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Straps and Harnesses

The Shoulder Harness V2.0 makes it easy to carry a number of lenses and not have the weight of my camera on my neck.
Photo: Jason Reich
The 'Keep It Up Shoulder Strap' helps Omar keep up with the action.
Photo: WSO
Rockin' the Digital Holster at Ingalls Pass in the Alpine Lakes Wilderness in Washington State. The background is Mount Stuart.
Photo: Mark Josue
My TTP holster doesn't just stay in urban areas, it goes up to the mountains, too! Here's a photo of my Digital Holster™ 20 V2.0 I've been taking with me on my back country adventures since 2010.
Photo: Mark Josue
Gaza, Palestine humanitarian trip
Photo: Ahmad
Your Shoulder Harness V2 was just the right accessory for my Urban Disguise 35 on hikes up and down the Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone and around Mammoth Hot Springs in Yellowstone National Park.
Photo: Denise Porter
Riding the White Rim Trail in the Canyonlands
Photo: Steve Winkelman
In a grand birthday party held in KL Golf and Country Club, Selangor, Malaysia.
Photo: Kay Bin Photography
Marc Pagani shoots the landscape at Camp 2 on Pachermo in the Nepal Himalayas
Photo: Don Worsham
ThinkTank on the Great Wall
Photo: Betty Dodd
Mitchell Crane skiing with his Digital Holster 40 and Digital Harness.
Photo: Benjamin Boldt
my partner using the skin set, pixel racing harness, and pro speed belt while we were doing some street photography :)
Photo: Jiggie Alejandrino
Photo: John
Mike Wolanin walks through downtown Indianapolis after covering protests at the Indiana State House. He is using Digital Holster harness with four modules and the Retrospective 30 shoulder bag.
Photo: Denis J. Jiménez
Denis J. Jiménez wearing covering protesters outside the Indiana State House. He is using Digital Holster Harness with four modules and the StreetWalker backpack.
Photo: Mike Wolanin
The Pixel Racing Harness helps to hold up my Pro Speed Belt and Modular pouches underneath a Marine Corps flak vest while shooting video and stills of a live-fire training exercise in Southern California. The vest had a tendency of pushing the pouches down so the harness straps helped to offset the pressure and fit comfortably underneath the mandatory body armor.
Photo: Mike Daniels
Covering Mahinog
Photo: Juny Adora
wearing skin set and pixel racing harness while capturing a traditional malay wedding event
Photo: Firdaus
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