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The Glass Limo is specifically designed for long lenses; its narrow, lightweight design makes life easier when traveling with long lenses. Compatible with Think Tank Photo

Modular Belts and Modular Components, the Glass Limo has three Modular rails for adding adding a ton of extra carrying capacity. Using the harness design from our award winning StreetWalker™ backpack, the contoured, fully adjustable harness fits virtually everyone comfortably.

By removing the specialized yoke-collar and support ring, the interior can be customized with the included dividers to carry a surprising amount of traditional gear: a standard pro kit with pro DSLR and 5-8 lenses.

Top Features:
  • Accommodates either large glass or a medium-large sized kit of standard zoom lenses
  • Specially designed collars for long lenses
  • Specially designed zippers hold their position to avoid accidental  opening of the main compartment
  • Expand the bag's capacity by adding up to three Modular Pouches for lenses, camera bodies, water bottles, and more!
Gear Profile:
  • Carries up to an 800 f/5.6*, 600 f/4.0 unattached or 500 f/4 with pro body attached*
  • Will carry 800 5.6 with aftermarket neoprene lens cap
  • 200-400 f/4 with pro body attached
  • Alternately carries a standard pro kit with pro DSLR and 5-8 lenses
  • Tripod/Monopod Mount

*Please note that the padded collar is only for stabilizing 300 mm and similar size lenses. When fitting larger lenses, you must remove the padded collar as it is not needed.

Technical Specs:

Exterior Dimensions: 9” W x 21” H x 9.2” D (22.9 × 53.33 × 23.4cm)

Interior Dimensions: 8.7” W x 19.5” H x 8.3” D     (22.1 × 49.5 × 21.1cm)    

Weight: 2.6-3.9 lbs (1.1-1.8 kg)

SKU: 87453000 192 5 • Part Number: 192


External: All fabric exterior treated with a DWR coating while fabric underside is coated with PU for superior water resistance, YKK® RC Fuse (abrasion resistant) zippers, 1680 ballistic nylon bottom panel, 600D brushed polyester, 420D velocity nylon, 420D high-density nylon, 250D shadow rip-stop polyester, Ultra Stretch mesh pockets, 3D air mesh, 3-ply bonded nylon thread.

Internal: PE board reinforced removable closed cell velex foam dividers, 210D silver-toned nylon, polyurethane-backed velex liner, 2x polyurethane coated nylon 210T seam-sealed taffeta rain cover, belly-o mesh pockets, 3-ply bonded nylon thread.
1 Fits a 600mm f/4 w/o body attached or a 400mm f/2.8 w/ pro-sized body attached
2 Accommodates either large glass or a medium-large sized kit of standard telephoto lenses
3 Specially designed collars for large lenses
4 Specially designed zippers hold their position to avoid accidental opening of the main compartment
5 Expand your capacity by adding up to 3 modular pouches
6 Carry a tripod or a monopod on either side with included straps
7 Deluxe organizer on front zippered pocket
8 Water bottle pockets on each side
9 Comfortable harness
10 Pro Speed Belt can be attached for additional comfort & capacity
12 Seam-sealed rain cover included

Overall Product Rating:     

I started out with the glass taxi a long time ago. Its a great bag, but I always was annoyed that the camera strap holder would not work on its should straps, and that it only had one accessory bar. I like the streetwalker too, but it does not fit in with the rest of the modulus system. This bag solves both those problems. Its a great "transit to site" bag, and since you can strap on some modulus components and use the belt, you are all set for your shooting set up. This will now be my main bag. Really nice.

I had a last minute invite to see my daughter dance in WDW So I needed a bag thta would fit all my gear on board my flight. The Limo fit aNiokn D800 w/grip and 70-200 28 attached hood inverted, D700 Body w/grip, 24-70 2,8 17-35 2.8 & 24 1.8 along w/ SB 910 a charger extra battery(s) Camera & flash, flash cable and small bracket. It was a bear to pick up but fit under the seat. With the chest and waist strap secured the weight was carried evenly all tought both airports and the parks The bag stood up to the quality of all my other Think Tank Bags and Yes I did get wonderfulkl Photos of daughter dancing moving throgh the crowds on the parade line was quick and easy.

