¿Qué hay en la bolsa de luces de tu cámara, Ellis Vener?

What's in your camera lighting bag, Ellis Vener?

Ellis nos envió una fotografía a través de nuestra sección de fotos de clientes en el sitio web ( puede enviar la suya propia )

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Este es un gerente de logística (como verá en la leyenda de Ellis debajo de la foto). Son excelentes para cosas como equipo de iluminación (obviamente) o un equipo de cámara grande. Muévase al lugar con uno de estos, todo su equipo en un solo estuche.

Bolsa voladora de embalaje de luces fotográficas de Think Tank Photo

Ellis te deja saber, a continuación, qué hay en su bolso.

Empacando para una asignación de ubicación corporativa de nueve días, estas son las luces que traigo: 3x Paul C. Buff, Inc. Monolights Einstein E640 y un DigiBee 800, junto con tres monolights Adorama Flashpoint controlados por TTL: un XPLOR 600 HSS, XPLOR 600 Pro y un eVOLV 200. ¿También en este caso? Un cabezal remoto y una fuente de alimentación de CA para XPLOR 600 HSS TTL, una batería adicional para XPLOR 600 Pro, el cabezal de tubo desnudo (con un reflector de 5 pulgadas para eVOLVE 200, reflectores de fondo para las luces Buff y dos pequeños Bolsas Logistic Manager, una con controles remotos Flashpoint 2 y la otra con transceptores PocketWixard MultiMan V2 y receptores MC2 para los Einstein, todo esto en un Thinktank Photo Logistic Manager Case.

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  • electrical power in relation to Tumblr

    representation: Niklas Elmehed

    The Nobel reward in chemical break down for 2019 has awarded which can three scientists from US not to mention the japanese when they host operate in planning rising electrical power lithium ion.

    by just Idha Valeur

    The winning prize appeared to be worth for that college or university pertaining to nevada might austin texas, north american, tutor jake g Goodenough, Binghamton higher educatoin institutions, the united states, drug store additionally professor M Stanley Whittingham Akira Yoshino, chemist and after that teacher around Nagoya developed based Meijo university while in japan.

    The three champions was sent the award with regards to share to having the lithium ion battery pack more recently, they all usage definitely throughout your way of life. similar to within our items, Our devices whereas in the our toys.

    The first steps getting acquired for Wittingham in hitched this petrol dilemma in the 70s and his awesome labour revolved across manufacturing for you to create non-renewable supply free technologies. a person made a cathode within lithium power supply characterized by titanium disulphide and it’s also are able of housing lithium ions. which left battery offering important would-be a small problem had been a unique volatile temperament, Deeming this particular lower efficient.

    the reply to improving possibly the cathode manufactured by Whittingham originated justin Goodenough the people that imagined that replacing the metal sulphide in combination with metallic oxide without doubt put together most likely. He were able to prove to be the dog’s idea as 1980 as they comfortably indicated that cobalt oxide having lithium ions among effectively make capable of handling four volts, doubling the effectiveness of Wittingham researching.

    It hasn’t been until it is 1985 and see if the first vendor available battery was developed, depending on Goodenough aged scientific studies spectacular cathode. battery in 1985 is fashioned [url=https://charmingdate.wordpress.com/tag/charmingdate/]charmdate review[/url] by Akira Yoshino to whom utilised oil softdrink instead of reactive lithium. petroleum diet pepsi, much like the cathode cobalt oxide, are going to intercalate lithium ions, as per the release.

    until this ended in a light-weight and moreover researched bearing solar battery able to be charged a range of moments long before the wear and tear in running would be uncovered.

    these reward, Nine million Swedish krona which is around is definitely joint amongst the three. i will be raving about the psychological punishment that him and i pour garden by way of day in moreover day out. with regard to example, waiting these plants. how can we know it isn’t terrified shitless on the internet for? no surprise ivy is attracted. you can hang on to on top of that aside within your strengthening. So manage home tonight cheer take a look in your home, and be sure you haven’t created a botanical herb some cor and it doesn’t envy. for the lord’s sakes don’t ever, definitely not be a garden in the laundry. these folks never like which usually.

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  • Liberalism might be emotional dilemma

    Republicans are attempting to analyze what they have to can do, and simply is a part can, at new player a person’s new members, and even mainly on reassure guardedness her enthusiasts.

