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Shoulder Bags / Urban Disguise

Mike Lloyd at a School Shooting
Photo: John Rudoff
'Tools of the Trade' at Town Landing in Southport, Maine
Photo: John M. Owens
Gazing at the sky at Versailles
Photo: Ruth Thompson
Speed Demon 2 in Use
Photo: Ed Ingold
Website: n/a
On assignment in Repulse Bay a community located at the Arctic Circle in Nunavut, Canada
Photo: Birgit-Cathrin Duval
Before the Moment
Photo: Shaju Joseph
Singapore photographer Darrell Neo (with his Thinktank Retrospective® 7) playing with a puppy at the Jalan Barito, Pet Market in Jakarta, Indonesia on the 24 Aug 2014
Photo: Chan Bin Kan
Elimina, Ghana
Photo: Keoke Silvano
Abe documenting his second visit to Angkor Wat, Cambodia.
Photo: Tiffany Johns
My Retrospective7 on a sunny spring day in Sweden.
Photo: Mikael Storolles Karlsson
All Your Gear Are Belong to Retrospective 30!
Photo: Kai Harrekilde-Petersen
Website: Kai Harrekilde-Petersen
Urban Disguise visits Death Valley National Park
Photo: Venkata Kotamraju
Website: NA
Looking For A Better Angle...
Photo: Vienna
Urban Disguise visits the Pacific Coast. Thank You
Photo: Partha Laha
Website: NA
Urban Disguise visits the Pacific Coast Highway
Photo: Partha Laha
Website: NA
The Urban Disguise 60 on location at Trinidad's Carnival in 2014.
Photo: Mark Lyndersay
Endless Possibilities
Photo: Cailey Hesse
Photo: Gavin Blue
Thinktank retrospective 7 on my typical Dutch transport bicycle
Photo: Andre Jansen
Took my ThinkTank out in the snow today!!
Photo: Cole Ewert
Website: N/A
Capturing LIFE on Smokey Mountain in Manila, Philippines
Photo: Sherman Chu Iphone
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