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What's in your camera lighting bag, Ellis Vener?


Ellis sent us a photograph via our customer photos section on the website (you can submit your own

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This is a Logistics Manager (As you'll see in Ellis' caption under the photo) They're great for things like lighting gear (obviously) or a big camera kit. Roll onto location with one of these, all of your gear in one case. 

Photographic Lights Packing Flying Bag from Think Tank Photo

Ellis lets you know, below, what's in his bag. 

Packing up for a nine-day corporate location assignment, these are the lights I am bringing: 3x Paul C. Buff, Inc. Einstein E640 monolights and a DigiBee 800, along with three TTL controlled Adorama Flashpoint monolights: an XPLOR 600 HSS, XPLOR 600 Pro, and an eVOLV 200. Also in this case? A remote head and AC power source for the XPLOR 600 HSS TTL, an extra battery for the XPLOR 600 Pro, the bare tube head (with a 5-inch reflector for the eVOLVE 200, background scoop reflectors for the Buff lights, and two small Logistic Manager bags , one with Flashpoint 2 remotes, and the other with PocketWixard MultiMan V2 transceivers and MC2 receivers for the Einsteins. All of this in a Thinktank Photo Logistic Manager Case.

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