26 Hours Later! #StoryTeller

After we asked for people to tell us a little story a while back, Sam stepped up and took his new StoryTeller shoulder bag on a journey and sent us in a little update! Cheers, Sam! Sorry about Liverpool! #NeverWalkAlone

Sam took the StoryTeller Series With Him - Check them out here.


After 26 hours we are finally in Kiev for the champions league final between Liverpool and Real Madrid.

We reached the visa counter and one person was processing visa applications. We waited 6 hours however we are finally enjoying Kiev.

Slept for a few hours and now we are have stopped at Eshak for breakfast.

I ordered my soy latte which was pretty good. I also ordered an egg dish with tomatoes, onions, and sausages yummy

Walking around Kiev, the city has the old century feel with a lot of historical buildings!

We went to the Olympic stadium in Kiev to watch the champions league final.

Unfortunately, we lost 1-3 to Real Madrid with Mo Salah injured early on which affected our game and Loris Karius making very monumental errors to gift the game to Madrid.

The next day we drank at the Champions league festival.

The local beer, food, and coffee are brilliant.

Being from an eastern European country, you can see the majority of people here are poor.

Belarus is beautiful in many ways from the scenery, food, beer and the girls.

Well, the trip is done. We had a boss trip and would do it all again next year if we can


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