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S'il vous plaît, arrêtez de faire peur et placez vos citrouilles sur le bureau, ce concours est terminé ! Bonne chance! (Gagnant annoncé bientôt, ici et sur Facebook, Instagram et Twitter)

Halloween approche et vous pouvez gagner un peu de bonté à saveur d'Halloween de notre part, sous la forme d'un ThinkTank Airport International avec des accents de "citrouille" . assez fantasmagorique aussi !) ferme à minuit le 31 octobre.

Pour participer, c'est simple et gratuit ! Cliquez sur le formulaire ci-dessous, entrez vos coordonnées, croisez les doigts


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  2. Les cadeaux sont généralement ouverts aux participants mondiaux, aux goules et aux fantômes, comme le permet la loi, sauf indication contraire.
  3. Les cadeaux ne sont en aucun cas sponsorisés, approuvés ou soutenus par Facebook, Twitter, The living Dead ou Instagram.
  4. Les noms des gagnants seront toujours annoncés via la plateforme de cadeaux dans un message ou un tweet. Si le cadeau/concours inclut le gagnant soumettant une photographie pour participer, la photographie peut être publiée sur les réseaux sociaux en association avec le cadeau, le droit d'auteur restera toujours celui du photographe soumettant l'image.
  5. Les gagnants ont deux semaines pour nous contacter ou nous pouvons donner leur prix à quelqu'un d'autre.
  6. Toutes les taxes ou droits sont à la charge du gagnant - nous essayons de les réduire au minimum, mais nous devons également respecter les règles.
  7. Les prix ne sont pas échangeables contre de l'argent et, dans la plupart des cas, ne peuvent pas être échangés contre autre chose (bien que vous puissiez demander... personne n'a jamais rien obtenu en ne demandant pas, n'est-ce pas ?)
  8. Seuls les prix spécifiquement énumérés dans les publications du concours sont inclus dans le prix, sauf indication contraire.
  9. Veuillez noter que les politiques de confidentialité des deux Groupe de réflexion et Équipement de changement d'esprit composent ces termes.

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  • Dangerous blood clots pose a perplexing coronavirus threat

    First came an advanced fever, Drenching knitwear and muscle aches. at that point, absolutely a month later, A weird numbness that spread down the proper side of her body. Doctors said the 43 years old mother of three just needed rest. And for several days, No one suspected her failing symptoms were related until a May 4 video call, When her physician heard her slurred speech and consulted an established.

    thrombus that can cause strokes, heart attacks and dangerous blockages in the legs and lungs are increasingly being found in COVID 19 patients, such some children. Even tiny clots that can damage tissue around the body have been seen in hospitalized patients and in autopsies, Confounding doctors’ familiarity with what was once considered mainly a respiratory disease.

    “I have to be humble and say I don’t know what are you doing there, sadly, guy, We need to find that out, doctor. Anthony Fauci, the nation’s top infectious disease expert, Remarked during interviews with a medical journal last month. Unless doctors know what’s causing a client’s symptoms, "it will likely be tough to do intervention, he said. being unsure of the possible link “forced me to be doubt myself” When signals or symptoms appeared, She had to talk about.

    “COVID 19 is a very thrombotic [Clot achieving] Disease we’ve ever seen in our life span, explained Dr.

    Clotting has been seen in other coronavirus microbial, for instance SARS, But on a much smaller scale, he explained.

    Scientists think the coronavirus enters the body through enzyme receptors found contained in the body, Including in cells lining the inside of leading to tinnitus. Some theorize that it will promote clotting by somehow injuring those vessels as it spreads. That injury may cause a severe immune response as the body tries to fight the problem, so this means inflammation that may also damage vessels and promote clotting, assumed Dr. Valentin Fuster, Director of Mount Sinai Heart hospital in houston.

    It’s unclear [url=]dating Latina women[/url] how many COVID 19 person develop clots. school work from China, Europe and in america suggest rates ranging from 3% to 70% of hospitalized COVID 19 patients. More rigorous research is needed to determine the true prevalence, the nation’s Institutes of Health says.

    prevalence in patients with mild disease is unknown. The NIH says there isn’t enough evidence to recommend routine clot screening for all COVID 19 patients without clotting symptoms, Which can include swelling, Pain or red wine discoloring in an arm or leg.

    Some hospitals have found that 40% of COVID 19 patient deaths are due to thrombus. Spyropoulos said that’s been true at his 23 hospital system in the ny city area, Northwell effectively being, that’s got treated over 11,000 COVID 19 daily life.

    Patients hospitalized with any severe illness face increased risks for clots, Partly from being bedridden and non-active, And they commonly receive blood thinning drugs for cures. Some doctors are trying higher than usual doses for prevention in put in the hospital COVID 19 patients.

    A few have used powerful clot busting medicines typically recommended to treat strokes, With mixed rankings. In counsel issued May 12, The NIH said more research can be show whether that approach has any benefits.

