Michelle Valberg

"The natural world mirrors what we see in ourselves... our beauty, our simplicity, our complications, and our responsibilities. Nature is a part of us and reflects who we are. As a visual storyteller, it is my mission to educate, inspire, and immerse my viewers in the beauty and wonder of planet earth."

Michelle Valberg is a Canadian Nikon Ambassador and an acclaimed wildlife photographer, who has been telling stories with her camera for over 30 years. She has traveled to all continents in search of adventure and photographic opportunity; she is especially renowned for her love of Canada and the Arctic. You’ll find her captivating photos on magazine covers, featured in numerous publications, exhibitions, and in embassies around the world. Her iconic images also appear on a coin from the Royal Canadian Mint and Canada Post stamps.

Michelle is a rare combination of dazzling talent and dedicated service. Her focus on philanthropy is another expression of her deep compassion. She is a public speaker, community leader and advocate for animals, the environment and conservation. She has published 4 books and is the first Canadian Geographic Photographer-in-Residence; she is a Fellow of the Royal Canadian Geographic Society and an International Fellow of the Explorer's Club in New York City. Michelle was recently awarded the prestigious Julia Margaret Cameron Award for Women Photographers.