 17.8 cm)

  • Exterior Dimensions: 13"  x 11.5” x 9.5” (33 x 29.2 x 24.1 cm)
  • Weight: 2.3–3.1 lbs (1.0–1.4 kg)


Exterior: For superior water-resistance, all exterior fabric has a durable water-repellant (DWR) coating, plus the underside of the fabric has a polyurethane coating. It also has YKK® RC Fuse (abrasion resistant) zippers, 1680D ballistic nylon bottom panel, 420D velocity nylon, Derrington™ mesh, 3D air mesh, antique nickel plated metal hardware, high-density closed cell foam shoulder strap, nylon webbing, 3-ply bonded nylon thread.

Interior: Removable closed cell foam inserts, 210D silver-toned nylon, polyurethane backed velex liner, 2x polyurethane coated nylon 210T seam-sealed taffeta rain cover, 3-ply bonded nylon thread.

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2 Main compartment opens wide and the lid folds away from the body for easy access to gear. The Speed Convertibles easily fit different types of DSLR cameras and lenses. Pictured: Canon 5D with BG-E4 battery grip and 24–70 f2.8 (hood reversed) attached, 580 EX II Speedlite, 70–200 f2.8 and CP–E4 battery pack (underneath right side of camera).
3 Can be worn either as a shoulder bag (pictured) or as a belt pack with the Think Tank convertible system.
6 The integrated waist belt "disappears" by tucking away into zippered side pockets. This unique convertible system is designed to minimize bulkiness while carrying the Speed Demon V2.0 as a shoulder bag. 
7 Back side shown with integrated belt completely tucked away.
10 Modular rail on each side of belt allows attachment of Modular Rotation System components for increased gear capacity. Using the integrated belt with the shoulder strap helps balance weight distribution between the waist and shoulder. Photographers can carry more gear, easier and with less discomfort, by carrying the bag in this mode.
8 Belt pack configuration with shoulder strap employed for support. Using the integrated belt with the shoulder strap helps balance weight distribution between the waist and shoulder. Photographers can carry more gear, easier and with less discomfort, by carrying the bag in this mode.
9 Belt pack configuration without shoulder strap.
11 A Skin 50 component attached to the Modular Rail of the Speed Freak V2.0 with the detachable shoulder strap providing additional support. Using the integrated belt with the shoulder strap helps balance weight distribution between the waist and shoulder. Photographers can carry more gear, easier and with less discomfort, by carrying the bag in this mode.
4 Detachable, cushioned shoulder strap included.
5 Non-slip coating on shoulder strap prevents strap from sliding off the shoulder.
12 Breathable mesh lining on the back of the Speed Convertible bags and integrated belt help keep you ventilated and cool.
13 Metal Buckle Stops on either side of the main belt buckle prevent the belt from loosening past their positions during vigorous movement. For proper use of the Buckle Stops, click on the Support tab above and download the Buckle Stops instructions.
14 A zipper across the top of the bag allows access to small lenses or accessories without opening the main zipper.
15 A clear accessory pocket is also underneath the lid, which holds small accessories like extra pens, a small multi-tool or a tube of sunscreen.
16 A flat pocket, for lens caps or filters, is inside the main compartment, toward the front of the bag.
17 Front organizer pocket keeps important accessories easily accessible. Handy features such as dedicated pen pockets and a built-in lanyard for securing keys or a memory card wallet are standard with each Speed Convertible bag.
18 A bellowed pocket is at the very front of the bag for carrying certain items, like a smart phone, separately from other gear.
19 A wide pocket on the back side of the Speed Convertible bags can keep a notepad and pen in easy reach to jot down notes during a shoot.
20 Top carrying handle for quickly grabbing the bag when you need to go.
21 Stretchable side pockets with reinforced bases are on either side of the bag. These can be used to carry miscellaneous items like gloves and a hand-held radio.
22 The Speed Convertible Series, like all Think Tank Photo gear, is made with the highest quality materials like ballistic nylon and YKK RC Fuse zippers
23 A seam-sealed rain cover is included with each Speed Convertible bag. It is stored inside a mesh pocket within the front accessory pocket. The detachable blue lanyard (connected to the red fabric loop) keeps the rain cover from blowing away in high winds
24 The seam-sealed rain cover attached to the bag. While the fabric on all Think Tank Photo products are coated for resistance to liquids, the included rain cover provides the initial layer of protection, keeping water from seeping in through zippers or fabric seams.

