Get Spooky With Us! - Halloween is here ThinkTank Giveaway **closed**

Get Spooky With Us! - Halloween is here ThinkTank Giveaway **closed**
Please stop spooking and place your pumpkins on the desk, this competition is closed! Good luck! (Winner announced soon, here and on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter) 

Halloween is coming and you can win a little bit of Halloween flavoured goodness from us, in the form of a ThinkTank Airport International with 'pumpkin' accents.. (roller flair) AND a full set of our recently released LensCase Duo (They're pretty spooky, too!) closes midnight, 31st of October. 

To enter is free and simple! Hit the form below, enter your details, cross your fingers


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Terms & Conditions
  1. Sponsor is wholly Think Tank.
  2. Giveaways generally open to global participants, ghouls and ghosts as allowed by law, unless stated otherwise.
  3. Giveaway(s) are in no part sponsored, endorsed or supported by Facebook, Twitter, The living Dead or Instagram.
  4. Winners names will always be announced via the giveaway platform in a post or tweet. If the giveaway/competition includes the winner submitting a photograph to enter, the photograph may be posted on social media in association with the giveaway, copyright will always remain that of the photographer submitting the image.
  5. Winners have two weeks to get in touch or we may give their prize to someone else.
  6. Any taxes or duties are the responsibility of the winner – we try to keep them to a minimum, but we need to abide by the rules too.
  7. Prizes are not redeemable for cash and in most cases can’t be swapped for something else (though you’re welcome to ask.. nobody ever got anything by not asking, right?)
  8. Only the prizes specifically listed in the competition posts are included in the prize unless stated otherwise.
  9. Please note, the privacy policies of both Think Tank and Mindshift Gear make up these terms. 

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