Frequency: Nathan Pask

Frequency: Nathan Pask

A series of blog posts on what our pro team are up to at the moment, if you've not caught any of our previous posts, that's because this is the first one! Welcome. 

We'll start with Nathan Pask, a UK based commercial portraiture, beauty and food photographer, who tells us his favourite season is winter (!) and that his favourite musical act is John Farnham* (This last bit may be fictional and a direct reflection on the authour) 

Nathan uses a multitude of gear on his usually complex photo sets, typically hauling in a Logistics or Production Manager and a handful of smaller cases, but his cameras typically live in an Airport International roller. 

See Nathan's Go To Bag Here

Nathan Pask Pro Photographer Think Tank Pro

To see more of Nathan's work, follow him on Instagram or head over to our Pro Team Page. 


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