Think Tank Pro Team Feature: Ami Vitale

Think Tank Pro Team Feature: Ami Vitale

We're honored to collaborate with so many talented photographers on our Pro Team, and right at the top of the list has to be the incomparable, Ami Vitale. A Nikon Ambassador and National Geographic photographer, Ami has covered conflict zones and wildlife and environmental stories in more than 100 countries over the course of her career.

 Story — National Geographic: Pandas Gone Wild


Story — National Geographic: The Last Goodbye


Story — National Geographic: Women of Impact


Recently, Ami founded the nonprofit, Vital Impacts, with visual journalist, Eileen Mignoni. This women-led non-profit provides financial assistance and amplifies the narrative of community-oriented organizations dedicated to protecting and preserving human and wildlife habitats. Their Inaugural Photo Sale raised more than $620,000 that helped support the work of conservation campaigns such as Big Life Foundation, Great Plains Foundation's Project Ranger, Jane Goodall Institute's Roots & Shoots, and SeaLegacy, and featured the work of some of the most noted names in environmental, wildlife and conservation photography.

Vital Impacts' current campaign, Impact Now, is a flash print sale in collaboration with National Geographic photographers, that will donate 100% of the profits to Direct Relief, which is working in Ukraine now to provide medical aid to people affected by the conflict. The sale ends April 20th, so be sure and check out the incredible work that's featured there.


Whether it's covering peoples in conflict, or making an award-winning film about an orphaned elephant sanctuary, Ami's work is a testament to the power photography has to create real, lasting change for our planet. We are proud to help support her vital work.



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