Overall Product Rating:     

I was looking for a shoulder bag I could work out of comfortably when shooting events. I wanted something that could distribute its weight around the waist if needed, but didn't look like a huge fanny pack. I needed it to fit a gripped DSLR, flash and 4-6 prime lenses. Over the years, I've collected a closet full of bags from Crumpler, LowePro and Tamrac. The Think Tank Speed Racer V2.0 seems to have bested them all and exceeded my needs and wants. Thanks for taking the time to read this review. Hopefully, you find it helpful. PROS: * Shoulder Strap - WOW! The shoulder strap is the best I've seen. It is well padded and super comfy. * Waist Strap - It distributes the weight well and tilts the bag at a perfect angle to work out of. The buckles and slip stops are top notch. The padding against your body is vented and more than enough. Also, there are spots to attach some of Think Tanks modular belt system pieces. I might consider this at some point, but for now this bag holds more than enough. * Padding - Think Tank just gets this part right. The case is well framed and gives you a lot of confidence when tossing your gear into a trunk or on the ground. * Organized - It includes a ton of padded Velcro dividers to help you organize your gear how you want it. Something that's really cool is that the dividers have an extra piece of Velcro on them so you can fold the Velcro tabs over and use them as just extra padding. Nice touch! * Front Pocket - Brilliantly organized and superbly designed. * Side Pouches - Great for stuffing in snack bars and a canteen. They're made of a heavy-weight mesh with rip-stop bottoms; about 7 inches deep. There is an adjustable synch cord at the top of the pocket to keep everything inside. * Top Handle - Placed where it works best and makes the grab-and-go carry easy. CONS: * Main Zipper - It's super meaty and kind of hard to unzip when you are wearing it as a shoulder bag. The shoulder strap loops get in the way. This isn't such a bad thing, and when you wear it with just the belt, it leans the bag away from your body enough to make unzipping easier. My solution is just leave it unzipped when I'm working no matter how I wear it. * Price - As I tell my clients when asked about competitor pricing, "People know what their product is worth and charge accordingly." You get what you pay for and it is so worth the investment. Just buy this bag, you'll love it! WHAT I CARRY: Some people just love peeping into another photographer's bag. So, if you were wondering what I fit and carry when I use it, here's the list. It typically weighs in at a comfortable 12-15 pounds fully loaded. Keep in mind that when I work out of it, the camera and one lens is around my neck. * Camera: Canon 7D gripped, extra batteries, CF cards * Lenses: Rokinon 8mm Fisheye, Tokina 11-16, Canon 28mm, 60mm Macro, 85mm, 135mm (all with hoods reversed) * Flash: Canon 430ex II, Sto-fen, Strobist gel pack, extra AA batteries * Misc: Sekonic L-308s light meter, YongNuo RF-602's, LensPens, Color Checker I also own the Think Tank StreetWalker HardDrive backpack. Based on these two purchases, Think Tank is good money well spent, and IMHO the best bang for the buck. Thanks for reading!

I love belt packs to work and love backpacks to move around. Backpacks have a problem... they are always on the wrong side of your body when you need stuff. Sling solutions are ok but I never found one I could really love. I've a Rotation 360 but it does not suit my needs as the belt pack is too small for my 100-400mm and other things. So, although I do have some different belt packs, I've been using an old Lowepro Orion Aw for more years than I can remember. But I wanted something different and then the Speed series came around. I've tried the Speed Racer v2.0 and I am hooked for many more years now. Besides working as a shoulder bag when I am in transit, it fits snuggly on my waist when I need to work, be it photographing airshows or flowers in nature. When I lay flat on the ground I can just rotate the Speed Racer to the side or my back. It carries my camera with 17-40mm on, the 100-400mm, a 580 EX II and a 60mm macro... and a lot of small things, from a pair of Phottix Atlas transceivers to cables, filters, small reflectors, extra batteries, and some other small things photographers always tend to use. It is my new "all the time" bag. And if I need some extra stuff I can always carry a small backpack. But the Speed Racer V 2.0 is a complete thumbs up. Even for day walks in Nature it works perfectly. And although it can feel a bit heavy with everything in, when you start working it's a light and easy to use changing platform. Even if I will keep using backpacks for some material and trips, the Speed Racer is bound to be the choice for when I am photographing at the destination. After all and because it is also a shoulder bag it's easy to take it everywhere with you. I've to thank Think Tank Photo for this fantastic bag. Jose Antunes

As someone that has had both the original and now the V2.0 model of this bag, ThinkTank Photo has taken an already great bag and refined it even further. The lighter weight is immediately noticeable. I think the V1.0 had denser padding which is where I believe the majority of the weight was saved but the streamlined padding on the new model strikes a better balance between protecting your gear and carrying comfort for the user. Also moving where the waist belt stows away from the back of the bag to the sides was fantastic. The lump the belt made when stowed on the V1 was noticeable as it's a substantial element. Add the buckle to it and you have a thick mass making an already "thick" bag even thicker. Now, the stowed belt makes the bag slightly wider which is a better way to address the situation. The zipper seams are improved and the overall look of the bag is cleaner. A great bag for the common combo of a pro-sized camera body, 70-200 lens and 24-70 lens plus a flash. It's my go to bag for most assignments.

This is a great bag for in the field shooting (hiking/events). All of your gear is in front so lens changing, filter access, etc. is very easy. When fully loaded, the waist belt is perfect to distribute weight from your shoulders. Both straps adjust down for women's sizes. I carry a 5d MIII, 70-200, 24-105, 50, 6003x flash, batteries, filters, cell phone, and it all fits. To add another wide angle lens, I will get the pouch and attach it on the side of the pack.

