Shape Shifter Hits the Deck at 80mph!

Shape Shifter Hits the Deck at 80mph!

We receive some incredible customer photos and stories, but this recent email from Abbie Leigh really jumped out at us:

Just wanted to give you a major huge THANK YOU for creating such an awesome bag! 

The Shape Shifter bag has traveled countless countries with me and has also transported all my gear while on a motorcycle. I was a wedding and event photographer in San Francisco and every gig I did was via motorcycle.


My latest adventure is why I am writing to you. I was in a motorcycle accident this June after hitting a massive pothole on the interstate. I hit the ground with your camera bag on my back and all my gear at around 80mph.


Do you know what? Even though I slid over 150ft, full force on that bag, my cameras and laptop were fine. My pelvis was broken in 4 places but... my gear wasn't even scratched!

The kicker is, I'm still using that bag. The zipper on the bottom was burnt off from the friction and it definitely looks like it's been through hell, BUT it is fully functional.


I've had this bag for over 6 years and it has never shown any sign of wear or tear, despite packing it to the brim. It has gone on every adventure, rain, snow, insane heat, and has always kept my gear protected.

I honestly can't thank you enough for creating such an amazing product. It never ceases to amaze me. — Abbie Leigh



Suffice it to say, we're glad you're alright, Abbie!  Thank you for sharing your story and photos with us.  We hope the new Shape Shifter backpack we sent over treats you well... but let's not give it another test like that one please!

You can try to keep up with Abbie this summer as she photographs motorcycle tours in Spain and Portugal for Leod Escapes.  


  • So glad that you are alright after such an extreme wipeout!! Amazed to hear how well the bag held up. My Mindshift 36L backpack and I have been through some adventures, but nothing that extreme! Recover as fast as you ride, Abby! Best wishes!

    Jeremy Whetzel on
  • glad to see to see you on thr mend.
    I rode motorcycles for many years and used to them to go to my photography Gigs which were Motorcycle,Automotive and Corporate events.
    And I used a few different bags over the years but always went back to think Tank Photo,currently using the BackStory 13 and love it going on two years plus now.
    I’m still on two wheels only now its Bicycles

    Donald kline on
  • So happy you are alright and survived the horrible accident. I too use “Think Tank” and have been using them for years. I hope your recovery continues and you resume your photography,

    Dr. Elsburgh Clarke on

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