8 Days of photography in Iceland and what to pack!

8 Days of photography in Iceland and what to pack!

I was speaking with #FriendOfThinkTank Todd, earlier, and he shared a couple of photographs and a brief list of what he's packing to head to Iceland for eight days. 

Isn't it funny that, as photographers, we're always worrying more about what camera gear to pack and less about clothes? You can't photograph amazing waterfalls with a pair of jeans, so we understand why! The struggle is real! (Especially with the increasing amount of fun it is, getting camera bags onto planes) Todd took along enough gear for his travel / lifestyle video content (Have a look on Todd's Youtube) and for photography (Have a look on his Instagram) and mostly managed to keep things pretty light! Could you do it?

The first backpack that Todd packed out was the Streetwalker which we've recently upgraded and added to, you can see that over here [..more Streetwalker]

The shoulder bag is our Retrospective, and it comes in many sizes, you can have a look and see what size would work for you here [..more Retrospective

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