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Digital Holster® Harness V2.0

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Supportive strap system snugly holds Digital Holster V2.0 against torso


  • Carries a Digital Holster V2.0, hands-free, in front of torso
  • Keeps camera easily accessible and protected inside Digital Holster V2.0
  • Mesh back panel for ventilation and comfort


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Yasha K.
United States United States

Excellent, works, needs a few modifications

I own two of these for different digital holsters (the 50 and the 150) as it is too cumbersome, even with 5/32 or 4 mm stainless bow shackles through the small grey loops on the holsters for the harness, to swap unless absolutely necessary. However, the shoulder straps and top of the back "mesh" are not comfortable, particularly with any load. I need the holster arrangement rather than a typical belt with bags attached when I am on a narrow trail as there is insufficient side clearance on such trails in spots -- thus I must be front and back loaded only. My backpack is a Camelbak Mule for water as when I am using a holster I am working "light". This includes a gripped Nikon D850 plus either a 150-600 Sigma Sport (holster 15) or a 100-400 Sigma Contemp, plus a Sigma TC-1401 and, attached to the side of the holster, a TT FlashMod 3 holding a Nikon SB-910 plus MagMod fresnel flash tele-extender. I have had to use Timbuk2 strap pads as shoulder pads -- although these do work, proper (possibly removable) pads would be better.

Marc S.
United States United States

Digital Holster Harness V2.0

Works great with my Digital Holster 20, keeps my camera firmly against my chest while downhill skiing. It also works well with my LowePro 75AW. I like the adjustability of the straps and the bungee cord shock absorber which keeps it from bouncing.


good but not great

I have been using a digital holster case for many years while completing single day and multi day backpacking trips with, what I believe, was the harness v1.0. This system is a huge step up from that. The thin back panel and thin shoulder straps allow the system to fit snugly under my weighted pack with minimum interference. I can't recall how the original system was meant to be used but I had it attached to multiple points on my pack making it necessary to take the camera off with the pack; also making it a little awkward to do so. Having the system attached to my person, free of the pack, is very convenient. I do believe thinktank needs to re-evaluate their one size fits all mentality with this harness. I'm 6'2" at about 190lbs and I believe the comfort level would increase if the back panel could be purchased in longer lengths. Currently with the upper straps adjusted properly the lower straps come around the lower edge of my ribs, if they dropped 2 inches I believe it would make a huge difference. I can't slack to top straps to accommodate; this causes the upper part of the harness to become uncomfortable. Also the side bungie attached strap is as tight as it can go with a t-shirt on, and still a little loose on me. I highly recommend this system for anyone looking to carry a DSLR with a backpack. Camera access is easy and with a digital holster harness you gain a little camera protection. Digital Holster 20 w/Nikon D750 28-300 2.5/5.6G


Digital Holster Harness V2.0

Really like the digital holsters, I'm on my second one now. However, I liked the original harness much better than the present V2 harness, so I continued using the old harness with the new holster. However, my wife, who also has a holster, prefers the V2 harness. I wish the company would make the original harness available again.


Digital Holster Harness V2.0

I bought this harness to carry a new mirrorless camera hiking in the Maze in Utah for four days. I used it with the Digital Holster 10. It's a sophisticated product, very comfortable and offering fine protection for the camera (tested working up and down the Maze's demanding canyon entries). Thinktank makes great products. Still, it could use a few edits. (1) If you wear it with a shirt that has a collar it's fine, but if it's hot and you're wearing just a thin t-shirt, as I was, the upper edge of the rear mesh (across the neck) can rub you quite uncomfortably; the tough nylon is not soft. A fleece lining would help a lot. (2) The complex strap system secures the holster very well, but it's inconvenient to put on. It's easy for it to get twisted when you take it off after wearing it under a pack, and getting it back onto your back and re-fastened to the holster without a bit of a struggle (or without help from someone who can see your back) can be a challenge. There were times I delayed my companions, which was frustrating to them as well as to me. I suppose you could just never take it off, but improving the off/on process would be very welcome. Still, it provided excellent protection to the camera in very demanding terrain. Note: it does change your balance and chest clearance significantly, having weight and bulk on both front and back and not just on the backpack. I'm used to carrying a Nikon D800 with the 28-300 on a chest harness from ****** -- which offers convenience but no protection at all, and requires always keeping a hand on the camera. The Fuji cut the weight in half, but I kept bumping the camera case on things, and once very nearly fell badly. Having the camera a the chest vs. having the case at the chest proved very different experiences. My instincts about body awareness and clearance did not adjust immediately or completely, and the harness encourages you to think the camera/case will take care of itself. Once it's fully sealed up that's true, and these mishaps were my fault, not the harness's, but you need to be extra careful in a partly new way in tricky conditions. It's a bit disorienting. Still, I'll certainly keep carrying it until they improve it, and then likely buy another; once on, it's a great piece of equipment for photography hiking. I'll probably try to get a tailor to sew a fleece protector of some kind onto the neck piece.