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This camera backpack is designed for use in urban and crowded environments. Slim and lightweight, it's ideally sized as an international travel carry-on. It holds a DSLR and a 70-200mm f/2.8 with hood attached and multiple DSLR cameras and lenses.

  • Vertically thin design with contoured top
  • Carry monopods and tripods in the bottom front pocket
  • Unisex contoured harness with air channel 
  • Removable seam-sealed rain cover
  • Holds a standard DSLR with 70200mm f/2.8 attached and hood in position ready to shoot.
  • Interior Dimensions: 8.5” W x 16” H x 5.5” D (22 x 41 x 14 cm)
  • Exterior Dimensions: 9.5” W x 17” H x 6” D (24 x 43 x 15 cm)
  • 2–2.8 lbs (0.9–1.3 kg)


Exterior: For superior water-resistance, all exterior fabric has a durable water-repellent (DWR) coating, plus fabric underside has a polyurethane coating. It's also constructed with YKK® RC Fuse (abrasion-resistant) zippers, 1680D ballistic nylon bottom panel, 420D velocity nylon, 550D polyester, 3D air mesh, ultra-stretch pockets, Y-buckles, antique nickel-plated metal hardware, nylon webbing, 3-ply bonded nylon thread.

Interior: Removable closed cell foam dividers, 210D silver-toned nylon, polyurethane backed velex liner, 2x polyurethane coated nylon 210T seam-sealed rain cover, clear mesh pockets, 3-ply bonded nylon thread.

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Feature #1 Vertically thin design with contoured curved top
Feature #2 Holds DSLR and 70-200 2.8 attached; lens hood can also remain attached in shooting position
Feature #3 Bottom front pocket can be used to carry a tripod or monopod (accessory straps included)
Feature #4 Airflow channel with breathable mesh liner keeps the back cool while wearing the backpack
Feature #5 Removable seam-sealed rain cover
Feature #6 Upper organizer pocket for pens, memory cards, passports, and more
Feature #7 Two side pockets and two stretch pockets
Feature #8 Removable webbing waist belt detaches easily
Feature #9 Shoulder harness pockets, D Rings, and sternum strap
Feature #10 Clear business card holder for quick identification
Feature #11 Compatible with Camera Support Straps (sold separately)
Feature #12 YKK lockable zipper sliders (padlock not included)

Overall Product Rating:     

Took this to Colonial Mexico for 3 weeks, loaded with D700, 24-70mm, Olympus 8080, HD video camera, EPSON P6000, chargers and cords, filters, etc. Small, easy to navigate marketplaces, alleys, yet holds a lot. Also purchased the Pro model to fit more gear and battery grip. Heavy when filled with my gear, but felt like nothing when wearing it. Highly recommended.

Everyday use, ultra comfortable even heavy loaded

hmmm not sure what some of the negative comments are for. It says regular DLSR, not pro/with grip. Side pockets, while snug, are more useful to me than the Glass Taxi, which I thought was my perfect bag until this one came along. Easily holds DSLR w/24-70 2.8, 70-200 2.8, 2 flashes, 2 additional lenses & TC, batts, flash mods, extra cam batts, filters, etc. etc. Hiking throughout Jackson, Wy or urban environs very comfortable, fits on any airline. This bag with the Airport Check in is all I need for photo travel. Thump it around to loosen it up, it's just as durable and more capable than the Taxi. My favorite TT product so far.

In comparison to similar backpacks from other makers, the Streetwalker is competitively prices, very well made, lightweight, and very easy to open and access camera gear. Outstanding construction materials that should last for years. Better than all the other comparable backpacks I 've seen.

I recently bought the Streetwalker and really love the high quality materials. Not long after buying it I strapped it to my back and rode up to Palomar Mt. I lowsided going about 40mph, I slid about thirty feet and went under a guardrail. To my complete amazement, nothing was damaged! I was carrying my D700, 70-200mm VRII and other assorted filters. Other than the road rash to the zippers and outer pocket nothing was broken and the bag still works great. I wish I had been wearing Think Tank Knee pads....

I think this is a great bag - I can carry my D90 with either my 70-200/2.8 or 300/4 mounted along with 3 other lenses and a flash. Would I buy it again - definitely. Is there one change that would make it perfect - be able to leave my battery grip (MB-D80) mounted on my D90 when in the bag and zipped up.

I´ve had this backpack for a couple of months now and am extremely happy with it. It´s light, extremely well made. The YKK zippers are extremely sturdy and even look a bit oversized for a relatively small backpack but they are very rugged and reliable so all is forgiven. I find the size extremely convenient as it fits all my gear (Nikon D90, 50mm, 18-105, and 70-300 plus charger & cables) without problem and there´s plenty of room for more (I can easily fit another lens and a flash without squeezing anything). I also bought the Cable Management 20. It fits snugly and is a bit bigger than the depth of the backpack but still perfectly usable.(I believe Cable Management 15 is a better fit but it was out of stock so it was 20 or nothing for me). My only word of warning is regarding the tripod support straps (they work perfectly). For some reason the bag I was going to buy didn´t have them and and the -uninformed- salesperson tried to convince me that they were an accessory. I asked for another bag and there they were. Highly recommended and I would gladly buy another Think Tank product

This is a great bag with plenty of room inside. It has to be the most comfortable backpack style bag I have owned. If there is one flaw it would be the side pockets and the back pockets. I have big hands and it is a little difficult to get inside them.

