Five Minutes with Tigz Rice, UK based Boudoir and Brand Photography specialist

Five Minutes with Tigz Rice, UK based Boudoir and Brand Photography specialist

Back with another wonderful insight into who YOU are, this week we chatted with Tigz Rice, read our little interview below, and make sure you visit Tigz, online.

Who are you, what do you do and how long have you been doing it?

I’m Tigz Rice, a Boudoir and Brand Photography specialist based in Hertfordshire, UK. Since 2009, I’ve been using my skills as a photographer to help fearless femmes and non-binary badasses feel empowered, confident and unapologetically present in both their personal and professional adventures - and I’ve had a hell of a lot of fun along the way!

 Strip Tease by © Tigz Rice

When you started out in the field you’re in, how did you get your first “break” / was there a defining moment you just knew “This is what I want to do!”
Having graduated in the middle of a recession, it was impossible to find a solid career opportunity, so I registered as self employed and threw myself and my camera out into the world, putting myself forward for every possible opportunity that would come my way. As luck would have it, it wasn’t too long before I landed a press call to photograph one of the UK’s biggest burlesque festival’s opening galas. The second I walked into that venue and found myself surrounded by the most glamourous crowd you’ve ever met, I knew I had found my calling! I ended up coming back for the rest of the week to photograph the burlesque shows and, within 18 months, I’d quit my part time job and my career path was set. I’m still grateful to the universe for that one!

Jana Royale by © Tigz Rice

When people like me ask you that question “What’s your favourite photograph you’ve ever taken” which one do you think of first?

I’d say there’s a handful of favourites and all for different reasons. Sometimes they’re favourites because they mark a milestones like mastering a new technique - such as my very first Virtual Boudoir Shoot this year with Blossom&Buttercups. Others have feelings and memories attached to them, such as my golden hour shoot with burlesque performer Ruby Deshabille and horse Reducto. But if you really had to push me, I’d say it was the photograph of Jolie Papillon which features on the front cover of my book STRIP/TEASE. Of all the decision I had to make for the book, choosing the cover was the easiest.

Marion Massacre by © Tigz Rice

Do you have a photographic inspiration?
As I have Prosopagnosia (face blindness) I have to rely on recognising people by the way they move, so this has a huge influence on the way I shoot. I spend a lot of time observing how clients naturally hold themselves and move between poses, the way their weight naturally shifts between pose changes. I think the human body is fascinating, and I love that we are all so unique.

Miss Victory Violet by © Tigz Rice

What gear do you mostly use and what bags do you use mainly?
My Canon 5D Mk IV is my work horse, usually with a Canon 24-70 f2.8L lens attached - and occasionally I’ll also bring my vintage Polaroid SX-70 with me for some behind the scenes content. LOVE a polaroid! I shoot a mix of nature light plus flash from my Elichrom ELB400s, which also travel with me everywhere I go! As for bags, my grab-and-go bag for most shoots is the ThinkTank Shapeshifter, or I have a roller case when it all gets a bit too heavy to carry on my back.

Banbury Cross by © Tigz Rice
Any advice for someone wanting to do what you do?

My key piece of advice, other than 'Go for it!’ is to make sure you’ve experienced what it feels like to be your client on the other side of the camera in your underpinnings. That goes for all genders - get in front of the camera. Get in touch with your vulnerability. You will learn SO much from the experience, I promise.

Please grab a cuppa and spend some time visiting Tigz Rice, virtually!
Didi Derriere by © Tigz Rice

Tigz Rice Studios - Gothenburg

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