I like everything about this bag and all the new improvements over the Taxi; however, this bag is just a little too tight for my Canon 500 f4 IS and a pro body connected. This combo was the reason I bought this bag so I am a little disappointed. In all other aspects a great bag.

Bought the Glass Limo as soon as it came out. First thing I noticed was the zip pockets for accessories that the Glass Taxi did not have. Absolutely love everything about it and would give it 10 stars if it were 1" longer. Much too tight fit with my 500 mm f4 and 1D MKIV attached. I am really careful putting it in the case as it is a squeeze fit. Love Think Tank!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I needed a bag for my Canon 400mm f2.8 L Mk11 USM and my 5D Mk3 attached after removing all the internal sections leaving just the top support it fitted perfectly. I found the bag very comfortable when trekking across all terrain including marsh land to capture that ever important shot. The Glass Limo is strong nicely made with quality materials. Steve C.

Perfect for my 1d mark 4 , 2x extender and 300mm f2,8 attached (hood reversed) .I hope this bag is here to stay for a long time in the product line. Better fit than lowepro vertex 200 where the hood was not protected enough because the bag was not deep enough .

I have another brands backpack camera bag but it did not even come close to being able to handle large lens combinations. So after researching a bit I ended up with the Limo and it has worked well so far. Fit Nikon 400mm with Camera body no problem. Easy to attach my tripod or monopod as well. Plan on trying it out with the 800mm next.

I recently bought a Lens Limo knowing that a Canon 600mm f4 was in my future. Yes I bought the bag before I bought the lens. Why? Because it was a ThinkTank and I knew that was what I would use. I now have the lens and just put the package together. I will be going on a safari in November and the domestic airlines in Southern Africa severely tightened their carry on restrictions. For domestic flights the carry on can now not weigh more than 7 kg and a "personal item" can only be a slimline laptop case. So how do you get all of your gear there? You buy ThinkTank. The Lens Limo with the 600 f4 with a monopod and head attached weighed in at 6.65 kg giving me some space for some accessories. The total dimensions are 100 cm, just under the maximum allowed of 115 cm. With the modular belt and pouches (and a little creativity) I think I can get everything else on board by carrying it on my person. Of course the My 2nd Brain is my slimline laptop case. The ThinkTank products are superbly made and stand up to the demanding conditions encountered while traveling internationally. Something else about all of the ThinkTank backpacks I have that separates them from other packs is that when you take them off and set them down, they actually stand up instead of falling over. I have also dealt with ThinkTank's customer service reps and they are as good as the product they represent!

I purchased this product to fit my Nikon D750 and Sigma 150-600 S in. It was long enough for the hood to be in place ready for action. Have a lot of ThinkTank products and this did not let me down.

I've been using a Glass taxi + a small roller but still had to put a couple of heavy heads and parts in my checked bag which would always be a max weight. With the Glass Limo I put my Nikkor 400 2.8 AFS II which was all I had in the taxi plus D810 w/L bracket & charger plus 105 DC, 50AFS, 20AFS,15mm AIS, 28mmAIS, TC14E, TC20EIII, a Kirk super grip, filter case, plus small accessories in the inside pockets. All this and if needed will fit easily under the seat. I also love the three modular attachment points if I ever need them. This item rocks. framer

It's a great bag -- much more comfortable to wear than either of the other two long lens bags from major competitors. But there's always room for improvement; so, here goes... this bag would be even better if it were about an inch longer. That would be just enough to hold a 500mm lens + body + EXTENDER assembled. The zippered pocket on the outside would be more functional if it were gusseted just a bit, allowing for a little expansion to better accommodate thicker items, such as pro batteries, lens cleaning solution, etc. And finally, water bottles keep popping out of the stretchy side pockets; so, something along the line of the water bottle pockets on the Speed Freak would be more useful. Otherwise, as I said, a high quality bag.
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Glass Limo

Product: TT192
Full size backpack with capacity for a 800 f/5.6, 600 f/4.0, 500 f/4.0 or a well equipped standard DSLR kit. Three Modular Rails allow for adding even more capacity.
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(11 reviews)
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