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Changeur d'objectif™ 75 Pop Down V3.0

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La pochette modulaire peut accueillir un objectif 70–200 mm f/2,8 avec pare-soleil inversé ou en position de prise de vue lorsqu'il est abaissé


  • La fonction Pop Down augmente la profondeur du sac pour maintenir le pare-soleil en position de prise de vue
  • Ouverture large pour un accès rapide
  • Se fixe à n'importe quelle ceinture ou ceinture Think Tank Photo (vendue séparément)


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  • <strong>Dimensions extérieures:</strong><br> 11–14" H x 5,0" Diamètre (27–35,6 x 12,7 cm)<br><br> <strong>Dimensions intérieures :</strong><br> 9,5–13" H x 4,5" Diamètre (24,1–33 x 11,4 cm)<br><br> <strong>Lester:</strong><br> 0,5 lb (0,2 kg)


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A Think Tank Photo Customer
United States United States

Improvement on the original

I had the original Lens Changer 75, but found it too large and "baggy" for my Canon 70-200 f/4. However, I decided to give the V3 a try because there's really no other product like it, where it can serve as a modest storage "case," but it's ultimately a functional lens pouch for using out in the field. For the 70-200 f/4, the size of the V3 is just right, even when popped down. Initially I felt a little silly buying something a second time, but the V3 improves on the original in sizing as well as aesthetics and fits my current lens kit perfectly.

Rain H.
United States United States

Doesn't fit the 70-200 hood. Other than that, it's perfect.

The Lens Changer 75 is exactly what I needed and I'm so happy to have it – except that it doesn't fit the hood of the 70-200mm lens at it claims. (I have an RF.) It's so, so close, but there is just no way to cram it in there. It's extremely frustrating, since this is what I needed it for and I don't see a comparable product out there. Unless this one is defective, I don't understand why they didn't give just a 1/4" more tolerance so it could accept the gear it's designed to hold.

Roger G.
United States United States

Versatile, Useful, Functional, Nicely Made

This particular bag is just the right size to use as my spare lens on the Think Tank Speed Belt, both the padded and unpadded versions. You could in a pinch drop a 50 mm prime in the bottom of it and the attachment method means it would not bang around too much. But it is ideal for those midsize long lenses. I use it to carry a Nikon 70-300mm, hood on or reversed, when I’m shooting plants with a 105 mm macro on a trail for a quick swap out. With the expansion unzipped It will hold, just barely, the Sigma 150–600mm (C), hood reversed, for a quick temporary situation … which gives me comfort that this pouch can be used for any of the longish lenses I might acquire in the future. (The LC-150 is *much* better for that big Sigma lens though.) One caveat, this is not strictly a zipped up or otherwise sealed up pouch. It uses a drawstring which is a little different one-handed activity from a zip, but easy enough to master . There is a cover that folds out inside the pouch, but the drawstring fully closed leaves a small hole at the top. Therefore it is entirely possible that debris could drop into the bag if you are being showered in it or there’s a lot of blowing dust. If you need an actual seal, there are other TT products for the job. I have a couple of these because of their versatility. Paired with a “stuff it” bag for incidentals and accessories, and the clip pad I have a solid grab and go kit for naturalist work.

Glenn E.
United States United States


*Excellent *Very functional on or off the designed belt system *Love the expansion capability

Robert B.
United States United States

Lens Changer™ 75 Pop Down V3.0 gobbles up a Z lens

I recently bought a Nikon Z 70-200 VR f/2.8 lens but needed a case. I already had a few lens changer cases, but they were all too small. So, I purchased the 75 Pop down and it swallowed the lens with the foot and attached without issue. To completely cover the entire top with the lens hood extended I needed to unzip the pop down as the Z lens is slightly longer than my old 70-200 G VR lens. I am happy with all my ThinkTank cases and will shortly be buying another case for my newly purchased Nikon Z 105 mm f/2.8 Micro lens.