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Music soothes the savage photographer?


I was thinking about how I edit and what I listen to when I am editing and realised that I always have to have music on and that I edit/work differently depending on what music I'm listening to... This comes as no surprise I guess, but It did make me wonder "DO other photographers listen to music while working, what do they listen to?" 

Public Enemy Photo by GTVONE

One very fun example was this Spotify playlist that our friend Renee Robyn shared a little while back (I'm listening to it now...) which is largely pretty upbeat. 

Don't know who Renee is, you should, she's awesome! CLICKETY CLICK


My question to you, dear reader, is "do you listen to music while you shoot/edit/work and what is it that you listen to?" share a link to your tunes in the comments, or link a Youtube video if you like? 



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