    Fuster was involved in preliminary research on nearly 2,800 COVID 19 patients at five hostipal wards in the Mount Sinai system. among those who were on ventilators, Patients who received blood thinners seemed to have slightly better survival chances than those who didn’t. the actual results are not conclusive, All COVID 19 patients at Mount Sinai receive blood thinners for clot prevention unless they are at risk for bleeding, A potential complication, Fuster understood.

    Some COVID 19 people, exactly like Gildersleeve, Develop dangerous clots when their infections seem to have subsided, Spyropoulos believed. Patients treated at Northwell for severe disease are sent home with a daily blood thinner, And a upcoming study will detail their experiences. (Spyropoulos has been a paid consultant to Janssen drugs, which makes the blood thinner.)

    therefore, Northwell is taking part in a multi center study that will test blood thinners for clot prevention in COVID 19 patients who aren’t sick enough to require a hospital stay.

    Concerns about blood clots in COVID 19 patients prompted a recent 30 page consensus statement from an international group of physicians and researchers. It says just that X rays, Ultrasound exams and other tests could be used to find clots that want treatment, But those procedures pose a risk for healthcare workers because virus is so contagious.

    Social distancing may make people more sedentary and more vulnerable to clots, significantly older adults, So doctors should encourage activity or exercises that can be done in the home as a protection, The document says.

    Warnell Vega got that advice after collapsing at home April 19 from a large clot blocking a lung artery. Doctors at Mount Sinai Morningside think it was coronavirus having to do with. Vega, 33, A lunch maker for New York City youngsters, Spent a week in involved care on oxygen and blood thinners, Which he’s been told to continue taking for ninety days.

    “I just have to consider any bleeding, And have to be careful not to cut myself, Vega celebrity fad.

    Gildersleeve, The new hampshire stroke patient, Was also sent home with a blood thinner. She gets physiotherapy to improve strength and balance. She still has some numbness and vision conditions that mean driving is out, for the time being.

    Brantnyy le
  • how to your profile noticed

    Online dating can inspire lots of emotions, From trepidation to entertainment. Once you’ve signed up on the internet become impatient and want to start messaging people immediately but it’s essential you put time into crafting your [url=][/url] profile first, whether you’re in your 20s or dating as an older woman.

    Having a space signifying what you’re really like, As well as what you desire in a partner, Makes finding love online more inclined.

    If ensure spend time on anything, tells you Kate, Make it the photos. "If you devote a weekend to making a profile, Spend most of it getting your friends and family to take photos of you and only 20 minutes to half an hour writing the words.

    There’s no need to apply your profile to say absolutely everything about yourself. Basic life markings like your age and regardless if you have children should be correct, But it’s not essential to mention anything you wouldn’t talk abouton the first date.

    Kate really adds: "I met my husband online and my profile came down to short. I listed some great points and bad points; article marketing good was my long red hair, And then as a bad point I admitted that I’m too scared to drive on the motorway. And it worked men began messaging me saying they’d give me an exercise lesson,

    When refering to your interests, Put a companionable spin in it. "Leave the door open for anyone to imagine themselves going out on a date with you, reveals Kate. "in case you are a film buff, Say you love exploring cinema and talk about your favourite films, Not that you the home on a Sunday andbinge watch Netflix.

    “Saying like ‘I have no hopes for this but thought I’d give it a whirl’ just alienates your audience, Who are obviously online daters themselves.

    “They should also look for any mentions of your ex just referencing them is putting another person into the situation who shouldn’t be there and make sure you haven’t included any info,

    don’t allow your profile go stale

    once you’ve uploaded your profile, Don’t just let it wallow in it, declares Kate. "Some people create a really good profile and then think it’s set in stone or that going back to it suggests they have too much time on their hands,

    But adding in season updates like changing photos, going over the weather, Saying a certain picture was taken yesterday gives people a better, More accurate idea of what your life is like.

    So however long your profile’s been up there from minutes to months click that ‘edit’ button and make sure it represents how you really talk, outlook, And spend time.

    LorenaBlairstige le
  • Or a cheap secret formula to sex

    uniform dating is a right faff, Isn the game? It such a faff that trapped on tape I announced (To me, who else what that bothered) A moratorium on the internet courtship for six months. Going on a couple of dates a week with the expectation that you eventually meet a partner), online dating service can be expensive, Soul messing up and above all, long-drawn-out. Not just the dates their own, But the endless emails you end up sending even before you go on a date. I could use that time to find get rid of something serious, all of us reasoned, Or undertake trampolining.

    a couple of months later I got bored of trampolining and my thesis on illnesses in general was going nowhere. I also conveniently forgotten that I hate online dating sites. well, When a friend suggested I tried dating app Tinder, I was through out it.

    Rebecca goes internet dating via her phone

    Tinder, For the inexperienced, Works on the same vein as gay hook up app Grindr. You sign in through your myspace account (Don are concerned, [url=]loveme[/url] It doesn put anything on your profile to show you using the app). Tinder then populates your Tinder profile making use of Facebook profile picture (possible edit this, But you can only use a picture within the Facebook account, Which gives you less opportunity lie about what you look like than you would with other dating sites) And comes up with a one or two lines you.

