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Logistics Manager® 30 V2

Large capacity roller hauls lighting equipment, video rigs, gear and more.

Production Manager™ 40 V2

Transport your complete studio in a single case that offers the highest level of protection at the lightest weight possible.

Production Manager™ 50 V2

As our largest case to date, this professional strength, high-capacity rolling case is designed for lighting gear.

Stand Manager 52

Studio photographers know that lighting stands are heavy, cumbersome and hard to transport. In fact, transporting light stands is as much about protecting your car and your fingers as it is easily moving them. The Stand Manager 52 rolling case is an ideal solution for storing and transporting stands of any kind.

Video Tripod Manager 44

The Video Tripod Manager 44 is a well-cushioned, highly rigid rolling case that provides hard case protection with soft case convenience.