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First time out I found it to work fantastic and it was a big hit with the clients – in this case senior girls at their photo session – they loved it as much as I do. It’s not supposed to be used to carry a laptop but the Ipad is a light load and was a great convenience, keeping it out of the sun and dirt wherever we chose to set it down.
Photo: Joel Spring
Doug is ready to photograph "Prevail" at the finish of the 2013 Transpac Yacht Race in Honolulu, Hawaii.
Photo: Betsy Crowfoot
Retrospective 20, 50, and 3 lens changer with paint and patches.
Photo: Thomas Wyatt
Worlds worst fisherman
Photo: Nick Robinson
Tequila Photographer Ben Olivares BTS @ Tequila Patron Hacienda
Photo: Mily Calderon
The CityWalker 20 out for a coffee...
Photo: Simon Pollock
A photopgrapher uses the skin component system as her setup to shoot a sports event
Photo: Suhaimi Abdullah
USAToday Sports Images photographer Denny Medley covering the Royals vs Tampa Bay Rays game - in the snowstorm.
Photo: Brian Davidson
Afp`s photographer Martin Bernetti walks next to riot police, during a student protest in Santiago,Chile.
Photo: Claudio Santana
Singapore photographer Liew Tong Leng using the Think Tank Modular Component Systems at the 2013 Chingay Parade held at the F1 Pit Building, Singapore
Photo: Chan Bin Kan
Photojournalist Ezra Acayan taking a stroll with the Shape Shifter at the Binondo district in Manila, Philippines.
Photo: Bene Arcayan
Milford Sound, New Zealand
Photo: Mauricio Matos
Airport Navigator doing double duty.
Photo: John Kelly
Nothing beats Think Tank.
Photo: Manny Chavez
Winter In Saskatchewan, Canada
Photo: Calvin So
during match Italy Lega PRO soccer Benevento vs Trapani
Photo: G. De Blasio
During Street Photography, SOHO district of Hong Kong
Photo: Dave Revel
Benjamin Lin shooting 400mm 2.8
Photo: Sonia Villa
Wild Light Photos staffer Douglas Graham gets set to photograph the CSC Invitational bicycle race on in Arlington, Virginia.
Photo: Dawn Graham
Covering the opening of the Joan Miro show at YSP, UK
Photo: Jonty Wilde
mondello prodrift event
Photo: Piotr Lukaszek
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