Venture • Observe • Connect with Deanne Fitzmaurice — Episode 1: Ami Vitale

Venture • Observe • Connect with Deanne Fitzmaurice — Episode 1: Ami Vitale

Recently, Think Tank co-founder, Deanne Fitzmaurice, pitched us an idea:

What if we created a podcast / interview series in which she connects with some of the amazing photographers she's gotten to know over the course of her career to talk about how they got started in photography, the pivotal moments along their journeys, the backstories behind some of their most iconic photos, the projects they're most excited about right now, and to offer some advice for photographers and creators just starting out. Ya know, that sort of thing.

Deanne finished talking and asked us what we thought...

And with that, Venture • Observe • Connect with Deanne Fitzmaurice was born.

We're releasing the series as both a video and audio podcast so you can listen and/or watch to your heart's content.

This being photography Deanne and friends are talking about, if you give the video version a watch below, or on YouTube, you'll be able to see the incredible photos as they discuss them.

But we get it, you're busy.

That's why the series is also available on all of your favorite podcast apps, including Apple Podcasts and Spotify.

We have an incredible lineup of photographers coming up this season, and we're thrilled to premiere the show with Deanne's interview with renowned photojournalist, Ami Vitale.

Ami Vitale is a Nikon Ambassador and National Geographic photographer, writer, speaker and documentary filmmaker. She and Deanne talk about her work documenting the last male northern white rhino, some of her early assignments in conflict zones, and about her incredible nonprofit, Vital Impacts, which uses art and storytelling to support people and organizations who are protecting our planet.

You can check it out through any of the links above, or just give it a watch right here:


We'll post future episodes with the likes of Matthew Jordan Smith, Jody McDonald, David Burnett, and Steve Winter here on the Journal, but be sure and give the show a follow (and a rating!) wherever you stream it.

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