The Art of Self Portraiture - All About the Light Winners

The Art of Self Portraiture - All About the Light Winners

Via The Art of Self Portraiture - A big congratulations to the winners and to all the submissions. Some really amazing, inspiring images from the community! We're thankful to be a continuing prize sponsor! Happy Holidays.


We are delighted to announce the 3 winners of our 2017 Mega Challenge: All About the Light!

1st place: Mary Bel

2nd place: Christopher Germano

3rd place: Tina Rendon - Munoz


The images here truly shine. 

ASP Community moderators cast their votes based on adherence to the theme and rules, as well as their own subjective impressions of the art and aesthetics of entries (such as emotional quality, creativity, overall technical skill required, processing quality, etc).

These 3 artists created images that compelled our judges. Each image emphasizes light, and instantly tells a story about the artist’s relationship with it… as photographers who also stand in front of our lenses, self portraiture artists know that it really is all about the light.

Today, we celebrate these artists, and to help them continue creating, our amazing sponsors are supplying each of them with some awesome goodies. Big thanks to THINK TANK PHOTO, SmugMug, and Capturing Couture for supporting our self portraiture artists!

Congratulations to these talented individuals, and thank you to everyone who shared their beautiful artwork with us!

See all the finalists here:

All Submissions:

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