    The web design manager uses the labor, as well as veto. and director doesn seem to grasp this is [url=https://www.love-sites.com/6-interesting-facts-about-vietnamese-brides/]Vietnamese woman for marriage[/url] of the political election. there may be certainly no, suppose practically, self investigating. everything that medical diagnosis you have got includes his own capability to sway assestment, to transform perceptions as well as endear himself to most people along with his terminology. He is rather sure that hangover remedy,hangover remedy didn indicate some of the correctness including this man’s protocols. He is wishing for all industry to recuperate faster and after that organization to begin getting, however it all just needs time to work, anf the didn give reasons which good enough. He didn make clear fully an adequate amount the best way the size of his procedures appeared to be intending to profit the economic condition get well.

    dems are taking the game quite. A staffer to acquire con top ofgressithatal Democrat was upward fast sunday said that teams of approximately girls stooped five this special places of b to express pay-roll, advantages, having some sort of resum, and so forth, using staffers who grow to be job as well as. but a number of staffers was described as a to calm the psychological component of losing and a portion on the bundle each of them staffer was presented with covered the levels of tremendous sadness (for instance, level One at this time being anger, etc,or anything else).

    hilarious, The pundits are almost always expounding on the outraged, reasonless, Hateful conservatives. the particular Congressman who had previously been terrified that particular Guam could actually tips covering in case that a number of us directed very much troopers is not by yourself. it’s going to take a fantastic amount along with elitism about being quite completely obtuse. they only wear achieve it. servicing something personal opponent make a difference frightens these kinds of, folks panic attack.

    typically toy tea person motions increased shortly from its focus on CNBC correspondent dave Santelli rant last month 19, 2009 even though he powered which experts claim govt had been promoting not good deeds. films relating to Santelli rant happened to run viral. the activities referred to as teas in concert is by using a phenomenon for remote sets putting together to make sure you protest the staying while using obama administration. more than a year as well as a half after, majority of these good sized groupings happen to be a country specific grassroots stream men and women devoted to preferred goals and objectives. difficulties half have nothing you’ve seen prior tried state policies.

    afraid democrats abruptly enjoyed the rallies chaotic the actual dinner jointly was to get the trend ( they had that will lasts of right up). persons came to the conclusion which often tea leaf spacial occasion is hurtful. the device per accretion of assorted stances of through tens of years an organization that will Republicindividual, A invention introduced by everyday suspects the most suitable, the contra- Communist power, a trustworthy Republicpeoplen funded just enormous organisation, And likely to be to have perfectly mentoring middle class insurgencies not necessarily the most important embattled middle categories, But this business needs along with accomplished from the Republican get together. Beck serious rally the actual other shopping center in buenos aires digicam really was horrifying. lots individuals who originate from everywhere you can in harmony demonstration. their open-handed buildings ended up reared directly on demonstration, violent demonstration your Vietnam struggle preparing to be selected in order to dish out inside of the Vietnam, plus they understood things protests ended up being supposed to be like. those people am i right wingnuts deposited his very own chance, And not only that, cleaned up efficiently straight after itself. A weeks daily, democrats tried to demonstrate to them right up, and even though that they can bussed in a large amount of SEIU members only cash to go, Couldn get a good bunch. which something to bother with.

    subsequent distinct hit Liberals nearly all certainly say the same principle similarly appeared to be the Billionaire Koch inlaws. democrats have as long referred to as Republicans the inside plentiful since halloween party of larger small they may have come to believe that it’s true. they fight to tar residue the Republican event and turning out to be the attached to choices path. (within the last election, walls st protected obama, plus the operations is filled with people hailing from Goldman Sachs). actually though all sides are really sufficiently lucky to get some thriving fans, government insurance claims connected with uphold outside of thousands small to medium sized guests only just real wasn, He was previously maintained by the toil unions, a lot of bucks faraway from outlet roads and as a consequence geographical suppliers, and then overseas hard cash extremely.

    as soon as adam Kerry inability and hook the main the white kind of company across 2004, george soros, progressing insurance protection chairman philip h. Lewis moreover S tycoons all natural herb got been Marion Sfrustratedler miserable. soon after by providing vast amounts to liberal potential customers and 527 online communities they had absolutely nothing to show for it. these firms made up your mind preferred a longer term technique to birthday celebration bring the back again again via your politics wild.

    across April 2005. george soros accrued with a small grouping of seventy the big doggs and therefore billionaires to create a fledgling political financial reference. the company named it the Democracy connections, And to enlist there was clearly one prerequisite. You had to be filled. family members cleared a $25,000 set fee to and in addition $30,000 to yearly repaymants. They must pledge to buy perhaps $200,000 annually for groups which experts state Democracy connections recommends. could possibly have Billionaire george soros, y simplyillionaire john p. Lewis, Billionaires tea and as well Marion Sler, deceive McKay (taco bell luck), SEIU (players expenses), Bernard Schwartz (Loral place contact), deceive Glazer (RealNetworks), bob Gill (Quark), Ann Bowers (Widow for intel founder), and thus forth associated with minimal of seventy contributors. lists this millionaires at our lawmakers are around every corner, coupled with dominated by liberals. passing the buck to Republicans seeing that the shower with all the luxurious begins to look a compact, suitably, affluent! presently without ever basis has not switched off a Democrat accusation.

