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This versatile, lightweight pouch provides flexibility for large accessories, multiple lenses, or a combination of both! Also great for mirrorless and Micro 4/3 camera systems. Carry it on any Think Tank belt or stand-alone with the provided shoulder strap. Includes front zippered pocket with organizer. It's our lightest shoulder bag at just 1 lb / 0.5 kg.

  • Rotate or lock components on the belt
  • Shoulder strap included
  • Three removable dividers provide flexibility in the way you load the bag
  • Large front zippered pocket with organizer
  • Compatible with any Think Tank Photo belt or
  • Attaches to any Think Tank Photo belt or beltpack (sold separately)


  • Abrasion resistant YKK® RC Fuse zippers
  • Pockets for lens caps and accessories
  • Removable seam-sealed rain cover included
  • Mid-weight padding to protect your gear
  • Top grab-handle
  • Attachment loops for the Keep-It-Up shoulder strap (optional)
Gear Profile:
  • 70 - 200 f/2.8 lying horizontally
  • Various camera lenses
  • Micro 4/3 or other mirrorless camera system
  • Standard DSLR with small prime lens attached, with room for another small lens or flash
  • Point-and-shoot camera
  • Accessories
  • Internal Dimensions: 10.6" W x 6.7" H x 4.0" D (26.9 x 17 x 10 cm)
  • External Dimensions: 11.4" W x 7.3" H x 5.3" D (29 x 18.5 x 13.5 cm)
  • Weight: 1.0 lb (0.5 kg)


Exterior: For superior water resistance, all exterior fabric exterior treated with a durable water repellent (DWR) coating, plus the underside of the fabric has a polyurethane coating. It's also constructed with YKK® RC Fuse (abrasion resistant) zippers, 600D polyester, high-density 420D nylon, Ultra Stretch front pockets, nylon webbing, and 3-ply bonded nylon thread.

Interior: 210D silver-toned nylon, 2x polyurethane coated nylon 210T seam-sealed rain cover, closed cell foam, and 3-ply bonded nylon thread.


No Rhetoric Warranty on all Think Tank products


Feature #2 A shoulder strap is included with the Hubba Hubba Hiney.
Feature #3 A 70-200 f2.8 fits horizontally in main pocket when you want to just carry a few components on location.
Feature #4 Convenient front pockets for organization.
Feature #5 Every modular component can be locked on a belt to keep bag in place on any of our camera belts.
Feature #6 Components can "Rotate or Lock" on the belt. To rotate, place the white plastic tang behind the belt while attaching the component. Rotating the component prevents the weight of the equipment from creating a pressure point on the hip by being stationary for an extended time. Also, moving the component to a different place on the belt allows a photographer to assume a different position such as kneeling, bracing against a wall, or lying prone without damaging gear. If locking the component in position is preferred, slide the plastic tang down into the fabric loop on the belt or rail while attaching the component. This prevents the component from sliding along the belt.
Feature #7 Rain cover included to protect your bag from the elements.

Overall Product Rating:     

This is exactly the waist pouch I've been looking for! It is light weight with just enough padding and dividers to protect and organize my gear. It holds my 16-85 and 70-300 Nikon lenses and SB-800 speedlight, as well as spare SD cards, batteries and a couple of filters. I added o-rings to the shoulder strap attachment loops to cut down on wear from the strap connectors when I use the bag as a shoulder bag. I wish Think Tank would have sewn on a couple of small D-rings there. I plan to use the Hiney on my Pro Speedbelt along with a small audio recorder pouch for my Zoom H4n recorder. This should be a great run and gun DSLR video setup for street shooting. Thanks guys, for another excellent product!

The ideal sizes for city bag street photography with several lenses.

Like the other TT bags I own, this is amazing. Small, yep....but perfect for what it does, which is hold my 24 1.4G and 85 1.4G lenses, plus an SB900 when I'm out shooting in urban environments. I have a review with photos here:

TT is being far too modest about what this bag is useful for. I've found that by installing one of the dividers horizontally it can comfortably carry - grip up -a D90 with 18-105 and an extra consumer zoom or flash beside, and accessories underneath the aforementioned divider. Pretty much all you need for most street or travel photography unless you're packing fast glass. A small-body SLR would be a piece of cake, a D7000's getting a bit tubby. I'd be a bit worried about the durability of the shoulder strap loops, but they're not holding much weight. In a pinch you can use the shoulder strap as a belt as well. The ChangeUp is more versatile, but it's about 1/2" or so slimmer and less optimal as a camera bag. If TT redesigns the ChangeUp to follow the HHH's example, they'll create the perfect stealth shoulder/waist bag.

WHAT A GREAT BAG! This is the perfect bag to use when you get to a destination and/or when you want to carry only a few items. Lightwight and easy to carry. Paritions protect your gear without taking up too much room. Can use over the shoulder, or across the chest or on one of the waist belts TT makes. I will use all three ways depending on the situation. The only thing I would improve is the attachment loops for the shoulder strap. They should be much more sturdy. Great design TT!

Greatest bag for my NEX system. Can hold 1 body with up to 6 lenses include 18-200 and a small flash. I bring it almost every day.

I use this bag in conjunction with a Ricoh GXR mirrorless camera. It has plenty of room for the camera with one rangefinder lens mounted, and two other lenses in other slots created by divider placement. Alternatively, if I'm going to carry the camera on a neck strap, it will easily accomodate four lenses without being cramped. This is one of the first bags I've run across that doesn't absolutely swallow up rangefinder lenses with a lot of wasted space and padding. The bag is quite lightweight as well. The small front zipper pocket holds a filter and lens pen. Elastic front pockets are great for lenscaps. Raincover is a nice touch.