    You then set your matching tastes (lower and upper age limit, The maximum distance you like the app to find matches, Plus whether you need to match for men, the women or both).

    when you have done, Tinder send your pictures of your guidance, Which you may either like (By clicking a heart button because you eventually LOVE THEM), Or turn down (By right-clicking a DIRTY GREAT BIG CROSS). you see much between one and five photos, And the aforementioned one liner them and that all the info you have before making a snap judgment yes or no.

    If they like you back on an equally superficial level, You get a notification and can start chatting. It means you not going to get pestered with messages from anyone you haven already explicitly liked.

    What’s this job like?

    Clearly the formula is working the app success should be meteoric. in less than a year, they claim to have made 75 million matches, 50 million of which have culminated in events speedy work. this is not some inevitable teething problems around security, But there no denying that the app is compelling in its straightforwardness it Top Trumps meets Candy Crush meets Cilla Black, And entirely paralyzing.

    but what it like to use? A friend joined a month or more ago, And has since racked up a striking four dates.

    adore the speed of it when you message someone you like, And they nearby you can meet up for a drink straight away if you want online dating can be tedious and long, But this method just cuts the cp.

    And the only problem here? tough gauge how much people are in it for the hook up, like with Grinder. I see it as a dating app, is without a doubt every date I been on, the trainer told us the same but who admit, part way through a date that they only in it for sex? my pal admits.

    If you take dating even more so seriously, Then I can see how this ambiguity might be troubling (Although I know plenty of guys and girls who use traditional online dating services as a means to a shag, And are a smaller amount of honest about it, So maybe it all in the talk).

    My roll

    Fully primed, And in need of a distraction, I download the app and check out my strategies. I not sure what percentage of men on there realise that the app uses your Facebook profile picture as a default, As I quickly spot several who appear to posing with wives or friends. dummies.

    That off, as it happens I really very good at making superficial judgments about people based on very little. One bloke gets binned as they wearing a trilby, While another one makes the cut because his dog looks charismatic.

    I matched with charming Dog Man, Hot language of ancient greece Man and Nice Beard Man, Which was very becoming, And made me desire I won at a game I didn know I was playing. I decided to get stuck straight in with some messages after all instant, Snappy interaction is the specific game.

    My openers weren merely Shakespearean dog, mustache, nevertheless, you Greek? But they seemed to do just as well. Soon I was starting mindless and inane chat with five different blokes. effortless! there’s no doubt that, Euphorically, amazing at Tinder!

    difficulties hits

    Despite initially my boldness, I lost my bottle a bit when it came to suggesting an actual drink. quite, The debate dragged on, And by early evening I was choosing Tinder fatigue. But no issue! it Friday night! Which resulted in 70 per cent of my Tinder matches were contractually obliged to ask me if I wanted to meet up later that evening.

    One became quite persistent actually asking me if I wanted to meet up at 8pm, 10.30pm, And midnight and again at 2am. He put a winky face in the bottoom of each entreat, Just to show how serious he really was. myself demurred.

    It a touch of sleazy? sought a (along with up) friend or relative, Wrinkling her nose in disgust before launching that Tinder probably wouldn be for her. I imagine she feel otherwise were she single.

    It fairly obvious that a serious proportion of users are in it for a hook up but I wager not as many as are on, assert, cl (using a Casual Encounters section for that very purpose). When I went through the matches in my area, i recently found several people I knew, Plus a few more friends of friends (Tinder tells you if you have any Facebook friends that resembles someone).

    So I asked what had brought them how to Tinder. They all claim it was for dating most seemed to view it as the side of online dating sites, And said it was easier than wishing to meet people in bars.

    by the end of the weekend, A small number of the guys I been chatting to asked me out for a drink, Which was the purpose of the whole exercise, But I found myself stalling because I wasn really sure the actual wanted from the whole encounter. Was it a date drink, Or a preamble to a hook up drink? What if they were expecting half a lager and a quick shag when I was ready for an evening in the pub and a trip to Pizza Express if things went well?

    I bite the topic.

    But looking for much agonising (where point, Both the men involved had moved on to less neurotic Tinderers) I decided I was being not rational whether you meet someone online, In a bar or involving friends, How are you ever going to totally appreciate why they there beforehand?

    no matter what, Unlike traditional uniform dating, Tinder is intended to be a fuss free, quick and simple to meet new people, And I turned it into a plain painful palaver.

    LorenaBlairstige le
  • Keeping my fingers crossed. Your bags are tge best!

    Nathalie le
  • Oh, how fun is this! I love Think Tank and Mindshift Gear and need a bag for traveling. Have been looking at your airport bags, how great would that be to win. My fingers, heart and toes are crossed.

    Elizabeth Balch le

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