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Win Larry Chen's ThinkTank Camera Bags


Win Larry Chen's Camera Bags!

(No, not these ones!)

Win a new Airport International and a Retrospective V2.0 of your choice! 

How To Enter?

1. You must be following us (links below) on Instagram, please, or if you don't do that Instagram thing, you can skip and just leave a comment below.


2. Leave a comment below and let us know which size Retrospective shoulder bag you would choose if you won?

3. Closes 7 pm next Friday (21st) night, Santa Rosa time, terms and conditions here.

Make sure you're following us on Instagram ( Here)

Make sure you're following Larry on Instagram ( Here)

Who is Larry Chen? Larry is a friend of ThinkTank and an amazing Automotive Photographer (Look at his website) (His Instagram) (Larry on Facebook)


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Gary Lane October 16, 2019

I just love my Retrospective V2 7. If I win I would like the Retrospective 30 for my larger lenses and longer trips.

sam Babus September 26, 2019

Retro 7 or 30 whatever will fit a canon 700D with 3 lenses and a flash and accessories

Hal Batchelder July 09, 2019

For my gear I would love to win the Retrospective 7 V2.0.

Dan Ruginis February 07, 2019

retro 5 or 7 in order to carry Fuji X-T3 + 3 lenses

Magda Spierings (1976maggie on instagram) November 14, 2018

Oh I would looooove to win the retrospective 20 V2.0 so I can attached my 70-200mm on my Nikon D750 body :)

Saul Reyes October 10, 2018

The 5 or 7, whichever works best for fuji x and three prime lenses

Josías Rodriguez De Vega October 10, 2018

After owning a urban disguise 40 and now a retrospective 5 v1, the retrospective 30 v2.0 would be my choice, perfect combination between size and looks.

Gavin Goh October 10, 2018

Need an Airport International for my assignment job.

Heléne October 04, 2018

the Retrospective 30 V.2

Vesna Suvala October 04, 2018


Mathew Jones September 28, 2018

Retro 30 v2 please

Cassara September 26, 2018

Naf — me too.
I would still go for the R 30

Naf September 25, 2018

I posted my comment before Friday 21st but somehow it has disappeared!

Naf September 25, 2018

Retrospective 30 V.2

Adrian Gail September 22, 2018

Hi, following both of you guys on instagram. Hopefully this is open for international entries (t&c’s link didn’t seem to work)
A Retrospective 20 v2 would be a pretty awesome way to carry my gear!

Bob Barthman September 22, 2018

I am an Airport International guy. Thanks for the offer

Ben O'Bro September 22, 2018

7 is the way to go! Light is right ;)

Michael Zhukov September 22, 2018

7 looks about right! Your bags are awesome! Thanks for making them!

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