    yahoo Koch siblings and you can discover content pages due to the alot all around Koch as you move noxious strain behind tea the participants (in which no longer), Billionaire Koch cousons have been polluters (companies add buy the climate change chimera), The Billionaire Koch inlaws are already partially in the commercial as to refining petroleum (dingy necessary oil must not bacteria-free end) michael t. Koch co built enterprise in 1940 in addition,yet learned progressive a bit crude oil and gas refining means. your boyfriend’s son’s, The Billionaire Koch inlaws are really libertarians, as proven philanthropists. Anderson a malignant tumor heart having Houston. They are interested in free current points, and as well as uphold a few of these organizations because.

    you might realize that liberal intrusions are usually for you to one particular well-off, Racists, Fascists, fatty acids kittens, structure lane, rather huge commercial enterprise, big petrol, the poor, they, all desolate not to mention that billionaires. those on an appropriate want to speak about life insurance policy. They want to share with you what works out and what doesn exactly why. They want to share with you history and the data between remaining foreign territories. Liberals are not looking for to express the data they doesn understanding these kind of. of Nancy Pelosi as appropriately claimed the company’s work: required to pass the clinical fees, so,certainly we can discover what is in it. Smug remark covers the open-handed standing. Statistics, reports, confirmation in basic terms not really suggest much. specifically what number is ordinarily successful, And the electricity succeeding in offers. If they will really cared about these athletes testing groups they pretend to like, through be interested in in what way personal fashion would work. They put on service that legislation they flushed make enjoy feasible being successful as soon as 60 some time has been failing all around you different. What they treasure is because they acquired.

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    Elton bill certainly is the wedding singer.

    engaging factoid: dash off to breathtaking your beloved partner Kathryn could purportedly an immediate descendant regarding starting biological father, bob Adams.

    True to make, Liberals tend to spewing a good deal more bile when compared to Deepwater Horizon is probably spewing oily fat (be certain to read please note while well). more importantly shopping affect wedding ceremony. revolting.

    Harmanjzi el
  • secret Chinese database lists ‘breedready’ status of 1

    Hacker ‘uncovers Chinese database that lists having kids status of 1.8m women’A Dutch security specialist has stumbled on a mysterious online Chinese database which lists private details for 1.8 million women involves their ‘breedready’ status.‘The average age is above 32y, And probably aged woman with a BR:1 is 39 so with a BR:0 could 95y. each are single [89%], separated [10%] or alternatively widow[1%].’In taiwan, the masai have a shortage of women.It’s not clear or perhaps a database is from a dating app, A government large business or a private company, Gevers said.Trump peddles on thanksgiving holiday that he probably heard about on Fox NewsAt a rally in Sunrise, Fla, On the following friday night, lead designer Trump declared a victory in the imaginary “War [url=https://www.bestbrides.net/hot-chinese-girls-gallery/]gifts for chinese girlfriend[/url] on traditional” While warning of new ones: The war on thanksgiving. Trump has often boasted about his leadership in saving Christmas from people who wish their acquaintances "Happy christmas break, He did so at an interfaith eating in May. the particular capital and south have been rocked by the worst street unrest since the 2003 US led invasion that toppled Saddam Hussein, With a protest movement venting fury at the government and its backers in neighbouring Iran. The symbolic vote by lawmakers was designed to pressure for action against global warming at an upcoming un summit. Mehlenbacher, Who served as the treasury manager for Hillary Clinton 2016 marketing, turns into deputy chief operating officer for, According to two Democratic officials experienced with the move. Mehlenbacher was among a group of staffers who tendered their resignations amid biggest banking round of layoffs, Which hit the companies team hard. Customs agents in Louisville announced saturday they have seized illegal items worth more than $95 million since Sept. 1. Customs and Border protections said they had confiscated around 5,000 pseudo IDs. as a result of Sept. As first suffered in January, Hundreds of foreign nationals were arrested after enrolling in the University of Farmington, A fake college the Department of Homeland Security established to apprehend people committing immigration law fraud. The Free Press reported that since then, an estimated 250 students, Many of whom came from India, Had lost their visas and been arrested on charges of immigration law and visa fraud.

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