United States

Liam Doran

Adventure photography has been a passion of Liam’s since he was a kid growing up in Colorado’s front range staring incredulously at the pages of outdoor magazines and catalogs.

These days he can be found chasing light, weather, athletes and wildlife around the globe for commercial and editorial clients. Liam is also a public speaker and educator, giving educational and inspirational presentations at photography events around the country.

Much of Liam's work takes place deep in the backcountry where skills beyond the photographic are called in to play. His photography is genuine and all images are from a single shot. He eschews the modern practice of composites or sky swapping, instead relying on getting up early and staying out late to find the light that tells the story. Liam's favorite weather to shoot is a breaking storm where the elements combine for unique and dramatic images.  For his adventures Liam uses the Backlight Elite 45L, Trailscape 18L and the new FirstLight 46L+ photo packs.