5 Things you should have in your camera bag

5 Things you should have in your camera bag

Not going to lie, this is a blog post that is purely designed to remind you that maybe you need this stuff! #BlatantlyHonestMarketing 

Fret not dear reader, Here are five little things that will help you manage your photographic bits and pieces. (If you'd prefer to just hit Youtube and watch a cool video, be our guest...) 

1. Cable Management 20 Comes in various cable managing sizes. 

2. Red Whips v2.0 Who doesn't need a good whipping!

3. Memory Card Wallet Pretty sure most of us have memory cards?

4. An upgraded camera strap A bit stickier, stays on your shoulder!

5. A dSLR Battery wallet

See! Painless... Thanks for checking them out. 

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