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Eyewitness MSF Charity Photographic Print Auction


Here's something that we could all get behind as a photographic community, A print auction of 66 prints by 42 photographers worldwide, to raise funds for Médecins Sans Frontières’s (MSF) COVID 19 fund.

See all the works available at the auction via this link.


Eyewitness MSF Charity Photographic Print Auction

A couple laugh together on the West side of the Berlin Wall as the first people began crossing into the other half of the city. Berlin, Germany. Photo: Paul Lowe / VII Photo

Whilst in the COVID 19 pandemic lockdown, a concerned group of 17 photographers, members of the Eyewitness Collective, dispersed across several continents, came up with an idea: to collect a series of prints by members and by selected invited photographers, in order to raise funds for the battle against this awful pandemic. We have been overjoyed by the feedback and thrilled that so many world-class photographers, true masters of their craft, have donated their beautiful prints...[read more

Eyewitness MSF Charity Photographic Print Auction Terakopian

A heavy downpour of rain soaks pedestrians as they pass an illuminated advertising sign saying "Love Your Job". Hammersmith, London. January 14, 2011. Photo: Edmond Terakopian

 Visit the Auction here Print the available works catalogue here



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