I have been using my Speed Racer for keeping my gear in tow and easily accessible while shooting Marathons and Triathalons all over the country. The Speed Racer design prooved its worth even more when I recently had to photograph the Spring Break at the Lake Mud Run in Irvine, California. My position was in the first Mud Pit. I outfitted my camera and lens with the Hydrophobia 70-200 which has always been my Water Proof (and now Mud Proof) standard. I carried my extra batteries, CF Cards, extra lenses and a spare body in my Speed Racer waist pack and used the Speed Racer rain cover for the very first time. It has an absolutely ingenious design which allows you to flip the top of the rain cover to easily access the contents of the bag without worrying about losing the rain cover or exposing your bag to nasty, muddy,duck-pond water. I photographed about 7000 runners from 8AM to 4PM in boisterous, splashing waves of about 20 to 30 people running at a time. The mud neatly covered my hydrophobia and my Speed Racer Rain Cover, leaving my gear and the Speed Racer bag clean and dry at the end of the day. The new waist-belt design was comfortable on my hip all day long and easy to clean with a wet sponge at the end of the day leaving it looking brand new! Superior Design, Rugged Pro-Grade Materials and Comfortable to carry. PERFECT! -Ralph Auletta

I have v1 and love it very much when I o ly need to carry one body with several lenses and a flash. This is a much smaller bag to carry around than my big shoulder bag, also the belt helps to carry the weight on your hips. The material used is first rate and is very durable. Consider erring how small it is it does have a lot of space available in it.

I have the V1 Speed Racer. I struggled with the price tag when I bought it, but I liked everything about the bag. Years later it still suits me very well. I've added 4 Lens Changer pouches to the belt. Sometimes I'll remove two pouches and add my backup body in Digital Holster. What amazes me most about the bag is how well it's held up. I am almost always carrying 25 lbs or more in it. The stitching, the straps, the loops all look like new. No signs of wear or stress. Think Tank is top notch stuff.

Having a couple of ThinkTank bags (Airport Take Off and a Streetwalker Backpack) and I knew that the only belt pack for me would be from Think Tank. The problem for me is my offensive lineman sized body. I email Randy in Customer Service and he let me know that the best on the Speed Demon extends to 56" which is ample for me, so I ordered one and it arrived today. Not only does the belt fit, but I had to cinch down quite a bit, so the measurement from Randy was right on. The Speed Demon is much smaller, but it also holds less, so the Speed Racer is better for me anyway. What does it hold? My Canon 5D3 with the 24-70 attached with hood (not reversed), a 70-200 with the hood reversed, a 100L with the hood, and a 580EXII speed light, all fit comfortably in this bag. The combination of the shoulder strap and belt is genius, and I can see myself working out of this bag all day with little discomfort. Thanks ThinkTank!

I searched high and low for a bag that wasn't too big, but would hold the D800 and D700 with the 24-70 (shade extended) and 70-200/2.8 (shade reversed) zooms mounted on cameras. TT doesn't tell you this bag WILL work with this bag, but it does! I put the bodies with lenses mounted in the outside slots with the cameras rotated 90 degrees to that the bottom of each camera is bottom-to-bottom with the other (no extra battery/grips on them). In the center there is room for a speedlight and accessories, or several smaller prime lenses, or whatever. In the front pouch There's the Pixel PocketRocket and my 55mm macro, batteries, and small items. I LOVE being able to carry both bodies with zooms mounted. If I am walking far I'll put the shoulder strap across bandolier-style, and use the hip belt too. The shoulder strap on this bag is the best I've ever used, and I've been doing this for 35 years. All in all, it is a FANTASTIC dSLR bag. Can't give it 6 stars or I would. I have the StreetWalker Hard-Drive too, which is great for transport of more gear + computer, or hiking.

Does everything as expected. In it I carry a D4 with 17-35, 70-200 & 14mm. I really dig it's waist belt since it is highly flexible, molds around my waist. I got caught in several downpours & it held up extremely well…without it's included rain cover. With the shoulder strap on it truly feels very light & flexible. Really. If I need to reposition, no drama. If you carry similar gear as I do this is it. You won't be disappointed…John L in Honolulu

This is an amazing bag. Last weekend I took it to a party. The 5DIII goes in with either one of the L zooms attached. There is still room for the 85mmL. How is that fantastic? Because you can fit a bottle of Vranken Demoiselle champagne and a nice Saint Emilion in the side pouches without worrying that anything precious will rip or crash. this is the third TT bag I own. I am totally impressed by their ruggedness. The onestar is lost because despite the size there is no way to carry a pad conveniently in the bag.
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Speed Racer V2.0

Product: TT409
Carries a pro DSLR with 2-3 lenses and accessories. A 70-200mm f/2.8 fits inside of the bag next to a camera mounted to a smaller lens, such as the 24-70mm f/2.8.
Customer Rating:
(11 reviews)
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