MindShift in the Wild: Toby Gelston

MindShift in the Wild: Toby Gelston

Our friend Toby Gelston wears a lot of hats. In addition to running a successful photography business from his home-base in Seattle, he's also the driving force behind the PhotoRec TV site and YouTube channel. And then in his spare time (you have spare time, Toby?) he also travels the globe leading workshops!

Toby just returned from leading a tour to the Golden Eagle Festival in Mongolia, and the photos and videos he brought back were stunning. He made an epic "what's in my bag" video about the journey that featured the MindShift BackLight 26L backpack & Exposure 15 shoulder bag that he took on the trip.

Toby will be returning to the Golden Eagle Festival in 2020 with McKay Photography Academy, as well as leading a photo and hiking workshop through Zion National Park.  You should join him. 


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