I bought this bag for a two week safari in Kenya and Tanzania. I was extremely satisfied with the interior which was plenty of space for my D80, 18-70mm, 70-300mm (even with the hood mounted), and all my camera accessories. If you take this on a long flight (I changed planes 3 times and flew about 30 hours each way) you'll probably be able to fit a spare t-shirt, underwear, and bathroom essentials provided you take 2-3 lenses–I think that's a huge plus. The bags padding is very stiff, but I wanted that kind of protection and it made it easy to access from the floor of a Land Rover while protecting my gear from all the dust. My ONLY gripe is the limited size of the exterior pockets which are just shy of being perfect for everything. When it comes to carrying something as simple as a small novel, the center exterior pocket is a few inches too small and has little room for expanding. Everything becomes more complicated if you have a tripod attached or put something on top of the dividers inside your pack (you'll squash the middle divider and struggle to zip the whole thing closed). The side pockets are also just short enough to not hold a water bottle and if you have something in those pockets, a water bottle probably won't stay in the sleeve on the outside. I love that the bag is sleek and light and I get that it's for "urban environments", I just think the minor (but very annoying) things I mentioned keep it from having so much more versatility. Bottom line, I'd get it again.

I'm so happy I bought my StreetWalker BP. Replaced a LowePro. Perfect bag for one camera shooters who have multiple lenses.

This is the most versatile camera back pack I've used. I can load as much as I'm willing to haul into this bag, and carry it comfortably all day. I've taken this bag all over the world and it looks like it'll outlast me. A friend was recently looking for a camera backpack, I told her that if she bought this bag and didn't love it I'd pay for it myself. That's the best recommendation I can offer!

Have the StreetWalker and the StreetWalker Pro. The Pro is pretty big and I only use it if I want to haul a load. The reg StreetWalker is my go-to bag. Holds plenty for me on average. Excellent build - best camera backpack you can buy. Great Work ThinkTank!

There was a comment on here that said I wish I don't have to detach my battery grip when using this bag with d90.. Well just to let you know I fit my d300s with my battery and a sun sniper strap(strap is kinda bulky) an my 17-50mm 2.8 lens. If you rearrange your bag you can do it too. It just takes a while! I also have 2 additional lenses in there my battery charger, my flash, a light meter my expo disc, my whale tail Gary fong diffuser, and a gotto airblower! It's a little tight when zipping it but works great and everything is organized nicely. I couldn't say that for my last bag which was a Tamrac. The only thing I agree with you guys is the side pockets. I do wish it was wide enough to fit a water bottle or additional photo equipment of that size. But I only had this bag for a day and haven't gone out with it yet but still love it!!

Happy owner of a Streetwalker for a few months now. Fits all my gear (Nikon D7000+Sigma 150-500, another D7000+Tamron 18-270, Sigma 8-16, chargers, cables, raincover, a small pair of binoculars and even an iPad on top of the dividers!!!). Extremely comfortable to wear, and easy to haul around public transport. I would appreciate some more room in the outer pockets, though. I would definitely recommend it.

I've gone through 3 different bags (two Lowepro and 1 Kata3n1) in the last year looking for the perfect one. The two Lowepro's were horrible and pretty cheap to say the least and definately not comfortable. The Kata 3n1 22 was pretty good and I thought the side access in theroy would come in handy but it was anything but. Not to mention the straps on it were the cheapest most uncomfortable/thin ones I've ever seen. I came accross this product and thought I'd give it a shot especially after seeing the straps on it, thick and very well padded. This backpack is amazing, SUPER comfortable, fits a ton, very easy to access things quickly and has VERY high quality materials used in it. I finally found my perfect bag and plan on keeping this one for years to come!

I just got this bag, and so happy it fits my Sony Nex-7 gear that is growing! So far one body, 3 lens, one flash. multiple filters and step up rings. This will be my go to camera for long exposures. My 16 step 77mm ND filters will get no vignetting with the wide angle 62mm. There is still so much room to spare for this setup.

Awesome bag for toting a DSLR with a few lenses and peripherals. This is my goto bag for local shoots with my Leica M and S cameras and lenses. Very light weight, well though out layout and built incredibly well!

This is my 5th thinktank bag. I will not repeat all the good things others had mentioned above. Instead, I just want to name two impressive designs: this bag is able to stand upright steadily when putting on the floor or a table (not just lie down floppily like other bags). The curvature of the top opening makes you more easy to grab out your camera. Yes, the best backpack I've ever had.

