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Nikon Mirrorless Z and the perfect camera bag


Now that the Nikon Z series has launched, we thought we'd suggest a handful of the ideal camera bags to match your new purchase (you're going to buy it, right?) 

Nikon Mirrorless Z Launch Event 

1. Our first suggestion is our recently released Photocross 13 with its weatherproof design and sling-style convenience, it's certainly ready to be as mirrorless as you want to be...


2.  The camera backpack of choice right now would likely be our MindShiftGear Backlight 18L ( L is for lovely * ) and would make the perfect long haul or day backpack for your new Nikon baby...  

Mindshiftgear-Backlight-18L-Nikon-Mirrorless 3. Because you may have 38 F mount lenses, you may want to consider a roller (Actually, if you have 38 lenses, you might need to get C.G.U.I.H!!) and if you're looking to step in line with the ' smaller gear, more compact travel' mirrorless crowd, you're likely going to want to have a look at our Airport Advantage , it's like a regular sized (TakeOff, International, Security) roller, but it's been on a diet for a little while and is svelt. And before there's an outcry, yes, this picture is FULL of Sony gear. #whycantwealljustgetalong 

magic-mirrorless-nikoon-airport-advantage-thinktankphoto-camera-bag4. And finally, because this shouldn't take you all day! The classic Retrospective 7 is a time-tested fave of many people, mirrorless and not mirrorless. Doesn't look like a camera bag (except if you're a photographer and know what camera bags look like?) and also doubles as a comfy travel pillow* (not really*) 




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