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Rolling Camera Bags

" Works for Me"
Photo: Lou
Website: www.
AI @ Asian Athletics Championships, Pune,India
Photo: Siong San
Website: NA
preparing my gear for horsesport photography
Photo: Tomas Holcbecher
Sports Illustrated Photographer John McDonough packs up his Think Tank Airport Security bag on the floor amongst the confetti following the NBA Finals game seven between the Miami Heat and the San Antonio Spurs
Photo: Rhona Wise
Using Think Tank Bag as a prop for Pet Photography! Biscuit's mom frequently travels on photography trips and I'm sure Biscuit must have secretly wish that he could hide in her Think Tank Airport TakeOff and literally take off with his mommy for vacations! Behind-the-scene video :
Photo: C.S.Ling
Oh My Gosh, it all fits! O_O (the two items I don't really need to bring, and might still be able to fit in the case.)
Photo: Stephen Giang
Denver International Airport
Photo: Benjamin Keller Photography
on Express Kaiji 103 from Shinjuku to Otsuki, Japan
Photo: SiongSan
Website: N/A
NHRA Spring Nationals just a quick snapshot,really, trying to stay out of they way, as there is a lot of activity in the staging lanes.
Photo: me
Website: n/a
This is my new 4-sight with my Nikon kit...It has 1-D700+drive, 1-D800+Drive, 70-200 f2.8, 24-120 f4, 10mmf2.8, 10-24f2.8, SB910, 1.4, 50f1.8, extra batteries, remote cables, CF&SD cards ear plugs. The only think that is missing is an out side strap/holder for a mono=pod.
Photo: Gary I Rothstein
fuji X100S
Photo: Nicover
What is in my bag?
Photo: Kristina Zambrano
Take Off to the mountains
Photo: Pete Leong
One of my many ThinkTank Bags
Photo: Thomas C
Website: None
Just couldn't believe how much I was packing into my case. Thought I'd pull it all out and document it. Something to do in the basement on New Years day. Creative Light 20" reflector Creative Light 38" reflector LumiQuest pocket bounce LumiQuest soft bounce 10 foot USB tethered cable 25 Business Cards 2 Pocket Wizard Plus II transmitter/receivers 2 Pocket Wizard Flex TT5 receivers 1 Pocket Wizard Mini TT1 1 Pocket Wizard AC3 One Pocket Wizard transmitter with adjust connector Pocket Rocket Canon 5D Mk II with spare battery Canon 1Ds Mk III with spare battery senheiser small hotshoe shotgun mic Canon 16-35 mm 2.8 Canon 24mm TS Canon 45mm TS Canon 90mm TS Canon 50mm 1.2 Canon 85mm 1.8 Canon 90mm macro Canon 70-200 4.0 3 Canon 580EX flashes Hotshoe foot for flash 8 AA batteries 2 SX76 Batteries Canon Cable release Allen wrench set for Tripod level mini screwdriver four 16gig Compact Flash cards 77mm Polarizer
Photo: art meripol
Flying out over the Atlantic to search for the Volvo Ocean Race boats in a massive storm. The chopper has been stripped down to is bare minimum to save weight and beside my Think Tank airport take off is our life-raft for when fuel gets too low on the return trip. The Think Tank roller has all my camera gear for the shoot and is pretty light.
Photo: Paul Todd
Airport Navigator doing double duty.
Photo: John Kelly
Road Trip to Yunnan China with TT AI and TT ChangeUp
Photo: Srini
Website: N/A
Nothing beats Think Tank.
Photo: Manny Chavez
My Airport Security V 2.0 after a slightly more frantic and compressed packing job than normal. When I went to reorganize things I was surprised how much stuff I had in there.
Photo: Richard Kimbrough
Traveling light at a regional airport: My office on 12/06/2012. Airport Navigator (cameras, lenses, media, paperwork); Airport Takeoff (monolights and batteries for them); Induro CX tripod with Arca-Swiss D4M head; Canon EOS 1D X w/ 28mm EF f/2.8 IS lens; Pocketwizard MultiMAX v2.
Photo: ©Ellis Vener
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