This was my first Think Tank bag. Storage space is amazing. It's smaller than my previous bag and yet it manages to hold more gear. Even fully loaded, the Street Walker was comfortable to carry.

I use this backpack for airplane carry-on. It fits perfectly under the seat. Have not used it on the streets yet. Here's what I can fit into the main compartment: A Canon 5DMkIII w/70-200 f2.8 attached (lens hood reversed), a second Canon 5DMkIII body only, two 24-70 f2.8 (lens hoods reversed), one 16-35 f2.8 (lens hood reversed). I'm a 5'5" female. The backpack seems comfortable. Tho, it may sit on my back a little low. I'm sure I can figure out the right strap adjustments so that it sits a little better. Straps are nice and wide. My husband is 6'0"...he loves it. I may consider gettting a speed belt for lens change convenience.

I just changed to a StreetWalker from a competitor's sling bag and am very pleased that the Think Tank backpack holds my Nikon d7100 with an L-bracket, wrist strap and 18-300 lens with the hood on forward. In addition, it holds two other lenses, a D200 body with an L-bracket and wrist strap, plus all my accessories including a right, angle viewer, a Hood-loupe, two folding reflectors, cleaning materials and a flash. What a bag! It is comfortable on my old, large body even with all the weight added to it. I highly recommend this product.

This is my every day, run & gun bag and I cannot imagine doing a job without it. Loaded with a 6D on a 110mm - 300mm and 2 smaller lenses with accessories AND a tablet, it has me covered comfortably, whether climbing hills, maneuvering through a crowd or just out on a rare goof off day. I cannot recommend this bag highly enough.

First, I love Think Tank bags. I have an Airport Antidote and Airport Express that see heavy use. I was looking for something smaller for my Sony A7 and A6000 with several lenses and accessories. The Streetwalker is perfect... Except the curved top. This makes fitting a any DSLR or even the small A7 with a vertical grip installed less than perfect. One of the things that I have always loved about Think Tank bags is their rectilinear profiles. Which maximizes internal storage while minimizing external size. Any time you add curvature to a camera bag, you limit storage space. The Streetwalker is an example of this. IMHO as someone who travels a lot with various gear, this simple feature severely limits the bags use for anyone who prefers to shoot with a vertical grip attached... Even on the modestly sized A7. If the curvature were to be removed in a future update, this bag would be perfect for even a full sized DSLR with built in grip and up to a 70-200. Hoping this change happens. I'd buy one in a heartbeat. Note that I am giving the Streetwalker 3 stars ONLY for the aforementioned curved top. The build is tops and Think Tank makes the best bags on the market, hands down. Totally worth the small premium over other brands.

I own Tenba, Lowepro, Lightware, Pelican, and now a Think Tank Photo backpack. I love how compact this Think Tank backpack is and how highly functional it is at the same time. It's difficult to find a smaller backpack that can easily fit a full size DSRL with and bigger lens attached. Most brands make you step up to a very large backpack to accommodate the large camera/lens setup. I think I tried almost every backpack at the store before I found this Think Tank pack. I had never heard of Think Tank before, and after using this backpack for a weeklong trip, I'm sold on Think Tank. A solid pack, easy to configure, no wasted space or needless pockets, comfortable fit, easy zippers . . everything I need. Perfect!

Pros: great built quality, comfortable to wear (even with heavy load), carries a lot of gear, not bulky, stands upright when put on the floor. Cons: can't reach inside when tripod is attached, no room for storing A4 sized documents, outer pockets only hold (very) small items.

Very happy with this back pack. As expected, very well thought-out, compact and comfortable. Used it for the first time this past Memorial Day weekend at a regatta (rowers) and had it on most of the time I was out taking photos. I've only had it a few weeks so I can't comment on durability, but the materials, zippers and handles feel very strong. Great job, Think Tank

It is time to review my Streetwalker, TWO YEARS after I purchased it, long after the "glow" might have subsided. I conversed, via email with the most helpful guy before buying. He actually went back and loaded one with the Canon 7D and EF400/5.6 to make sure it would fit perfectly, and based on the other items I would carry while shooting birds, he actually stepped me DOWN to this incredible model. I'M GLAD HE DID! No complaints after two years. HOWEVER, now the RAVES . . . I absolutely love how it crades and has totally protected for my stuff, how clever the ways it can do various things, how incredible it has worn and how great it still looks too. It is a perfect product. BEST OF ALL, when it is loaded down, and I'm hiking in the mountains, or hiking through a hot coastal marsh on a very hot day, it makes everything feel like it weights nothing . . . and it keeps my back cool on hot days too. As a pack, the fit perfectly distributes the weight so it doesn't tax the shoulders, or any other part of the body, at all. I remain totally blown away by the product. It far exceeds my high expectations!!! I just wish I still had a way to thank the person who worked with me, but no longer have my email files from 2013, but thanks so much to you all!
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StreetWalker® Camera Backpack

Product: TT474
Slim and lightweight, this camera backpack is ideal for urban environments.
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(27 reviews)
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