Highlands of Iceland Scenery
Highlands of Iceland Scenery

Venture Observe Connect

When you travel the world in search of new experiences and cultures, you become a Venturing Observer with a goal to Venture, Observe, and Connect with the world around you.

This gallery shows Venturing Observers connecting with the world around them. We encourage you to post photos of your adventures on Instagram with the hashtag #ventureobserveconnect for a chance to have your photo featured on this page. You can also enjoy a few exciting stories from other Venturing Observers on our Journal.
Lead photo: Samuele Cavicchi

Two individuals sit on a mountainside, one in a fur hat and one in rain gear with camera equipment.
A photographer stands on a cliff wearing a backpack in front of a camera on a tripod.
A person in the far distance climbing up a glacier, a man up close is looking back at the person in the far distance
A man crouching down, view from the backside, wearing a roller backpack
A photographer sitting on a ledge, looking through his camera propped on a small camera bag
A photographer sitting holding binoculars, in front of him a camouflage tarp covering the camera with long lens
Photographers and travelers have long known that when we Venture out into the world, it alters our perspective and can even radically change the course of our lives.
A photographer reaching into a black camera bag and grabbing his camera gear out
A photographer standing, wearing a backpack in front of a camera on a tripod.
A women riding an escalator up, wearing a small camera bag and holding a rolling luggage
The act of taking a photograph forces us to Observe and look more deeply at the people, surroundings, and small details that are often overlooked.
Highlands of Iceland Scenery overlooking a waterfall with misty fog and sunrise
A person riding a moped, with several luggage strapped in
a man sitting on a cabin holding his leg, gazing into the forest
A man holding a filming equipment and wearing a backpack, gazing into the forest
A low shot of a man wearing a backpack in front of Christ the Redeemer Statue in Brazil
A man wearing a backpack, and a out of focus view of a mountain in the distance
A man balancing on a log during sunrise holding a tripod and wearing a backpack
A photographer holding a camera to his face, and standing in-between a roller backpack and a black car
A man standing on the staircase wearing a roller backpack, holding the camera with long lens and getting ready to take a photo
To Connect with others is the essence of the human experience - talking to people on the road, asking questions, and even connecting with others on social media as we share our ventures, images, and observations.
A photographer crouching down facing you, and holding a camera and taking your photo, wearing a messenger bag
A women holding a camera equipment, and wearing a backpack and a out-of-focus mountain scenery
A women lying down in a field of flowers, resting her head on a duffle bag
A women, holding the camera to her face, wearing a messenger bag
A low shot looking upward, a person walking on the ledge of a rough terrain
An up-close of a photographer crouching in a stream hold a camera above the water stream, positioning to take a photo
A photographer wearing a backpack and holding camera equipment
A man walking on a bridge carrying a duffle bag and is looking back
two people wearing a backpack, leaning on a fence overlooking a bridge
A women grabbing a video equipment from a suitcase, out of a van trunk with doors open
Highlands of Iceland scenery with a waterfall and a person balancing on nearby rocks wearing a raincoat and backpack
A person riding a bike uphill across rough rocky territory wearing a helmet, sunglasses,  and backpack
A photographer sitting on a rock wearing a backpack, and looking at his camera equipment
A man wearing a backpack looking sideways, and mountain range scenery in the background
A man reaching into a black bag to grab something out, with ocean scenery background
A person riding a skateboard, while rolling a suitcase behind him
A man in mid-air wearing a backpack, jumping from a rock
Highlands of Iceland scenery with a man standing on a boulder wearing a backpack
A man wearing a roller backpack, holder camera equipment and wearing headphones

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