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Think Tank – Limited Lifetime Warranty

At Think Tank, we build our products for the daily impacts of travel and demands of working professionals over extended periods of time. We build many of our products with user replaceable parts to keep your bag going for years. But everything does eventually wear out, so we warranty our products against defects in material or workmanship for the life of the product.  Damage due to normal wear and tear, the natural breakdown of materials over time, accident, improper care, or negligence is not covered by our warranty.

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We are committed to supporting our customers and will do everything we can to keep your Think Tank bag going for years. If there is a defect in the materials or workmanship, notwithstanding age and wear and tear, we will repair or replace the product at our discretion. Many of our products include parts that can be replaced by the user.

What is Not Covered by the Warranty?

Damages not covered are those resulting from abuse, normal wear and tear, cosmetic issues that do not affect the functionality of the bag, and accidental damage. Any damage to or loss of contents of a bag, loss of use, loss of time, or similar expenses are not covered. Unless a product is designed and stated to be machine washable, use of washing machines can result in damage not covered by our warranty.  Dryers are never recommended, and damage will not be covered under the warranty.

How to Submit a Warranty Claim

If you have any problems with the product, please contact us for return authorization at before sending the product to us. We will evaluate the product. We will either repair or replace the product (at our option) if the damage is covered by the warranty. If your product was purchased outside of the United States, please contact the authorized Think Tank Photo distributor for your country.

What is Normal Wear and Tear?

It is the expected and inevitable damage that occurs as a result of normal use and or aging of a product. Damage from normal wear and tear should not render your product unusable during a reasonable product life cycle, but it should be noted that textile-based products should not be expected to perform indefinitely at the same level as when they were originally purchased. Usual wear and tear not covered by the product lifetime warranty include changes in color, abrasions, and general breakdown of materials over time. Some examples of common wear and tear include color fading from sun exposure, worn elastic, and fabric wear, especially in high wear areas such as corners, worn hook and loop, and worn shoulder or back padding. Some examples of accidental damage are rips or cuts in fabric, animals chewing or clawing on our products, as well as damage arising from airline abuse such as broken handles or damaged/cracked wheels.

What Does Limited Lifetime, Material, Component, and Defect Mean?

Defects in materials, components, or workmanship are covered for the lifetime of the product. Materials and components refer to zippers, buckles and fabrics, etc. Workmanship refers to seams and construction. Damage due to normal wear and tear such as rips, tears, abrasion or UV degradation, misuse or neglect is not covered under our warranty policy. LIMITED LIFETIME simply means that your product is not immortal and that the warranty is limited to conditions and warranty details described within this warranty statement.

Need Replacement Parts?

We also offer replacement parts for many of those broken and missing buckles, straps, divider, wheels, and handles. Please contact the Think Tank authorized distributor in your country to begin a warranty claim and to find replacement parts. To find your local distributor click here or contact us at