I really love this bag, which accompany me when I need to travel light. It holds my Leica M9 with 50mm noctilux lens attached, Leica 18mm lens plus my Fuji X10. And it is still have enough room for spare batteries and accessories. For me, this is the perfect and comfortable bag that I use most of the time.

Using this bag for my NEX. Lightened my load for mountain hiking, and this is just the bag to organize and protect my compact mirrorless and equipment. Carrying the NEX7 with 18-200 lens attached and a macro on the side. also able to carry a few other essentials.

I really like this bag - it is just right for my Fuji X100 and a Nikon D90 with just a prime or short zoom lens. It fits on a belt (I am using it with a Thin Skin belt) if you want or it comes with a sturdy shoulder strap if you prefer. I find it very useful for day trips and travelling light. Neal Kemsley

A great sized bag for travel, if you like to travel light. I use it for a Nikon 7100, battery charger, a Daytimer Planner, and a couple of writing instruments, and the cell phone. My only concern is the grab handle, it seems smallish and feels like it will eventually pull out. It just looks and feels not quite up to the task. Otherwise, a very useful bag.

This bag is perfect! I chose it to keep my 5DmkIII with 50mm 1,4 and 100mm 2,8 IS while backpacking for a few weeks. On the days I stayed in one place, I carried it through the cities with the shoulder strap. Sunglasses, cellphone and other items were stored in the front pockets. On the other days, the Hiney was attached to the waistbelt of my backpack and allowed immediate access to my gear. I could not imagine how to make this product better. Absolutely love it.

Love this my! My only suggestion for the 2.0 version of this bag would be to replace the flimsy handle with the handle from the Speed Demon.

This bag is just big enough with beau coup variable sized pockets and removable separator (x2 in mine) to use it for just about anything, photographic or other. I originally bought it to use with a Sony NEX system I use when I just can't carry my D800 much less my D4. It worked just fine for that but gave me so many extra pockets that I keep all the junk I carry around on a typical day in it. I switched it over to be my SB-910 flash bag. I carry three SB-910's, the HonlPhoto folding reflectors, Honl straps, and Honl Grid. I actually do not carry my batteries in here (but I certainly could). I have a specialized battery holder, with a tester, fresh and discharged battery holder, for the loose batteries I carry. I do carry one Bolt battery pack for the SB-910 in the Think Tank HB pack. I can use it one the belt or separately with the padded shoulder strap

Great bag, extremely handy. It will hold a Sigma 300mm 2.8 with the hood flipped, or works great as a lightweight, compact bag for hauling around a few primes. I use it both as a stand alone as well as on my modular belt. It flattens out nicely and slips inside my rolling bag for onsite deployment when needed. Couldn't be happier!

Near-perfect size for Micro-4/3 sets. I can actually fit two Panasonic G3's with lenses side by side (facing down), although it's a bit tight. With a pancake lens (14mm or 20mm, that camera can fit left-side down, so the two camera-lens-combos fit more comfortably. More usually, I take one body with lens, and two extra lenses. There's enough room for spare cards, batteries, a filter or two, and a cleaning brush/cloth. I use the "Hiney" both on a ThinkTank belt, and by itself with the supplied shoulder strap. Great construction!

I've been using several of your bags for many years now and have not really found their equals from any other manufacturer. I recently purchased the HHH to hold a Fuji X system. IMO, it would be perfect if the main zipper could be replaced with a velcro flap closure of some short. I find the zipper hinders fast and easy access to the main compartment. In many cases, I've found this feature actually works against me in a fast moving news situation. I would like to see TT offer the HHH in a 'flapped' version.

I've used this bag for 2years to carry now a Fuji Xe2 and Xpro-1, plus 35, 18 and 14 lenses with hoods and extra batteries. A terrific go anywhere all day all around rig in the street.

I have been using this for more than 2 years using 1 small dslr (Pentax K-30) plus 3 limited lenses and then some without a problem. My only gripe is that I wish it can have another pocket that can accomodate an ipad mini just like the Change Up V1.

Using this bag alongside the Pro Speed Belt and Modular 2 kit. I personally find this addition to hold ALL the items I would need to have access to during game time. I get both 1.7 & 2.0 Extenders, Pocket Wizard Remote, 2 Primes, Bus. Cards, Blower, Hoodman Loupe, 2 - 77mm filters, Pens, Small Gaffer Tape Roll and more... All on a sliding bag. I could never shoot without this entire piece of kit. One of the best values I own.

I it with a holster on a belt. I use it to carry fast zoom lenses (f2.8). A would suggest making the main opening wider. perhaps using a flap instead of a single zipper. The lens hood can catch on the opening when I change lenses in a hurry.

When I try something new I always think of ways I would change it to fit my needs. It is well made and after using it on a belt for nearly a year the only change I really would like to see is a front pocket design like the speed changer has. I carry 3 lensed in it most of the time with spare batteries, sd cards and smaller things in the front zipper pocket. There is no room for a tripod foot or anything else. I like to keep the other small pockets empty to hold lens caps when I am working. With the front pockets like a speed changer I would give it an eight or maybe a ten star rating. Overall I do like the Hubba Hubba Hiney and will continue to carry it on my belt and maybe on the shoulder strap if I only need a small bag.

This bag survived 200 miles backpacking through the Sierra backcountry, going through both heavy dust and heavy rain. It was never uncomfortable and protected my camera just as well as other Think Tank products. Carried a Sony a7, 24-70mm, 10-18mm, and accessories. Great job!
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Hubba Hubba Hiney

Product: TT228
This beltpack/shoulder bag hybrid includes removable dividers and is a versatile lightweight solution for carrying a mirrorless or Micro 4/3rd kit. Also fits a 70-200mm f/2.8.
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(23 reviews)
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