United States


For more than two decades, Nikon Ambassador Deanne Fitzmaurice served as an eyewitness to sweeping change across the Bay Area as a photojournalist for the San Francisco Chronicle

Documenting the worst Earthquake in nearly a century, pivotal Supreme Court rulings, significant wars involving the U.S., climate change, and sports. Her work for the Chronicle garnered the attention of global publications and soon she was shooting for National Geographic, Sports Illustrated, ESPN, and others. One photographic essay, documenting a young Iraqi war victim named Saleh, earned her the Pulitzer Prize. She has won most of the major prizes in photojournalism—some multiple times—including Pictures of the Year International, AI-AP American Photography, Communication Arts, NPPA, and others. Today, Deanne shoots for the world’s most iconic brands, including Amazon, Apple, Nike, Google, and Facebook, helping nonprofit organizations such as the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation tell their stories, and documenting moments and individuals who spark her enthusiasm. A highly sought-after storyteller, Deanne lectures regularly at Stanford University and on stages worldwide, sharing her insights and reflections on life, creativity, business acumen, and cultivating a winning mindset. When she’s not on the move, Deanne and her photographer husband, Kurt Rogers, guide Think Tank, the cult camera bag business they co-founded.